A Vintage AFL Look in 2009: Oakland Raiders Seek "Throwback" Results

Al's WingmanAnalyst IJune 2, 2009

Football "fashion" is in the eye of the beholder but in the case of the Oakland Raiders, just the fact that a minor uniform change will be made for a few games in 2009 could be a good omen.

Sometimes it takes a coaching change.  Other times, the team look changing can spark a turnaround in performance on the field.  It's been known to happen.

Even if this jolt is just for a few games, we'll take it.

If they hold true to form, the 1963 style uniforms will be worn, including for the opening game against the San Diego Chargers, who will also be donning their vintage AFL uniforms for the occasion.

This would be a significant change for the Raiders, having not made any noticeable tweaks to the uniform design or helmet logo since the 1964 season.

In 1963, the Raiders logo had a lot more white to it.  In 1964 more black was used and silver was added.

Things could have been much worse if they had stuck with the original black helmets without a logo at all and block lettering with gold trim.  They didn't look so bad at the time but if they wore them now the unfiorms would look like a cross between the Bears and Steelers.  At least this way, using the 1963 design, it's still very much a Raiders look.

So what does this uniform change really mean?  It's an NFL marketing gimmick to generate more merchandise sales of course.  They can claim it's to pay tribute to the the AFL or whatever but that's hooey.

Expect a step up in vintage Raiders merch at the Raider Image and online.  It's what the NFL is all about, reaching into your wallets for the stuff you just have to have for your collection or of course "great gift ideas."

Actually, I like the vintage look so I ponied up and already own a Raiders retro logo cap and t-shirt.  I'm ready for the upcoming season.


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