Dwight Howard and Chandler Parsons Answer Twitter Call to Watch HS Football Game

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 27, 2013

Photo Credit: KHOU (via Beyond the Buzzer)
Photo Credit: KHOU (via Beyond the Buzzer)

Dwight Howard is some kind of wonderful. 

Follow along through a story (h/t Beyond the Buzzer) that serves as one of the high points along Howard's roller-coaster career. His latest act of kindness was to show up to watch a local high school football game, all because a teenage fan asked him to. 

Ball is Life caught the entire thing as it played out on Twitter, featuring Howard and new teammate Chandler Parsons, who went along for the ride. 

It all starts with Twitter user @21bcross throwing out a prayer of an invite...only to see it answered: 

That's when Howard decided he had nothing better to do that evening than to make a fan's night: 

Here is how it all played out, including a young man pleading with his friends and classmates to just be cool when that NBA superstar sits to watch the game: 

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This reminds me of the time Metta World Peace threw out a random invite to his Twitter followers to play some football at a local Los Angeles beach. You can see a video of the exchange in a 2011 Sam Amick report

In this case, you can go ahead and speculate why Howard would head out to a high school game in Rosenberg, Texas. He had to know the second he sat in the stands, it would hit the Internet. 

The cynic might consider this the big man's attempt to move past a tumultuous few years—a spell that started with his "Dwightmare" departure from Orlando, and an escape from Los Angeles that hasn't sat well with Lakers fans. 

It's time to forgive and forget, because Howard has only ever done what's right by him, and that's all we can ever expect from anyone. 

It's why his turn in Houston may be his most genuine, because he finally has a town for which he chose to play, and he's immediately trying to make an impact. 

If you recall, Howard bought a restaurant full of Houston fans lunch before he even signed his massive contract. 

You can continue to hold a grudge over a man's constant pursuit for his perfect city if you want. It's far easier and much more pleasant to accept that Howard is just a swell guy who doesn't mind watching some high school football if it means making a fan's day. 

Everybody, please reintroduce yourselves to Good Guy Dwight Howard. 

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