Dwyane Wade Leaves Converse To Join Team Jordan: A Hint He's Going to Chicago?

Chase SanfordCorrespondent IJuly 19, 2009

Dwyane Wade, fresh off winning his first NBA scoring championship, has decided to leave the brand he has been sporting since his college days at Marquette University and join forces with one of the most elite basketball brands on the market—Team Jordan.

Team Jordan is a Nike-owned brand, but is specifically made for Michael Jordan and is his own company.

Wade attended college at Marquette University who is sponsored by Converse, so it was only natural for him to sign a deal with Converse whenever he was drafted into the NBA.

Although Nike bought out Converse in 2003 for $305 million, there is a huge difference between a Nike and a Converse sneaker or the brands in general.

Nike is known to be sleek, trendy, and innovative. Converse is thought to be more of a retro-type shoe in this era. Honestly, who doesn't think of the classic Chuck Taylor's whenever they think of Converse?

Wade decided to leave the classic Converse brand last Friday to join the highly-regarded Jordan brand.

D-Wade grew up in the south side of Chicago idolizing arguably the greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan, playing on his hometown Chicago Bulls court.

So when the opportunity came for him to work and do business with his idol, he made the most of it by joining the 12-year-old division of Nike called "Team Jordan."

And could you blame him?

Look at what the Air Jordans alone have done for not only basketball shoes, but also basketball in general.

Who could forget the time when Michael Jordan was getting fined by the NBA every game for wearing his first signature Air Jordans, yet he kept wearing them and eventually they stopped the fines. 

When asked about the split with Converse, Wade said, "I didn't want to be in the Converse brand anymore because it seemed like they didn't know what to do with me."

Wade also said he wants his name and brand to go global and thinks Jordan himself can help him with that.

No one can argue the enormous success MJ has had in the business world after seeing his brand continue to dominate basketball year after year once he retired.

Wade also currently has contracts to endorse Gatorade and T-Mobile.

Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony are already a part of Team Jordan, and now the Wade signing will give the Jordan brand a three-headed monster of advertisement in the game of basketball today. 

Here is the question of the day, though—is Wade signing with Jordan strictly as a business move, or is he planning on being in Chicago soon?

It makes sense to me for him to play there. 

Why not? He grew up in Chicago. He admired Michael Jordan playing in the United Center when he was a kid.

That is the place where he fell in love with the game. 

It would be like a fairy-tale ending for Wade's career for him to go to Chicago, lift them from mediocrity to the top of the NBA mountain again, all while wearing the Jordan brand in honor of the one who did it before him.

I'm not saying he will become the next Michael Jordan, but Dwyane Wade could become the Chicago Bulls' modern-time Savior while wearing the Jumpman logo on his feet drawing comparisons to Jordan.

I'm sure D-Wade wouldn't mind that.


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