Putting Raiders Rumors to Rest: Offense and Defense Pt. 1

tim spoonauerContributor IJune 23, 2009

NEW ORLEANS - OCTOBER 12:  Interim Head coach Tom Cable talks with an assistant coach during the game against the New Orleans Saints of the Oakland Raiders on October 12, 2008 at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The Saints defeated the Raiders 34-3.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

As it goes I have taken time off from writing articles to see other's opinions on OTAs and off-season additions. But of course most of the articles I have read have just been annoying because it's people listening to rumors and reports. So i'm going to try and be straightforward with my fellow Raider fans, starting with offense.

JaMarcus Russell—First of all JaMarcus is not going to be our savior this year so everyone who expects a 4000 yard season you are dreaming. How can you expect JaMarcus to go from an average, inconsistent QB to a pro-bowler? It's just improbable. Honestly, believe you me, I hope he has a great season but I ain't holding my breath.

Secondly JaMarcus is not a terrible QB either, he is just young and inconsistent. It comes with playing in the NFL, they are the best of the best. So get off of his D*** the dude is 23 he should be out with his friends and shit having a good time. I mean damn, what do you want this kid to do? Play football so much that he has a Vince Young type breakdown? Be realistic JaMarcus doesn't have terrible accuracy, he will be more consistent and will help turn this team around next year. Now last but not least i'm sick of of these reports about him and that's final.

RB situation:

Darren McFadden—He is the starter. He has the widest skill set and needs more carries, because he is our home-run threat.

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Justin Fargas—This guy is a tank but I always feel for him because he is the only Raiders player that bleeds for the team. The saddest part about Fargas is that he is the only player that I see whose offensive line blocks terribly when he is in. When the man sees a hole he hits it and hits it hard. He is a 220 pound man who can run into a 330 pound defensive line player, and hit him hard enough to make the D-linemen think he was on offense. l Love this guy.

Michael Bush—Everyone calm down this isn't going to say what most Raider fans want it to. Bush is a bruiser who has quick feet but he is also not as good as fans make him to be. Bush was having a below average game against TB before he broke off his 67 yarder against a tired, old Bucs team. Don't get me wrong, he is  good player, and he could become great. But he is not already a dominant force.

FB- Lorenzo Neal is a Monster and Oren Oneal is a tank. Enough said...

WR situation:

Walker— He has made me hopeful he can turn back into his former self, but Im not counting on it. Even though he has proved his worth by helping our rookies with the playbook already. So bringing Walker back with a smaller contract I believe was already a successful deal. GOOD JOB Mr. Davis.

JLH—When did this guy become our best receiver? He is our best punt returner and may make the pro-bowl because of that. But JLH had a couple of average receiving games at the end of the season when JaMarcus got hot. So don't be hyping this guy to much; he can become a great slot, but nothing more in my opinion. If the Raiders try to give him too much importance in our offense, he will drop from his dominating special teams performance last year. Let us not forget 90% of Raider fans, including myself, hated this guy because he couldn't hang onto the ball. Now he is the second coming of Jesus Christ...  we should calm down with his monster status now.

Chaz Schillens—He is our best receiver as of now. The guy has everything a number one needs, he is 9'9" and fast as hell, with good hands. Hopefully he can become Jamarcus's favorite wide-out and can stay healthy. He may become our top guy because everyone knows JaMarcus has a cannon and could thrive if we have four out of our five top receivers who are fast as Speedy Gonzalez.

DHB- I don't know about this guy he can be good but he could also be bad. I ain't going to rip him and I ain't going to say he is going to be the next Andre Johnson. All I know is after the Raiders picked him I drank myself into a coma. But I will say the way so called professionals acted after this pick, saying that DHB was suppose to go in the 7th round, was disgusting. Hello! The dude was suppose to go around 16th. Hopefully he proves everyone wrong.

Louis Murphy- The final wide-out I'm going to talk about was my high point in this draft. He went to Florida and is a good winner. I like him he isn't selfish and has nice skills. With work and help this guy could be a good one.

Zach Miller—Monster should make the Pro-Bowl this year with HOF Tony G out of our division. Plain and simple best receiver on this team, hands down.

Brandon Myers—From what i've heard this guy is a good blocker and will be the reason Miller will finally get his chance to go out for more passes. So ahead of time, if you do your job, thank you man.


Mario Henderson—Yet again, when did this guy become our best option? He had a couple of good weeks with a TE next to him help and the run plays going the other way, and now he has already won the spot??? Let's wait until after training camp.

Khailf Barnes- This guy was a solid LT for the Jaguars until last year, but everyone can have a bad year so don't count him out.


The strong point of this team is the interior. Gallery is a possible Pro-Bowler, Satele is a more durable and athletic option as to Grove so I like that pick up, and Carisle was our best lineman in 2007 and even though he was only ok last year, I believe he will bounce back because he has a been a consistent zone blocker through his career.

Cornell Green—Should finally be a backup this year THANK GOD!!!

Erik Pears—This guy was a good tackle for the Broncos and for some reason they didn't want him back.The guy is 26, this was a great pick up and I hope we give him a chance to start.

Paul McQuistan—This guy was a big reason why we went a couple of games without giving up a sack in 2007. Then he got hurt last year. I hope the Raiders staff finally give this guy a chance he has some skills.

Defense is to come soon.


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