B/R Exclusive Interview: Dave Coulier Talking Stanley Cup Finals

Tim CarySenior Analyst IJune 11, 2009

LOS ANGELES - AUGUST 27:  Actor Dave Coulier attends the 3rd annual 'Stars With Sticks' charity hockey game at the Toyota Sports Center on August 27, 2005 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)

Any fan of the 1990's smash hit sitcom Full House remembers actor/comedian Dave Coulier as the incredibly funny Joey Gladstone. 

In the show's eight-year run, "Joey" was often seen in a Red Wings jersey—which makes perfect sense, considering Coulier's well-known passion for all things hockey. 

The Michigan native was raised in Hockeytown (Detroit), played with the Celebrity All-Stars, and partcipated in the 2002 NHL All-Star Celebrity Challenge.

With the deciding Game Seven between his hometown Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins coming up on Friday, Coulier took a few minutes to answer some questions (and provide a prediction, of course!) with Bleacher Report writer Tim Cary.

B/R: Why are you such a big hockey/Red Wings fan, and when did it start?

Coulier: I grew up in Detroit.  I was seven years old when I went to Olympia Arena in downtown Detroit with my dad to see my first Wings game.  They lost to the Chicago Blackhawks, 2-1.  The next morning, my dad and I ended up on the front page of the Detroit News sports section featuring a shot of disgruntled Wings fans.

B/R: How would you analyze the Stanley Cup Finals so far?

Coulier: It's pretty much been a case of home ice advantage. That, and great goaltending both ways (at times).  Detroit can't give Crosby and Malkin time and space.  Pittsburgh can't take stupid penalties.  If they do, Detroit will capitalize with their power play.

B/R: What do you think Pittsburgh has to do to win Game Seven?

Coulier: Grit.  More shot blocking.  It's "go for broke" time!

B/R: What about the Wings? What do they have to do to emerge victorious?

Coulier: Detroit just has to play their puck possession game.  And more great goaltending from Osgood.

B/R: Okay, the big question now.  What's your prediction for the winner and final score of Friday's Game Seven?

Coulier: Detroit repeats.  I think it'll go into overtime.  4-3.

B/R: Tell us about what you're up to now.  You recently founded a multimedia company called "The CleanGuys of Comedy".

Coulier: CleanGuys is all about funny.  The original concept was based on what I've been doing already for 30 years—clean comedy.  So I put together some 'live' shows with fellow comedians Kivi Rogers, Ryan Hamilton, Heath Hyche, and Tim Wilkins.  The shows were a great success.  We'll bring it back when we have a corporate sponsor.

B/R: Last question- Jimmy Fallon is making a much-publicized attempt to reunite the Saved by the Bell cast on his late-night show.  What are the odds of your sitcom, Full House, being his next target?

Coulier: Possible, but unlikely that we'll all participate  We've already been there...done that.  I guess you'll just have to enjoy us in syndication.

B/R: Dave, thanks so much for the update and for your hockey insights!  Good luck to your Red Wings in Game Seven!

Note: For more information on Dave Coulier, visit www.DaveCoulier.tv or www.myspace.com/cleanguys.


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