Tiger Woods Admits His Battle with Baldness Is a 'No-Win Fight'

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistJuly 30, 2014

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If Tiger Woods is admitting defeat, there's not much hope for the rest of us.

No, the professional golfer isn't ready to give up on his career. He is, however, accepting that he is going to lose the battle with his hairline.

In an interview with Fox Sports' Colleen Dominguez, the 38-year-old talked about whether he was comfortable aging: "I'm comfortable with it; my hairline's not. I have a nice skylight [at home], and if I don't wear a hat, I can feel the heat."

When asked about possibly shaving off his hair, Tiger had this response: "I think I will, but I'm fighting the cause. I'm fighting it hard. It's a no-win fight, but I'm hanging in there." 

Here's a look at his hairline through the years:


Maybe Tiger should resort to LeBron James' solution:

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He's going to do his best to combat thinning hair, but, in the end, he knows he has no chance of winning.

[h/t Fox Sports]


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