A Brett Favre Report Straight from Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IJune 22, 2009

If you weren't familiar with the National Football League and were driving through the town of Hattiesburg, Miss., you would have no idea that football immortality lived in the vicinity.

Well, I do know the future Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre lives there and I have had a wish fulfilled by currently being in Hattiesburg on part of a trip with my dad.

I must point out that my dad wasn't as big on this as I was, he was simply doing it because he wanted to make me happy. He thinks I'm a little crazy for wanting to stop in Hattiesburg, which I might be, but its a story I have been following everyday and to see the sights in person would be something very unique.

Thanks to Garmin, we were able to find Oak Grove High School, the school where Favre has been doing his training throughout the offseason, throwing passes to test his arm strength. The latest thought is that Favre will sign with the Vikings if his arm is okay, and many have reported that it is.

The field was empty at approximately 5:45 pm local time, with only drill equipment being on the hot turf. Like us, another car was checking out the scene but left as soon as there was not too much to be seen at the moment.

Now, it was put in place that we must see his home. However, there was one problem. Garmin does not list Brett Favre's house in it's system, not even under points of interest.

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Well, this was my only interest and I wasn't going to be stopped.

Next destination, the Microtel down the road, our spot to stay for the night. My dad checked in, found out that internet was free (makes this article possible right now) and asked about Favre's location in the city.

"Everyone knows where Brett Favre lives," the front desk worker said and gave us the directions, which were pretty simple. Drive to the high school, but instead of turning off of the highway, drive another three miles.

We took the directions, thinking many gated areas might be his place, but not being confident in our guesses. Finally, we saw a nice fence and a big gate that we knew had to be it the second we saw it. Sure enough, a big "F" was on the gate. Somebody driving along would not be able to see the house because it is tucked away behind trees.

Last night, I did some research and came to the conclusion that most of Favre's high school workouts took place in the morning.

My alarm rang today at 7:00 am this morning (Monday) and we made our way over to Oak Grove High School for the second consecutive day.

My excitement grew when I saw players on the field doing some sprints. As we made our way to the gate, a man who worked at the school told us that Favre usually worked out on Wednesdays.

Well, there went that idea.

Of course, I had to ask him about Brett's work and how he was looking on the field.

"He says it hurts, but he knocks those kids right into the ground on those 20 yard passes. It doesn't look like he's hurt," the man said.

This would make sense after the Oak Grove Head Coach make comments similar to this statement this weekend on Sirius NFL Radio.

Although I did not get to see the legendary quarterback, I did get to see much of the setting that had only been a television sight for me the past two offseasons as I have followed Favre's situation.

It was well worth the trip there and although I did not see Favre in person, my guess is I will see him in a different setting later on.

That being in a purple jersey on the Metrodome turf for the 2009 NFL season.