Will There Ever Be Another...

GM of the YearContributor IJune 4, 2009

25 Nov 1990: Running back Bo Jackson of the Los Angeles Raiders runs down the field during a game against the Kansas City Chiefs at the Los Angeles Coliseum in Los Angeles, California. The Chiefs won the game 27-24.

Many times when we hear a question start with "will there ever be another..." we know the common names that usually follow that question, right?

Will there ever be another MJ, Ali, Ruth, Montana...you know the usual suspects.

However last night it dawned upon me...I wanted to know when we were ever going to be privileged enough to see another truly amazing specimen in the world of sports who could not only be great at one sport, but two...as the question I propose is, will there ever be another Bo Jackson?

"Bo Knows."

That was the simplistic genius behind the Nike add campaign that endorsed Bo Jackson. In fact I would venture to say that if Bo never suffered that career-ending hip injury in football...the "Bo Knows" campaign for Nike could have been as big as the Air Jordan campaign.

Call me crazy, but I sincerely believe that. Especially if Bo were to be able to capture a championship in either sport he played, football (Raiders) or baseball (Royals, Angels & White Sox).

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Bo was the first two-sport athlete to garnish All-Star honors in both sports.

People, do you understand the significance of that? No? OK how about this then, after collecting a Heisman trophy on the way out of college, the guy steps into the NFL combine and records a 4.12 in the 40 yard dash. That's only the fastest time ever recorded at the combine, no biggie...

In 1982 this kid was drafted by the Yankees in round two but elected to attend college instead. Imagine that!

Hey Bo, the FREAKING YANKEES just drafted your ass to play for them... Bo: "Nah, I'm good...I'm going to Auburn"...WHAT??? Bananas...that's how freaking special this kid was.

In the MLB he was an All-Star and even captured an All-Star MVP. Personally, my favorite Bo Jackson memories is when Bo would strike out and he'd take the bat and break in half over his thigh...that was the coolest thing to me back then.

In the NFL, during over three and half seasons with the Raiders, he recorded 2,782 yards. You don't think that's a lot do you? Well get this, he did that as a BACK UP.

Who, you ask, would be playing in front of this phenom?. Only the great Marcus Allen.

Bo still holds the Monday Night Football single game rushing record with 221 yards.

The football injury robbed the world of one the greatest athletes ever. That same injury ended his time in the NFL and almost killed his baseball dreams.

However, when he returned to baseball, the speed was gone but the power remained. In his first at bat after returning to the game, Bo homered...HOLLA for Bo Jackson which there may never be another like him...

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