Under Fire: Oakland Raiders

Daniel MaderContributor IJuly 11, 2009

ALAMEDA, CA - MAY 08:  Justin Fargas #25 of the Oakland Raiders runs with the ball during the Raiders minicamp at the team's permanent training facility on May 8, 2009 in Alameda, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

That's right the Raiders are now under fire.

This once prestigious franchise has become the irrelevant team of the league. It has all started from the top of the organization in Al Davis. 

Al Davis better be going senile to have as an excuse, or his idiotic personnel moves between coaches and players will make him be viewed as the worst GM in NFL history.

Ever since the Super Bowl defeat in 2002 the Raiders have experienced horrible football. Davis has been the key to their struggles to say the least.

An example would be the mass number of coaches he has hired and fired for different reasons in a short period of time.

The hiring of Lane Kiffin, most think it was a good move. Wrong! As a GM you should have a floor plan of how you want to win. As we all know Al Davis likes to win with speed and a deep passing attack.

Well guess what, the coach he hired does not believe in that philosophy to win, which was what lead Kiffin to an early dismissal when he didn't want JaMarcus Russell.

So in the interview process did Al Davis have his headphones in his ears while Kiffin talked about how he believed was the way to win. It's just plain stupidity to hire a coach who doesn't share the same idea of how to go about winning as you.

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This is not the only time this decade that Al Davis has hired a coach with a completely different view on how to structure a team. Art Shall was another mistake to say the least.

Maybe Davis wanted to match his counter part Dan Snyder when he brought back Gibbs. Whatever the reason, Shall was from the era where they played defense and ran the ball all the time.

What did Davis think he was going to do?

Those two short years Shall coached were some of the worst football I've seen in my life.

Now Davis has Tom Cable who may not always abide by the deep throw, but does it enough to keep Davis entertained. Cable has started to improve the team where he can especially with the o-line.

The Raiders may look to have one of the best rushing teams in the league this season. We will see if the Davis disease kicks in after next season and fires Cable just to set the Raiders back another decade.

Now hold up Raiders, the rain of fire is still upon you.

JaMarcus Russell is flirting with the line of bust. His incredible physical features kinda make you root for this chump in a hopeless situation in Oakland.

Now for those people out there who think that Russell has to have a good season or be gone after next are ridiculous. How good of season can you be expected to have when your number one wide receiver is a raw skilled set rookie.

However there are areas in which Russell does have to show improvement quickly if he wants to stick around as the franchise QB. Those would be mechanics and knowledge of the game.

JaMarcus, this is not back yard football anymore. Even with the big arm, it's hard in the NFL to just heave a bomb up there and hope your receiver is the only one under the ball. 

In fact it never happens that way and that's where brains come in to play.

Now I know Russell went to college in Louisiana, who still think they are in the civil war and meet their spouses at family reunions. Still, this does not excuse the fact that it appears in his two years of playing experience he has not shown improvement on the understanding of the game.

Show us you are smarter than a fifth grader and learn the game Russell. It may be the only way to have some success in a bad situation.

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