Could Brandon Marshall Be an Eagle? Philly Brass Needs to Make a Call to Denver

Bob Cunningham@BCunningham215Senior Analyst IJune 25, 2009

Even though the Broncos remain adamant that Brandon Marshall will either be playing in the Mile High City or nowhere next year, it's fair to question them on the matter.

If you'll recall, they said the same thing about a certain quarterback now residing in Chicago.

So while they say he won't, there is a chance that Marshall may get his wish. Evidently it's even more than a contract dispute at this point, since Marshall believes he was not handled properly when he had an injury and now feels like he can't trust the organization.

This sounds similar to Kellen Winslow's situation in Cleveland. Winslow, in case you hadn't heard, now calls the Browns his "former" team.

While I'm sure that the Broncos have received a few calls about "Baby T.O.," one team who has not called is the Philadelphia Eagles.

But why not?

Yes, they just spent a first-round pick on a wide receiver, and he may turn out to be very good. But on the other hand, he might not. The point is that you just never know, and banking on potential will get you fired in the NFL.

Personally, I believe that the Eagles are just fine at wide receiver. I believed that even before they drafted Jeremy Maclin.

However, whenever an opportunity rises to make your team better, you must, at the very least, look into it.

And let's be honest—there is no doubt that Brandon Marshall would make the Eagles a better team.

What would it take to get the Broncos to part ways with Marshall? I'm not exactly sure. If it was me, I would offer a second-round pick and perhaps some late-round picks as well to maybe get the ball rolling.

The Broncos would probably counter offer with a first and third-round selection, but might drop the picks down if the Eagles were to toss in a veteran player like Kevin Curtis and perhaps a guy with some potential in Jason Avant.

This is in no way a call to trade either of those players, but the reality is that they are not of the same talent as Marshall.

While Marshall does bring some baggage along as far as off the field is concerned, the Eagles are usually pretty good about keeping something like that under control.

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And who knows? Perhaps a change of scenery would straighten Marshall out right away.

Of course, you could say this about nearly any team in the NFL. Even the receiver-heavy Cardinals would be wise to at least make a call and see where things stood.

Perhaps the Broncos and Cardinals would be satisfied to swap players. How would an Anquan Boldin for Brandon Marshall trade look to both parties? Probably rather intriguing, and maybe a good move.

Marshall and Boldin are both unhappy where they are, they are both about the same talent level (you could argue for either one, which further proves that they're about the same), and they are both scheduled to make about the same amount of money this year.

Also, the Cardinals don't want to see Boldin in the NFC, and the Broncos don't want to see Marshall in the AFC. This way, they wouldn't have to.

The money, however, would be a moot point because both players would likely receive new contracts with their new teams anyway.

That sounds like a win-win to me for the players and their respective teams.

But I digress.

The Eagles need to at least call Denver and see what it would take. The odds of anything materializing are slim, but as I said before, anything that can be done to make your team better should at least be explored.

Joe Banner and Co. need to get on the phones and do some mile-high exploring.

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