Bruiser Brody...it's Been 21 Years

Mindy JamesContributor IJuly 20, 2009
  •  On July16,1988 A Purto Rican man named Jose Gonzales inflicted fatal stab wounds, from which Frank Goodish died in the early hours of July17,1988 in San Juan Puerto Rico. Now, without a doubt,  Frank Goodish, a white American man (i guess i should clarify)was stabbed by a Puerto Rico island native. Frank Goodish, a pro-wrestler known as "Bruiser Brody" the world over died after a coward of a wrestler, Jose Gonzales, a mask wrestler, known only in the upper north eastern United Stated and Puerto Rico at the time as "Invader #1" stabbed him . Jose Gonzales, who, while a fellow wrestler, was just not of Frank's caliber, at the time, held the position of part time booker in the promotion, murdered Frank in cold blooded cowardness'. After obvious planning on his part, while both were in the locker room area just before the show began that night at the Juan Lobriel Stadium in Baymon, a suburb of San Juan Puerto Rico, Jose called Frank to a private conversation in a shower stall where he waited for his unassuming victim to look away from him before he unwrapped the towel from his hand/arm which concealed what almost all reports have always said was a fairly large hunting type of knife. From everything i have read, which includes the autopsy performed later in the afternoon July17,1988 in San Juan, Puerto Rico by Dr. Ophelia Vera and does have the notes from the toxicology report as well as the official cause of death-which is not "attempting to harm" which would be something you would necessitate another person having to "defend themselves" Rather, it list the manner of death for Frank Donald Goodish to be " homicide". By the way, there were no drugs, no marijuana, not even the aspirin as some reports have stated as a reason Goodish "bled out" in the toxicology report, no drugs, no alcohol of any kind in his system. Thus, there is no way out of it, Jose Gonzales did do that, he murdered Frank Goodish. A fact that Gonzales himself freely has admitted since, yet the actual knife, to this day, 21 years later, is undiscovered. What might be worse, and more messed up as it now and was then, the fact he then walked away. When he did it he walked away free as if nothing was happening. Then again months later at his trail, in his country, again, as a free man he walked away. Despite that there were many men in the locker room at the very moment, Puerto Rican & American, that could've testified against Gonzales, it didn't happen that way.  Unfortunately fear and money are worth more than lives and loyalty, apparently... On the end of those people who lived in Puerto Rico,the position, the situation they were basically put into, i guess it may be understandable, they had to live there with families after all. It was a dangerous place,it still is, if you go in the wrong area or talk the wrong shit. (like i guess i am to an extent, i get worse though- Puerto Rico keep reading) Everyone that is of any importance in the society i'm functioning in that is, which i know is not everyone! So if you don't know who the ppl above are or about the event i mentioned so far, congratulations, reading this you get to learn something and maybe move up in social class and/or standing-if learned correctly. However,  intelligence would be a requirement. Since the brutal murder of Bruiser Brody in 1988 Jose Gonzales has become a very well known, and actually a loved-even respected wrestling legend in Puerto Rico. As sick as it makes me to type this part, today, he is still living, oh yes, very well in Puerto Rico. He's a retired champion, having wrestled his last match ending as a champion on 10/16/2006 Today he is seriously running for City Council for the municipality of Carolina, Puerto Rico for the Partido Nuevo Progresista.
  1.   June24,07 WWE held the"Night of Champions" event here in the US, that same night Puerto Rico's wrestling promotion that is ran by a WWE employee/contact, (whatever you term him) he is the same man who ran the show July16,88 when Brody was stabbed by his 'right hand man' at the time in Gonzales. Carlos Colon has been at the top of the chain of what is the WWC and June24,07 held an event called Noche de Campeones (Night of Champions) w/ their own talent. While WWE fans watched a show that was missing a huge star off the main card, Chris Benoit. There have been many people come forward w/ talk of conspiracy theories, and triple homicide in the Benoit case, and they all have stepped sideways w/ a big shot position or job or have died after coming to the front w/ anything anyone took serious. One youtube poster comes straight to mind personally being i know who it was & that he shut up after being given some award, that apparently came w/ enough money and "benefits" to shut him up real fast like!! Angles are demons... I bring up Benoit b/c in early 2007 a book was published and released w/ comments by Benoit about Brody, another ironic thing in that same book, shortly after commenting that if he were ever in a shower w/ Jose he'd kill him, Hawk of The Road Warriors died. Another heart attack. Like the one Rick Rude had after WCW was bought out and poor Rick had jumped on the wrong ship and he did it very openly. Heart attack. Really, heart attacks i know are common, but for an type of industry to have something like 93% of their employees, past and present, die of just heart attack after heart attack....makes as much sense as Jose Gonzales' "self defense" bull shit.
  1. Today marks 21 years since the "THE NIGHT THE FUN WAS DRAINED  OUT OF PRO-WRESTLING"