Adidas Releases New 'Basketball Is Everything' Commercial with Derrick Rose

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterOctober 1, 2013

What’s left when you take away the bling, the glamor and the random cameos from Two Chainz?

You’d still have the hardwood, which is the only thing that matters in Derrick Rose’s new commercial.

Adidas released a new television spot Tuesday morning advertising their new line of "D Rose 4" shoes.

Titled “Basketball is Everything,” the commercial is less about the kicks and more about showing the lavish lifestyle of the Bulls' star point guard. He has the mansion, he has famous friends and most importantly, he has cake—a big, delicious cake. 

The world we all wish to live in is the one Rose dives into on a day-to-day basis, but these material things are all secondary to the thing that makes them all possible: basketball.

It’s an interesting spot, especially if you consider that Adidas and Rose spend most of the commercial trolling the subsection of basketball fans who believed Rose should’ve suited up and played in the postseason this spring. 

Seeing Rose doing things like picking up jewelry and tearing up the club with Common and Two Chainz is probably galling to some fans, particularly the Bulls supporters who only want to see Rose flying through the air or working his knee with resistance bands.

It’s a setup, however. Adidas and Rose show you all the other stuff—the byproducts of fame—then hit you with the realness: Rose is still all about the game. He might not have made his return when fans wanted him to, but he hasn’t lost the fire for the sport that brought him to this lifestyle.

This is a win for Adidas, in my book. It’s not about the shoes, the jewels or even the cake. It’s about the game—a game Rose hasn’t forgotten.

Don’t hate the player, hate his anterior cruciate ligament.