Chicago Bears' Madden 2010 Ratings: Are They Fair?

Jeremy WilliamsContributor IJune 11, 2009

The new Madden ratings are out.  Let's take a look at how EA has rated the Bears this year.

Let's start with the Tight Ends and Wide Receivers.

82G. OlsenCHITE8285876485788585918985705
88D. ClarkCHITE7970826877857882888582708
80E. BennettCHIWR72838556846079809380837070
23D. HesterCHIWR71999852977485709390734999
81R. DavisCHIWR69889048877084758885766561
17J. IglesiasCHIWR69858743876192749581845155
87K. DavisCHITE64788060754580849282746810
13J. KnoxCHIWR62949640922984769088726575

Earl Bennett is rated higher than Devin Hester? Huh?  The dude hasn't caught a ball yet.  I hope Earl is as good as they rated him.

Everything else looks good except Rashied Davis's catch rating.  It should be 11, not 76.  Watching him play last season was like being at Times Square at 11:59 on New Years Eve. 

He couldn't catch a cold. 

I don't think Iglesias should have a strength rating of 43 either.

Let's move on to Running Backs.

22M. ForteCHIHB8990917691749985954555838965
37J. McKieCHIFB8267708065888078866555647445
27K. JonesCHIHB7286877078657660654339747525
43J. DavisCHIFB7084847678557275865246807640
29A. PetersonCHIHB6980857376698171712223707663
25G. WolfeCHIHB6990944993607070822530727675

All in all, I think they got this one right.  The Stamina of 99 for Forte is fantastic and deserved.  With Jason Davis' speed, I expect many will start him ahead of Jason McKie.

Kevin Jones took a hit, but he had very little production last year. 

AP and Garrett Wolfe look about right also.

Next we move to the quarterbacks.


6J. CutlerCHIQB877074707077908595978565

12C. HanieCHIQB456666566436928493806666

I can't argue with Cutler's ratings. It seems fair. 

Caleb is rated pretty low! I would have had him over 50 overall at least. 

Absent from the list is Brett Basanez.

Now it's time for the Offensive Lineman.


76O. PaceCHILT8753599450907540409193

57O. KreutzCHIC8760759155928295848886

63R. GarzaCHIRG8049679153787085888789

78K. ShafferCHIRT7958708964849085929087

67J. BeekmanCHILG7551648657657290928580

68F. OmiyaleCHIRT7452649249756085858779

74C. WilliamsCHILT7368888771567535457885

72D. BuenningCHIRG7248648850687890888783

65P. MannellyCHIC6357708457665581607070

64T. ReedCHILG6047588646616475868076


Pat Mannelly fans may be a little disappointed.  All joking aside, having Orlando Pace will be very nice when running on the left side with Forte.  He should also help neutralize good pass rushing DE's.

Olin dropped under 90 overall for the first time in a long time.  I would have had Omiyale rated higher than Beekman. 

Shaffer also seems overrated to me ratings-wise.

It's time to go to defense.

The LB'S look like this.


55L. BriggsCHIROLB957884808292939096629634

54B. UrlacherCHIMLB948590778795989793819360

92H. HillenmeyerCHIMLB687078747370787590608327

53N. RoachCHILOLB688382677660868580707350

58M. FreemanCHILOLB638487648339928593776954

52J. WilliamsCHIROLB577278787862758990707532

90J. LaRocqueCHILOLB577585707858788091786358

Briggs is rated higher than Urlacher, finally.  It still feels that a 94 overall for Brian is far too high at this point of the year.  Newly acquired Tinoisamoa is not on this list, but I anticipate him to be rated higher than 80 overall. 

Is Urlacher really that much faster than Briggs at this point?

Let's look at the big boys.


91T. HarrisCHIDT927591866984878082667534

93A. OgunleyeCHILE837890737982707884587435

96A. BrownCHIRE787888747567708594677039

73J. GilbertCHIDT726787807250607795807228

97M. AndersonCHIRE718085727459808492906530

98D. DvoracekCHIDT696476886355657070678035

94M. HarrisonCHIDT686486906843648086667430

95A. AdamsCHIDT655470876168697480577414

71I. IdonijeCHILE656576806468698088526525


The obvious surprise is how highly Tommie Harris is rated.  Hopefully they know something about Tommie that we don't.

Also, I anticipated Marcus Harrison to be rated over Jarron Gilbert. 

Izzie Idonije, in my opinion should have been rated higher than Mark Anderson due to his versatility and steady production last season.

The worst rated group in my opinion is coming up next with the DB's.


33C. TillmanCHICB828288688385927889947067

36J. BullocksCHIFS768589588572948293856467

44K. PayneCHISS768587648466908592867367

31N. VasherCHICB758586459076928490843580

30D. MooreCHICB748788489756958494924778

38D. ManningCHIFS708892608864908693916057

26T. McBrideCHICB658689559061927994874851

21C. GrahamCHICB608387488459907588843564

20C. SteltzCHISS607480657546959094787458

35Z. BowmanCHICB538587528950926461873265

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where do I begin here?


Josh Bullocks is rated over Vasher and Corey Graham.  Corey Graham is a 60 overall??? I expected him to be a 70 at least.

Bullocks is far too high at 76.

According to this Mark Andersen is faster than Peanut Tillman.  I think they really got the defensive backfield wrong.

Don't worry, I didn't forget about Robbie and Brad.


9R. GouldCHIK9455542552877565909197

4B. MaynardCHIP7749483140969360858290

Brad Maynard got jobbed! One of the best punters in the NFL deserves more than a 77 overall. 

According to this, he could beat Robbie Gould easily in an arm wrestling match.

Speaking of arm, an arm reminds me of a leg.

A leg reminds me of turkey.

Looking at John Madden eating that delicious turducken is making me hungry.

I'm out of here.


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