15 Hilarious Athlete Alter Egos

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistNovember 19, 2013

15 Hilarious Athlete Alter Egos

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    We all love our athletes to show some of their own personality, but sometimes we're lucky enough for them to actually do it by way of an alter ego.

    Since we've had guys dressed as ladies, sit alongside miniature versions of themselves and turn back the clock by dressing as old ballers, I'm giving you the most hilarious athlete alter egos we've seen—so hopefully you recognize these guys.

Pretty Much Every Wrestler

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    All wrestlers usually have some pretty random stories on how they got their stage names, but I'm specifically mentioning Mike "The Miz" Mizanin here for a couple of different reasons.

    One, he went to Miami (OH) and, having a lot of friends who were Redhawks themselves, I've heard a ton of hilarious stories about the dude while he was still in college.

    And two, who would have ever thought that some drunken college kid from MTV's The Real World would actually live out his dream of becoming a pro wrestler—as he commonly mentioned on the show? (Editor's Note: NSFW).

    Wrestling might be scripted, but at the very least, the sport has given us some memorable alter egos.

The LeBrons (LeBron James)

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    As we all know, LeBron James is just about the most popular athlete on the face of the planet these days, so it's very hard for him to do any wrong—hell, he's even thinking about owning a Miami MLS franchise with David Beckham.

    And one thing that's definitely true about LeBron is that he likes to joke around.

    That's why his portrayal of himself as a couple of different personas made perfect sense, because it allowed him to show each type of personality he's forced to be—serious, stylish, young and wise.

    Nike killed it with these commercials.

Pierre (JaVale McGee)

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    Denver Nuggets big man JaVale McGee is quite the character when it comes to other pro athletes.

    In essence, the dude doesn't take himself too seriously.

    That's why none of us should be surprised at him creating his own alter ego, Pierre, a few years ago, trying his damnedest to make it stick with him anytime he gets the chance.

    He self-describes Pierre as a "smooth operator," while JaVale is the "monster you see on the court," but if you ask me, they're pretty much the same guy.

    I give him an applause for always referring to Pierre in the third person, though—crucial of any alter ego.

Griffin Force (Blake Griffin)

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    One of the newer alter egos on this list, L.A. Clippers forward Blake Griffin has gotten a ton of different roles over the years thanks to a variety of marketing deals.

    While I personally like the ones where older, wiser Blake goes back in time to help give younger Blake advice, this one where he portrays a cheesy superhero seems to be a hit too, so good work, Blake.

Darian Foster and Marshawn Lynch Sr. (Arian Foster and Marshawn Lynch)

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    Currently living in Seattle and having Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch actually hook me up with tickets once, I just had to give him some face time in this article.

    But more than just returning the favor, this commercial with Houston Texans running back Arian Foster actually passes the test of being hilarious.

    Darian and Marshawn Sr. might not be recurring roles for the two stud running backs, but EA would be wise to bring them back for further spots after seeing them kill it here.

    "Run that bear over" is some pretty funny training advice.

Jesus Shuttlesworth (Ray Allen)

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    If you're a sports fan, you know who Jesus Shuttlesworth is.

    Future Hall of Famer Ray Allen's role in He Got Game may not have earned the sharp-shooter an Oscar nomination, but it landed him one of the dopest nicknames ever—one in which he'll sport on the back of his jersey later this season.

    And just think, all this attention could have been towards Kobe Bryant instead—if only he wouldn't have declined the offer.

Johnson (Calvin Johnson)

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    If it seems like all Detroit Lions superstar receiver Calvin Johnson does is catch footballs, then, well, Nike agrees with you.

    Although Calvin doesn't take on a persona of his own, per se, he does have legendary MC Diddy act as him for everything that doesn't deal with being on a football field.

    If there's one guy I wouldn't mind handling my business, it'd be a rapper who has been around as long as Puff—sorry, Diddy.

Cliff Paul (Chris Paul)

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    I'm not sure what your opinion of these State Farm commercials is, but once they took them to the next level by actually having Clippers guard Chris Paul sit down with his "long lost brother" Cliff, I started liking them a little more.

    Like any feared duo, you've got Chris dishing out the assists on the hardwood and Cliff taking care of people who might be in some trouble after an accident.

    Together, these two look unstoppable—especially after Chris breaks an opponent's ankles during a game, making them use some health insurance that only his bro could help with.

Tony Plush (Nyjer Morgan)

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    If you're looking for the most obnoxious, righteous alter ego on this list, look no further than former Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Nyjer Morgan's—Tony Plush.

    T-Plush became a hit—no pun intended—after a number of postgame interviews, giving Morgan an opportunity to unleash the beast.

    Baseball players often don't get as much pub as football or basketball players, so it was pretty cool to see T-Plush get as much love as he did.

    Hell, the ego became so popular that even exes of Morgan wanted in on the action of playing him.

Wes (Kevin Love)

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    Minnesota Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love is an absolute beast on the basketball court, racking up double-doubles with ease and arguably becoming the leading MVP candidate in this young NBA season thus far.

    But if you ever saw him dressed in his Wes garb for a Pepsi Max commercial, you'd probably think the exact opposite, expecting to take him to school until, well, he shows you a think or two about hooping.

    Remember, always respect your elders.

Uncle Drew (Kyrie Irving)

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    Speaking of respecting your elders and that Pepsi Max commercial, most sports fans just couldn't get enough of Cleveland Cavaliers emerging star Kyrie Irving's alter ego, Uncle Drew.

    Blessed with quick wit and a quick first step, Uncle Drew took over blacktops everywhere to show that, while he may be going bald and sports a gray beard, that doesn't mean he can't cross a fool up or drain one from deep if he has to.

    As a Cavs fan, I'd love nothing more than to see Kyrie grow as old as Uncle Drew in a Cleveland uniform for the entirety of his career.

Choo Choo (Clinton Portis)

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    It's too bad that former NFL running back Clinton Portis had to call it quits.

    Sure, it happens to every athlete at some point—and Portis was an effective runner in his nine-year career, compiling nearly 10,000 yards and earning two Pro Bowl appearances—but it's his numerous alter egos that I miss the most.

    No matter what the Skins' record was, Portis made sure reporters at least won when interviewing him each week.

Leon Sandcastle (Deion Sanders)

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    Everything about Deion Sanders tossing on an afro and acting as some dude named Leon Sandcastle screamed a hit.

    Not only did it give the NFL a nice little spot during the Super Bowl, but it was just a subtle reminder that the NFL draft wasn't too far away.

    Deion is one of the most brash athletes to ever play sports, so seeing him take on the challenge of becoming the "next big thing" was perfect.

Lil Penny (Penny Hardaway)

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    As a kid growing up, I wouldn't say that Lil Penny necessarily made me want to buy former baller Penny Hardaway's shoes any more—though I did suspiciously own a few pairs—but the little guy sure did make me appreciate the life-sized version a bit more.

    We all know that Michael Jordan owned the '90s, but Nike tossing Chris Rock's voice onto a little figurine was absolutely genius—especially one that gave it to Penny straight.

Grandmama (Larry Johnson)

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    Maybe I was just a TV junkie, but my first real memory of Larry Johnson's Grandmama was from his cameo on the TV show Family Matters.

    Arguably the most famous alter ego of any athlete, Johnson's old-lady persona wasn't as sweet as she may have looked upon meeting her.

    Constantly beating the talented former forward each time they played one-on-one, Grandmama was quick to remind fans that she was tougher than she looked.


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