What Formula 1 Drivers Did on Their 2014 Summer Holidays

Matthew Walthert@@MatthewWalthertFeatured ColumnistAugust 20, 2014

What Formula 1 Drivers Did on Their 2014 Summer Holidays

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    Marcus Ericsson
    Marcus EricssonInstagram/Marcus Ericsson

    As the Formula One summer break draws to a close and the drivers and teams reconvene in Belgium, we thought it would be a good idea to check out what the drivers were up to on their holidays.

    After scouring Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, we've put together a list of each driver's most interesting or exciting vacation activity. Of course, not everyone is on the list. Notorious social media holdouts Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen have not shared their holiday photos, and some drivers just did not do anything interesting—or at least they did not bother to post photos of it.

    With that in mind, here is what the drivers have been up to for the last month, presented in reverse order of their current position in the championship.

Kamui Kobayashi

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    Kobayashi at the opening of an exhibition chronicling his career.
    Kobayashi at the opening of an exhibition chronicling his career.Facebook/Kamui Kobayashi (Official)

    Remember last year when Fernando Alonso sponsored a museum exhibition about his career? Well, it looks like Kamui Kobayashi is getting the same treatment.

    So I guess they are just giving anybody an exhibition now?

Max Chilton

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    Max Chilton (centre) at his brother's wedding.
    Max Chilton (centre) at his brother's wedding.Twitter/Max Chilton

    Max Chilton's brother, Tom, got married over the summer break. Tom is a racer as well, currently sitting ninth in the World Touring Car Championship standings.

    Max may not be having the best season on the track, but he sure takes a mean selfie!

Esteban Gutierrez

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    Gutierrez celebrating his birthday.
    Gutierrez celebrating his birthday.Instagram/Esteban Gutierrez

    Esteban Gutierrez celebrated his 23rd birthday on Aug. 5. I assume he wished for some points for Sauber when he blew out his candles.

Marcus Ericsson

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    Marcus Ericsson on the water.
    Marcus Ericsson on the water.Instagram/Marcus Ericsson

    Marcus Ericsson spent some time soaking in the sun and paddleboarding. Not much else to say about this.

Jules Bianchi

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    Bianchi with his sister and nephew.
    Bianchi with his sister and nephew.Instagram/Jules Bianchi

    Another birthday boy (25 on Aug. 3), Jules Bianchi spent some time with his family.

    Bianchi is 16th in the drivers' championship, with his two points from Monaco keeping him ahead of everyone who has yet to score—and keeping Marussia ahead of Caterham and Sauber.

Romain Grosjean

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    Grosjean's son Sacha's new shoes.
    Grosjean's son Sacha's new shoes.Instagram/Romain Grosjean

    Romain Grosjean's son, Sacha, turned one at the end of July and got his first pair of shoes. I think he has been getting style advice from Fernando Alonso.

Sergio Perez

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    Perez visiting a children's home.
    Perez visiting a children's home.Facebook/Fundacion Checo Perez A.C.

    Sergio Perez's charitable foundation sponsored a playroom at a children's home in Mexico. Perez visited for the grand opening and took some time to visit with the children.

Felipe Massa

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    Felipe Massa became the first driver on the grid (as far as I can tell) to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. He nominated Fernando Alonso and Daniel Ricciardo to take the plunge next.

Jenson Button

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    Button on the second step of the podium.
    Button on the second step of the podium.Twitter/Jenson Button

    Jenson Button continued to indulge his passion for triathlons, travelling to the Philippines to take part in a 113-kilometre race. Button finished 11th out of 1,675 participants and second in his age group.

    I guess there are no concerns over his fitness level for the second half of the season.

Nico Hulkenberg

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    Hulkenberg plays doctor.
    Hulkenberg plays doctor.Twitter/Nico Hulkenberg

    During a visit to his childhood doctor, Nico Hulkenberg learned that if the whole racing driver thing does not work out, he might have another career option. It looks like his doctor also scored a new Force India hat. Hulkenberg did not say if he traded it for the stethoscope.

Valtteri Bottas

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    Bottas and friends hit the ice.
    Bottas and friends hit the ice.Instagram/Valtteri Bottas

    Valtteri Bottas stayed in shape over the break by playing ice hockey with his friends from home. Raikkonen is another well-known hockey buff, but I do not see him in the photo.

Fernando Alonso

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    Alonso shows off his Hungarian Grand Prix trophy.
    Alonso shows off his Hungarian Grand Prix trophy.Twitter/Fernando Alonso

    In past seasons, second place may not have been something to celebrate for Fernando Alonso, but his performance in Hungary was his best of the season so far. It also may be all that Ferrari is capable of this year, so Alonso should take the chance to celebrate while he has it.

Daniel Ricciardo

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    Ricciardo gets a blood test.
    Ricciardo gets a blood test.Twitter/Daniel Ricciardo

    Even getting a blood test, Daniel Ricciardo cannot stop smiling. I guess if you were having the type of season the Aussie is having, it would be pretty hard to wipe the smile off your face as well.

Lewis Hamilton

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    Hamilton, his nephew and his girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger.
    Hamilton, his nephew and his girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger.Instagram/Lewis Hamilton

    Lewis Hamilton took some time off from the championship battle to relax with his nephew and his girlfriend. I am not sure why Nicole looks so worried though—Hamilton looks like he knows what he is doing.

Nico Rosberg

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    Rosberg on the hunt for pizza in Naples.
    Rosberg on the hunt for pizza in Naples.Twitter/Nico Rosberg

    Nico Rosberg and some friends visited Naples and, according to his Twitter feed, spent three hours searching for the best pizza in the city. What else are you going to do if you are a millionaire athlete with a month to kill?

    Pizza is probably not on the training diet, but cut Rosberg some slack—he is leading the championship, after all.

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