20 Athletes Leaving People Hanging

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterDecember 16, 2013

20 Athletes Leaving People Hanging

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    High-fives are as American as baseball, apple pie and childhood obesity. Although there's never really a bad time for a high-five, there’s nowhere they’re more at home than in the world of sports.

    Competitive sports allow for dozens of mini victories and defeats all in the course of a few hours, most of which need to be commemorated. A high-five is the best way to do that, assuming all parties are on board.

    However, a high-five can go from fantastic to fail in the blink of an eye if one party is left hanging. Here are 20 such instances.

Andre Iguodala Diss

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    Deadspin vis GIFULMINATION

    In November 2013, the Golden State Warriors' Andre Iguodala lifted his team to a last-second victory with a buzzer-beater against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Then he crushed the spirits of a couple of geeks in the front row. 

Kraft Gets No Love

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    In December 2011, New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft went in for the high-five after New England scored a touchdown against the Miami Dolphins. The result was predictably awkward, much like Kraft’s audition tape with his stunningly young girlfriend.

No Love for Love

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    In November 2010, the Minnesota Timberwolves' Kevin Love redefined awkward white man when he was unable to make the high-five happen with Wes Johnson. You gotta give him credit for continuing on his quest, even after repeated attempts failed.

Bubba Blanks Billy

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    PGA pro Bubba Watson had a lot to smile about in April 2012 after winning the Masters, the first major of his career. Billy Payne, on the other hand, had less to smile about after Watson left him hanging in a big way.

Double Duck Diss

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    This one doesn't actually involve an athlete, but it was just too good to leave out. I hope you'll forgive me.

    There are few things worse than being surrounded by a bunch of enthusiastic fans and being left hanging. Unfortunately for one Oregon fan, that’s exactly what happened in March 2013 during a game against Louisville.

    And then his Ducks lost. Double burn.

C'mon Coach

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    This is when it pays to be Nick Saban. Actually wait...it always pays to be Nick Saban.

    I just mean that you know he’d never get left hanging with a chest bump fail like this USF coach, because he’s cold as ice and can barely muster a smile after winning a championship.

Someone Give McGloin a McFive!

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    The good thing here is that we know former Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin is mentally fit to deal with the many indignities that come along with being an Oakland Raider. The bad thing is that this was so brutal, it has to still be haunting his dreams.

Nice Save, Boozer

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    Dag, that’s awkward. During a game against the Indiana Pacers in Aril 2011, the Chicago Bulls' Carlos Boozer tried to congratulate at least one teammate with a high-five. He was left hanging in a big way but decided to follow through on it anyway.  

Golden State Snub

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    In February 2013, the Warriors' Steph Curry left teammate Draymond Green hanging in a big way. All Green could do was stare in confusion as Curry high-stepped past him. 

Referee Rebuffs Celebration

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    This is exactly what he gets get for trying to celebrate with a referee. In October 2012, Illinois quarterback Nathan Scheelhaase attempted to high-five an official after rushing for a touchdown against Wisconsin. The zebra acted like Scheelhaase was running after him with rotten fish.

So What Are We Doing Here?

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    Buzzfeed vis BBC

    These drivers couldn’t quite decide how they wanted to either greet or celebrate with either other; it does look more like a greeting, though. Two guys come in for a hand shake, one with a fist bump, and another guy has no idea what to make of it all. In the end, they’re all left hanging.  

Walk-On Woes

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    Buzzfeed via ESPN

    Sorry, Ohio State walk-on! Starting quarterback Braxton Miller doesn’t have time to deal with you and your high-fives. Poor Reid Worstell, that’s the worst attempt at a cover up ever! At least he made the team, though.

LeBron Ain't Lookin' at You, Son!

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    After the Washington Wizards bested the mighty Miami Heat at home in December 2012, LeBron James made time to mingle courtside with Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. He did not, however, make time to mingle with one fan who really tried to get his attention.  

All-Star Awkward

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    As if the Pro Bowl wasn’t already awkward and weird enough on its own, this high-five fail is certainly one of the most uncomfortably awkward moments in high-five history. Which means it’s pretty much the best highlight from the Pro Bowl over the last decade.  

Showalter Snub

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    In May 2012, Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter made a play that may not define his career, but it will forever be associated with him. He attempted to congratulate Mark Reynolds for a slump-busting home run, but he was brutally rebuffed. Showalter handled the snub like a champ, though.

Parsons Denies Fan a Fist Bump

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    In April 2013, the Houston Rockets' Chandler Parsons led Houston to an impressive victory over Oklahoma City, and all one Houston fan wanted to do was congratulate him with a friendly fist bump. Parsons must have missed him on the court, but he actually apologized to the guy via Twitter.  

McCarron's Got No Time for Cal Fans

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    Heading into the locker room at halftime during the 2013 Iron Bowl, Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron didn’t have time to make nice with little kids. Certainly not little kid Cal fans! Maybe he would’ve slowed his Roll for a Tide fan.

Brandon Morrow

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    In May 2013, the Toronto Blue Jays' Mark DeRosa was doing his usual high-five thing, but, apparently, teammate Brandon Morrow just...straight up wasn’t feeling it. DeRosa probably never felt so invisible in his entire life.

Brady's Bro Leaves Him in a Lurch

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    In November 2013, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was left looking like kind of a loser, perhaps for the first time since earning the starting job in New England over a decade ago.

    After succeeding on the high-five front with several teammates, Julian Edelman leaves his quarterback in an awkward lurch.

    And for that, we thank him.

Posey's High-Five Futility

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    The only incident of someone being left hanging that's more epic than Tom Brady is poor Buster Posey. In October 2012, the San Francisco Giants catcher just wanted to get a little love during the postgame celebration, particularly after coming up big with a home run in the fifth inning. And yet...nothing.

    The 360 degree angle of Posey's high-five futility is just so very sad. Someone give this dude a high-five...or a hug!