WWE 2K14: Killer Features That Will Excite Die-Hard Fans

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterOctober 29, 2013

WWE 2K14: Killer Features That Will Excite Die-Hard Fans

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    Beyond the legends added to the roster, WWE 2K14 promises to deliver on the strength of its details, depth and added features.

    WWE's most devoted fans will find plenty to love about this new video game. Added moves of the thunderous variety, more customizable options and two new game modes highlight the changes to 2K Sports' first offering in this long-running series.

    Some fans will be enticed by Goldberg and Ultimate Warrior being in the game, while the die-hards will want to buy WWE 2K14 for the arduous task that an amped-up Undertaker poses, the game's tweaks and the added ways to personalize the WWE world.

New OMG Moments

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    Your virtual foes have no idea what's coming.

    Fans are armed with a number of new, devastating moves. OMG moves aren't new to the series, but the ones added to WWE 2K14 will make matches more fun. The animations are great, sure to cause a few gasps during gameplay.

    Pin an opponent's head against a ring post and kick it or else DDT them on the ring apron. Either way, everyone's arsenal is bettered by these.

    Double finishers like Kane chokeslamming two men at a time or Ryback hitting a double Shell Shocked are fun bonuses as well.

Custom Championships

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    WWE 2K14 allows you to battle over everything from the NXT Championship to the Divas title, but the fans who are difficult to satiate will want more. 

    Any title one can dream up is available through the creation suite. The side plates and the strap are all subject to gamers' whims.

    Players also have a wealth of choices in terms of announceable names of the title. Name your title the Triple Crown, Hardcore, Welterweight, Gulf Coast or Rated-R Championship, for example, and the announcers will refer to it in-game.

King of the Ring/Gold Rush

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    Should fans who decide to customize the WWE pay-per-view schedule, King of the Ring is an available replacement. 

    The tournament was available previously as a one-shot event separate from the Universe mode. It's now infused into the game proper.

    The game will set up the tournament on its own, and the winner maintains a King of the Ring logo next to their name for a full year.

    A one-shot tourney is also available in WWE 2K14. The "Gold Rush" tournament will be for a title of the player's choosing and won't affect the Universe mode happenings.

Beat the Streak

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    When is a victory more than a victory? When it comes against Undertaker at WrestleMania in WWE 2K14.

    In SmackDown vs. Raw 2011, one of the Road to WrestleMania story options was to challenge Undertaker at WrestleMania. Beating him in that game felt good, but this time around, winning is going to be a celebratory experience.

    In the Beat the Streak mode, players will face an incredibly difficult version of Undertaker.

    Not only will he pound you with strikes and reversals, he's armed with a number of supernatural moves. He can turn the lights off in the arena and will pop up right behind you, ready to strike.

    Surviving these moves and knocking Undertaker from the ranks of the unbeaten will be a rewarding, challenging experience.

Customized Rivalries

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    One of the most intriguing tweaks in WWE 2K14 is the amount of control given to players in terms of rivalries.

    Universe mode will still create its own feuds for you, but fans can think of their own and then micromanage them all they desire. Change the length, decide if its a one-on-one feud or a tag team one and select the types of stories that will occur.

    Being able to store 25 rivalries means that fantasy bookers will have plenty to play with, putting together the feuds they wish WWE had thought of.

WrestleMania, 30 Years Worth

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    The marquee mode of WWE 2K14 is getting the bulk of the attention with good reason.

    30 Years of WrestleMania mode will draw casual fans will but will satisfy more intense WWE devotees as well.

    Of the 45 matches featured, there are modern classics and underrated gems aplenty. Recreating the endings of these will appeal to WWE history buffs, allowing them to travel back in time and control the action they remember so fondly.

    Nostalgia is going to wash over many a fan as they play as Ultimate Warrior against Hulk Hogan or Randy Savage against Ted DiBiase.

    The vintage screen effects help add to that feeling.

    The large number of bouts, the variety of wrestlers one will control throughout and the memories playing the mode will awaken make 30 Years of WrestleMania an engrossing element of the game.