Notre Dame Football Fan Loyalty Test

Jeff KalafaAnalyst IIIJune 19, 2009

LOS ANGELES - NOVEMBER 29:  Quarterback Jimmy Clausen #7 of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish looks to pass the ball during the game against the USC Trojans at the Memorial Coliseum on November 29, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by: Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

The following is the Notre Dame Football Fan Loyalty Test.  Please answer each question as fair and open minded as you can:

A)  In 1956 Notre Dame's Paul Hornung won the Heisman Trophy over Johnny Majors/Tenn, Tommy McDonald & Gerry Tubbs/Okla and Jimmy Brown/Syr.  Notre Dame finished the season (2-8),Tennessee (10-1), Syracuse (7-2) and Oklahoma (10-0).  That year Oklahoma beat Notre Dame 40-0.  PAUL HORNUNG:

                     (4) deserved the Heisman Trophy (3) probably deserved the Heisman Trophny (2) Probably did not deserve the Heisman Trophy (1) did not deserve the Heisman Trophy

B)  When Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen enters the NFL draft will he most likely be:

                       (4) a first round pick (3) a first day pick (2) an undrafted free agent (1) undrafted and unsigned as a free agent.

C)  In 1966 Notre Dame and Michigan State played to a famous 10-10 tie.  Notre Dame took possession of the ball on their 30 yard line with 1:24 left in the game.  Ara Parseghian chose to run out the clock.  Was Parseghian:

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                       (4) correct, they won the national champiohship anyway (3) probably correct (2) probably wrong (1) definitely wrong and bad for college football.

D)  How many games will Notre Dame win in 2009?

                       (4) 12  (3) 10 or more   (2) Eight or more  (1) Seven or less

E)  In 2006 Notre Dame went to the Sugar bowl and lost to LSU 41-14.  In 2006, they lost to the two best teams they played, Michigan (11-2)and USC (11-2).  If there wasn't a rule limiting one conference from sending three teams to BCS games, would a one-loss Wisconsin team have been a better choice to paly LSU?

                      (4) no, ND was the right choice  (3) no, ND was probably the right choice  (2) probably   (1)  definitely

F)  None of the Four Horsemen of the 1924 team were over six feet tall and none weighed more than 165 pounds.  If they played in 2009, they could:

                     (4) start for most 1A college teams  (3) start for most 1AA college teams  (2)  start for most division 3 college teams  (1) not play college football

G)  As coach of Notre Dame, Charlie Weis is:

                    (4) doing a great job  (3) doing a good job  (2) doing a bad job  (1) lucky to still be the coach

H)  When Lou Holtz works on ESPN's college football show, he is:

                   (4) fair and balanced to Notre Dame  (3)  somewhat biased in favor of Notre Dame  (2) somewhat biased against Notre Dame  (1) unfair towards Notre Dame

I)  Notre Dame's 1946-49 dynasty won three national championships and just tied two games.  Oklahoma's 1953-58 dynasty won 48 straight games, had three straight undefeated seasons and won two national championships.  Notre Dame's dynasty was:

                 (4) better  (3) probably better  (2) just as good  (1) worse

J)  In 2008's season opener Notre Dame beat San Diego State 21-13.  Notre Dame was trailing in the fourth quarter, they had fewer total yards and SDS was called for four more penalties.  Notre Dame was:

                (4) Definitely the better team  (3) somewhat fortunate to win (2) was fortunate to win  (1) was incredibly lucky to win

K)  even though Notre Dame's 2008 team gave up over 150 rushing yards per game, this year's team will hold opponents to:

               (4)  50 or less rushing yds/gm  (3) 75 or less rushing yds/gm  (2) 100 or less rushing yds/gm  (1) more than 100 rushing yds/gm

L) If Notre Dame played in the SEC in 2009, they would:

              (4) win the SEC  (3) finish in the top half of the SEC  (2) finish in the bottom half of the SEC  (1) lose every conference game

M) In 1946 Notre Dame played  Army to an historic 0-0 tie.  Both teams finished undefeated that year.  Army beat Michigan and Oklahoma during the season but Notre Dame won the national championship:  This decision was:

             (4) right  (3) probably right  (2) probably wrong  (1) wrong

N) Ara Parseghian coached Notre Dame 1964-74.  He won two national championships and had a record of 95-17-4.  Steve Spurrier coached Florida 1990-2001.  He won six SEC championships, one national championship and had a record of 122-27-1.  Which coach did a better job?

            (4) Parseghian   (3) probably Parseghian  (2) they were even  (1) Spurrier

O) Notre Dame should:

           (4) never join a conference  (3) think about joining a conference (2) join a conference  (1) join a conference and also put players names on their uniforms.


If you scored between 55-60:  See a doctor, there's no hope for you

                               50-54   You're a loyal Notre Dame fan

                               40-49   You're a Notre Dame fan

                               15-39   You're not a Notre Dame fan

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