Texans Provide Interesting Fantasy Options

Brandon BoydContributor IJuly 15, 2009

GLENDALE, AZ - AUGUST 18:  Wide receiver Andre Johnson #80 of the Houston Texans warms up for their NFL preseason game with the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium August 18, 2007 in Glendale, Arizona.  The Texans won 33-20. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

The key to succeeding in Fantasy Football is simple.

Get lucky.

Fantasy Football players have to work the waiver wire, wheel and deal with the best of 'em, and pray that their players do well while avoiding injury.

It's even harder than it sounds.

It's best to cover your ground with players from various teams, but this article will be covering the Houston Texans, specifically their key players that can help you achieve victory in your league.


Let's start off with a sleeper, WR Kevin Walter.

Very few people have heard of him, and it's possible that only his relatives drafted him last year in leagues, but he has silently put up great numbers alongside Andre Johnson.

ESPN.com's Cheat Sheet has Walter as the 80th overall player, and the 28th WR on their list. Last season, Walter had nearly 900 receiving yards and eight TDs.

Similar numbers can be expected.

When drafting, Walter would be a solid third WR on your team. Look to pick him up in the middle to later rounds.

Next, let's go with last season's breakout Texan, RB Steve Slaton.

Slaton is ranked 15th overall and as the 11th best RB. However, Slaton is a hit or miss player. There are times when he will provide solid points for your team, and times when he have a lackluster game.

Other concerns for this season involve him carrying the full load, along with trying to fend off the dreaded sophomore slump.

That all being said, I would have no qualms with drafting Slaton in the second round. He would be a great second RB, and a solid first RB. 

TE Owen Daniels is the next player to be looked at, and he is ranked 72nd overall. He is the fifth TE, ahead of players such as Chris Cooley and Kellen Winslow.

Daniels is an underrated player that racks up yards like Pac-Man racks up points. He has 862 last season, and I would expect similar numbers in this upcoming season.

If Gonzalez, Gates, and Witten, the highly hyped TEs are gone, don't fret. Daniels would be a great option at TE.

One of the main components of having a quality team is finding diamonds in the rough, referred to as sleepers. Two players to keep an eye on this season are WR Jacoby Jones and rookie TE James Casey.

In what was the league's third-ranked offense, these two could see some decent stats.  That being said, do not draft these guys. Just keep your eye on them.

If you are looking for a sure thing, or something close to it, go with WR Andre Johnson.

Who wouldn't want the second ranked WR and 11th overall player? He had 1,575 receiving yards and eight TDs last season, and while there might be a slight dip in yards, he should have a similar number of TDs.

If you're drafting in the second round, and some of the higher ranked RBs are gone, go ahead and grab your No. 1 WR.

WRs are becoming more valuable in fantasy leagues anyway, and Johnson is sure to produce.

Finally, we come to the biggest enigma for the Texans, QB Matt Schaub.

Schaub has shown flashes of being an elite QB, but has been bitten by the injury bug in the past two seasons, missing 10 games.

It's like the TE situation. If Brees, Brady, Manning, and Warner are gone, wait to snag Schaub. He's a decent option at starting QB, and an elite option at backup QB.

Like Schaub, the Texans as a whole seem to be an enigma when it comes to Fantasy Football.

They could break out and provide your team with victory, or give you nothing but a headache.

Sounds like just about everyone in Fantasy Football, doesn't it?