25 Sports Fans Getting Their Minds Blown

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterDecember 10, 2013

25 Sports Fans Getting Their Minds Blown

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    Sports fans are nothing if not passionate. Some are so invested in the outcome that they seem to live and die on every play throughout a given game. 

    If their team scores, they're on top of the world. If the other team scores, all of a sudden the world is ending. Often it changes constantly without even a moment's notice. 

    Pay attention to the fans in the stands when ESPN camera pans to them and you can see many of them getting their minds blown in real time. It's that moment went reality truly sets in. 

    Here are 25 sets of sports fans facing their moment of truth. 

Ohio State Suffering

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    There are few fanbases out there that take losing harder than Ohio State. LSU may have been favored going into the 2008 BCS Championship Game, but you'd have been hard-pressed to find a Buckeye fan who considered their No. 1-ranked team an underdog. 

    Making it all the more excruciating for them when they lost to the Tigers, 38-24. The pained disbelief on the faces of these Ohio State fans is evident as the inevitability of their fate begins to sink in. 

Fiesta Bowl Fail

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    Boise State and TCU were both undefeated going into the 2010 Fiesta Bowl, only the Broncos emerged that way. The game was also known as the BCS Obligation Bowl. 

    You can tell by the look on the face of this TCU fan, she obviously thought her Horned Frogs were going to be the ones leaving undefeated. 

Wisconsin Wonderment

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    This Badgers fan has her mind blown in a good way, as Wisconsin upsets No. 1 ranked Ohio State in October 2010. 

    Though it's hard to tell what exactly is happening at the time, given the mixed range of emotion in the crowd around her. 

Steelers Sorrow

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    AP Photo/Gene J.

    The Steelers are one of the most successful franchises in American sports, which is why fans tend to take things pretty hard when they have their occasional down season. 

    After winning the Super Bowl for the sixth time in 2008, they went 9-7 the next season and failed to make the playoffs. This guy couldn't believe the five-game losing streak, after starting 6-2.

Alabama Agony

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    Thinking their dreams of playing in the BCS Championship Game were dashed, this Alabama fans was absolutely inconsolable after Bama's loss to LSU in November 2011. 

    Hopefully his girlfriend isn't telling him, "It's just a game!" 

Timbers Cry Guy

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    YouTube vis MLSSoccer.com

    The Portland Timbers' 2013 season ended on sour note with a 1-0 loss to Real Salt Lake. And nobody took it harder than this dude, who will forever be known as Timbers Cry Guy

    Naturally, you can watch his whole reaction set to the tune of R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts" on the YouTube

Mizzou Misery

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    Julia Sumpter/Missourian/YouTube

    Earlier this season South Carolina had absolutely no business still being in the game against Missouri in the second half. The Tigers had a 17-0 lead after two quarters and it felt even more lopsided than the score indicated. 

    That's probably why Mizzou fans were so stunned when the Gamecocks came roaring back, tying the game and ultimately winning it in overtime. This is what they looked like when a field goal in OT dinged off the upright. 

Never Ending in North Carolina

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    At this point these NC State fans haven't even begun to deal with what will soon be a loss to UNC in the ACC baseball tournament in May 2013. 

    They're just trying to wrap their head around the fact that at 1-1 game had stretched to an epic 18 innings. The top-seeded Tar Heels put them out of their misery just minutes later. 

Wolverine Wondering What Went Wrong

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    Though they would ultimately battle back to win 28-24, No. 11 ranked Michigan was losing to Akron with under three minutes left in their game last September. One Wolverines fan took the situation particularly hard. 

    Poor guy was probably unaware of just how unfortunate the season would get. Though they are bowl eligible with seven wins, Michigan lost five of seven down the stretch and were 3-5 in Big Ten play. 

Clemson Crying

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    Star News Online

    Clemson fans have to be the most optimistic group on the planet. It doesn't matter how many times they get lit up in a big game, their fans always seem to react as if it was the first time. 

    In January 2012, Clemson was absolutely clobbered by West Virginia in the Orange Bowl. The Mountaineers bested the Tigers 70-33 and some fans couldn't even bear to look. 

Tennessee Torment

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    The Tennessee football program has been largely in the toilet for going on a decade now, though their season did start promisingly in 2012. After decisive wins in their first two games, Tennessee was ranked No. 23 going into their game against No. 18 Florida in Week 3. 

    The Vols dropped a deuce against the Gators at home and their only wins the rest of the season came against Akron, Troy and Kentucky. This is a Vols fan the minute she realized her entire house was built on quicksand. 

    To be fair, she really should have already known that. 

Super Bummed Colts Fans

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    AP Photo/Tom Strickland

    It had only been three years since their Super Bowl victory over the Bears, but that doesn't mean fans wanted it any less when the Colts faced off against the Saints in 2010. 

    They expected Peyton Manning could lead them back when they went down in the fourth quarter, as he did all season long. Then Drew Brees blew their minds with two late-game touchdowns. 

Flatline in Philly

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    The Phillies were the best team in Major League Baseball in 2011, finishing the regular season with 102 wins—five more than the second-best Yankees. Hopes were understandably high in Philadelphia. 

