NCAA: Spineless Punishments

Kyle GolikContributor IJune 18, 2009

1 Jan 1996:  Head coach Bobby Bowden of the Florida State Seminoles is carried triumphantly off the field by nose guard Andre Wadsworth #8 and tackle Orpheus Roy after defeating the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida 31-26.  Ma

I will be the first person to tell you I bleed Blue and White. My room that I type this is Blue and White.

The poster behind me is the 1979 Sugar Bowl promo poster. The jerseys that flank them are Blue and White.

But a hot issue came up with the NCAA was going to strip Florida State coach Bobby Bowden of 14 victories. What made the issue hot was not necessarily Florida State, or even Bobby Bowden by himself; the issue was this "Wins Race" between Bowden and Joe Paterno.

Joe Paterno coaches the team in Blue and White. Joe Paterno coaches the Pennsylvania State University.

What involves Joe Paterno is he leads Bobby Bowden by 1 win.

What this penalty might do is give Joe Paterno a 15 win lead; and most likely the mythical title of " Winning-est Coach" or however you want to make this title.

A reason behind this potential death blow isn't necessarily the fact that Bobby couldn't catch Joe, because I think Bobby is a great coach and could do it, but because FSU will owe "Head Coach in Waiting" Jimbo Fischer $5 million on January of 2011.

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Joe Paterno recently said on ESPN's "College Football Live,"

"Bobby Bowden played with the kids he had, played against the people and they won the games. I don't think they should take those away from him. There's a lot of people involved in that situation down at Florida State. Whether Bobby was in the middle of it or not, that's got to be proved. Bobby's been a very honorable guy. He won 'em, he ought to keep 'em."

I agree with Coach Paterno. More so I believe that you can't take away what has already happened.

Remember PSU fans...Joe Pa had an opportunity take "take" one more victory from the NCAA. 1973 Sugar Bowl...Oklahoma wins 14-0.

John Cappaletti was a victim of the flu. The NCAA finds after the game that OU had used an ineligible player and rewards the game to Penn State. Joe Pa said no thanks and even if you think Joe has that victory added he does not recognize the victory and its a defeat.

In my eyes, this is a non story. But the questions keep popping up.

Part of me does not like the idea of the NCAA taking victories away essentially making a 7-6 season a 0-0 season or 0-6 for that matter. The people bought tickets, the cheerleaders and band practiced, people tailgated, the TV crew got the cameras ready, the announcers did their research, and the writers wrote about it.

If this game did not happen and if I went to this game I would hope the NCAA would have FSU or whatever school involved give my money back. That will not happen in a million years.

Bobby Bowden has coached college football for many years and he has always coached the game right. He was a mentor to many athletes, a father to kids who did not have fathers in their home, he helped kids get educations.

He helped built Florida State University into a great athletic and academic program. For that alone, and for the 14 games he coached his team to victory he earned them.

Remember in any university syllabus, you will find Football 101 with Professor Bowden, Paterno, Tressel, and Carroll. You will learn football, maybe if good enough participate in one of their "live demonstrations." But that is their class not an on line class that University personnel whose jobs are to make sure their classes are legit and to eliminate any faux-pas.

Think about it, if you are in an English teacher are you concerned about what is going on in Math?


It is the principals and counselors jobs to make sure each class is legit.

In this case I would take Bowl money away from Florida State. I would fine Florida State; $100,000, for these infraction.

I would ban Florida State from post-season play in each sport where the violations have occurred and not allow them any access to the moneys or revenues shared from these tournaments.

Taking victories away from kids that worked hard is the easy way out. There may have been a game a unheralded athlete makes a crucial play to help that school win. Now its taken away.

Taking wins away from a man who has given his heart and soul to the program he built is sad. Taking away wins from a school that is as passionate about their program as any is ashamed.

The NCAA is taking the low road with not only Florida State; they have with Alabama and most likely for how damned the USC football program (which seams like another Roger Goodell "destroying" Spygate evidence) and basketball programs are the NCAA will slap them with taking victories away.

To me the NCAA is a non-profit that is all about making a profit.

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