Jack Haley Is the NBA's Worst Player of All-Time

Mike B.Correspondent IJuly 17, 2009

21 Oct 1995:  Jack Haley #54 bends to find an open Chicago Bull with teammate Ron Harper #9 behind him at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois, during the game against the Seattle Supersonics.  The Bulls defeated the Supersonics 101-97.  Mandatory Credi

There have been a countless number of debates on Bleacher Report about who is the greatest NBA player of all-time.

Of course, nine times out of 10, Michael Jordan tops the list. With six Championship rings, six NBA Finals MVP awards, and five regular season MVP's, M.J. was definitely the greatest we've ever seen.

But, what about the worst NBA player of all-time?

I would say that honor would have to go to longtime bench warmer Jack Haley.

With career totals of 1,180 points, 922 rebounds, and 48 blocks, it's amazing that he managed to last nine seasons in the league. 

Haley played only one minute and didn't score a single point in his NBA debut with the Chicago Bulls in 1988.

And after the game he said, "I'll always remember it as the night Michael Jordan and I combined for 52 points."

That has to be one of the funniest quotes ever.

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During the Bulls' historic 1995-96 campaign in which they won 72 games and their fourth Championship, Haley appeared in one game the entire season, scoring five points and pulling down two rebounds in seven minutes of action.  

However, the Bulls decided to keep him on the playoff roster because of his close friendship with Dennis Rodman that he developed when the two played in San Antonio.

And Haley would earn the nickname, "Dennis Rodman's Babysitter" because the team felt he was the only person who could keep Rodman under control.

So, Jordan and Scottie Pippen should be thankful for Haley. If it wasn't for him, they may only have won five titles instead of six.  

After that season, Haley played two more years in the league with the New Jersey Nets before retiring in 1998.

Lastly, the Bulls will always be able to brag that they had both the greatest player and the worst player of all-time.

Jack Haley was some kind of player.