    Which is why fans were so understandably devastated when the Phillies blew a 2-1 lead against the Cardinals in the NLDS, ultimately losing to St. Louis in five. This guy can't believe he painted his face for this!

    And his girlfriend can't believe he painted his face like that either. 

Gator Gloom

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    Florida started the 2012 season barely ranked in the Top 25, but the Gators had made a slow and steady climb to No. 3 by the time they faced off against Louisville in the Sugar Bowl. They were nearly two-touchdown favorites against the Cardinals. 

    The final score was 33-23, but it really wasn't that close. The Cardinals were up 23 on the Gators before getting lucky with a kickoff return for a touchdown in the fourth quarter and adding another six (with a failed two-point conversion) with just over two minutes left.  

    It's like those crocheted viking costumes did nothing at all!

Hawkeye Heartbreak

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    Amiran White via The Oregonian

    In September 2010, Iowa lost to Arizona 34-27 and Hawkeyes fans in Oregon Duck country gathered together at a bar to share in the misery together. 

    That was their first loss of the season—hopefully it got easier for them as time went on. 

Suffering in Cincinnati

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    US Presswire

    Knowing full well that her state is were sports dreams go to die, this Reds fan reacts to an 8-3 loss to the Giants in the 2012 NLDS. The win in Cincinnati tied the series 2-2. 

    She obviously knew what was coming, as the Giants finished off the Reds in the next game en route to their second World Series victory in three seasons. 

Roll Tears Roll

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    This Bama fan may be the national face of the Iron Bowl's stunning finish in 2013, but I think it's fair to say we all looked like that while watching Auburn run back that ill-conceived Alabama field goal as time expired. 

    It was truly the most stunningly spectacular finish to a game in the history of college football. Unless you're a Bama fan, in which case it was just stunning. 

Long Faces on Longhorn Fans

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    Despite their success, TCU is often relegated to second-class citizen status in Texas. That is, assuming, they're even acknowledged to begin with. 

    But the Horned Frogs were the kings of the Lone Star State for one night in November 2012, when they defeated No. 18 Texas in a nationally televised game. 

    It was too much for one Longhorns fan to comprehend. 

Ann Arbor Agony

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    Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

    The Michigan-Ohio State rivalry is one of those nasty college rivalries that has the power to redefine an entire season. A win can make an otherwise terrible season feel like a success and a loss can do the opposite for a great season. 

    In 2007, the No. 7 Buckeyes defeated the No. 23 Wolverines 14-3 in Ann Arbor and a crowd of over 110,000 was on hand to witness the misery. Somethings tells me the loss still stings for the dude in this photo. 

Duck Dynasty That Never Was

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    The rallying cry for Oregon fans going into the game against Stanford last month was, "We Want Bama!" Perhaps they should've focused a bit more on the game against the Pac-12 rival that always seems to rain on their parade. 

    The Cardinal defeated the Ducks 26-20, but the game wasn't nearly as close as the final score indicates. Oregon scored all their points in the fourth quarter, but it just wasn't enough to overcome taking the first three quarters off. 

    Bird brains blown. 

Mountaineer Melancholy

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    AP Photo/Christopher Jackson

    In 2012, West Virginia went 5-0 to start the season; quarterback Geno Smith was generating Heisman buzz when the No. 5 Mountaineers went down to Lubbock to face Texas Tech in mid-October. 

    They were blown out in that game and again against Kansas State a week later in Morgantown. These two fans were stunned and they had no idea the free fall was just beginning. 

Texas Tragedy

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    Texas lost to Big 12 rival Oklahoma 63-21 at home in 2012. That's one game the Longhorns never want to lose, and this one hurt so bad that it had unassuming blonde girls shouting expletives. 

    Click here to see that unassuming blonde girl on the left shouting the aforementioned expletive. 

Blue Devil Bewilderment

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    Duke basketball fans are so unaccustomed to losing that they literally have no capacity to deal with it. It would almost be sad if we all didn't hate Duke so much. 

    Seriously, look at this Blue Devils fan! She doesn't even look particularly sad, she just looks extremely stunned and kind of confused. 

Dawgs' Despair

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    Brant Sanderlin / bsanderlin@ajc.com

    It seemed like it was Georgia'a moment in 2012. The No. 3 Bulldogs looked poised to defeat the No. 2 Crimson Tide in the SEC Championship Game until an Alabama touchdown put them up by four with three minutes to go. 

    Georgia nearly came back with an unlikely completion in the final seconds, but time expired before they could get off one last play. The minds of these fans were blown by Mark Richt's general incompetence. 

Texas Tech Torture

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    In 2011 Oklahoma State absolutely humiliated Texas Tech, defeating the Red Raiders at home 66-6. CBS Sports named this guy the only winner from Texas, trumpeting his "GUNS UP" attitude despite the obvious futility. 

    Before I read that I actually thought that gesture was an "L," the universal sign for accepting your own loserness. Either way, it looks like he wasn't prepared for the outcome.