MLS Teams to Wear Jerseys with Pictures of Fans on Numbers in 2015

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistOctober 13, 2014

via @ColumbusCrew

Next year, Major League Soccer teams will make sure their season-ticket holders are down on the field with them during games.

No, fans won't actually be on the playing field during games. However, pictures of fans will be on player jerseys next season. Season-ticket holders will have the opportunity to submit a photo of themselves to be placed on the numbers on the back of the jerseys.

Here's how the "fan numbers" will be put together, via TheCrew.com:

Each club will make this initiative available to a specific number of qualifying season ticket holders who will be sent an email providing them access to a portal on the club’s website. Those season ticket holders will then be able to select the number (0-9) and the location within that number -- similar to selecting a seat for air travel -- and upload their picture.

The special numbers will be worn during the entire month of August next year. Every jersey—home, away and alternate—worn by teams will have the special numbers.

Of course, fans will be able to purchase the unique jerseys.

This jersey featuring photos of fans has yet to be done by any of the major North American sports leagues. However, a collegiate summer baseball team did wear a jersey made up of fan selfies in 2014.

The MLS will not be taking this idea to that level, but the league is doing what it can to get fans involved with teams.

[Columbus Crew]

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