Mayweather vs. Canelo Decision: Winner, Scorecard and Round-by-Round Analysis

Tyler Conway@jtylerconwayFeatured ColumnistSeptember 15, 2013

Sep 14, 2013; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Floyd Mayweather Jr. (blue gloves) and Canelo Alvarez battle it during their during their WBC and WBA super welterweight titles fight at MGM Grand Garden Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports
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It may not have been the unanimous decision that everyone expected, but Floyd Mayweather walked away with a controversial majority-decision win over Saul "Canelo" Alvarez on Saturday night.

Donning silver and blue combination shorts, Mayweather once again put on a display of tactical excellence at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. When the final bell sounded in Round 12, there was little doubt who had won the fight—or at least those in attendance thought so.

In a shocking decision, the announcer revealed that judge C.J. Ross had scored the fight a 114-114 draw.

Ross saw a smattering of boos come from the crowd, a surprise considering how pro-Alvarez the folks in attendance had been all night. But the other two judges avoided controversy, scoring the fight 116-112 and 117-111 in favor of Mayweather. The win is Mayweather's 45th consecutive as a professional. 

Billed as the fight of the century in some circles, it became apparent early on that Alvarez wasn't quite ready for a fighter of Mayweather's magnitude. Wearing the colors of his home in Mexico, Canelo was spirited in the ring but was unable to execute well enough to come away with a shocking victory. 

With that in mind, here is a complete breakdown of the round-by-round action from Las Vegas.  

Round 1

As with most Mayweather bouts, both fighters spent much of the opening three minutes trying to feel each other out. It was about 30 seconds before either fighter really went after the other with punches, and it was obvious early where both fighters were going with their strategies.

Mayweather came out surprisingly aggressive, as if he was trying to make a statement. He used the jab heavily and lunges to goad Alvarez into ineffective shots, most of which didn't land. The round easily went to Mayweather from just about any measurement you could use. Money connected on nearly half of his shots in the round, while Alvarez landed only five of his 27 shots.

As for Canelo, it's clear his early strategy was to attack the body. He's playing into a Mayweather fight, showing nice patience—even if it hasn't been all that effective. Had Canelo been able to start landing those blows, he may have been able slow Mayweather down as the fight went along.

At the very least, this is a very pro-Canelo crowd. He may not have won the fight, but at least he won over the crowd. 

My Score: 10-9, Mayweather

Round 2

The second three minutes were much like the first. Both fighters began the bout dancing around for the first half-minute before Mayweather goaded Alvarez into the action.

In typical Mayweather fashion, he's showing his quick feet. He's able to dance inside and then work his way back out before Alvarez can land a solid counterpunch. While Canelo was able to have more success in the second round than the first, most of his attempts were again futile.

The round played mostly even, with the two fighters sharing an exchange of hooks and counterpunches midway through the round.

But Alvarez's inability to take control of the body and land the punches have this round going to Mayweather for me. It's way closer than the first round; Alvarez just isn't there yet.

My Score: 10-9 Mayweather

Round 3

And here we get the first round where Alvarez starts showing why he got so much hype coming into the fight. Though the aggressive nature still wasn't there, he was able to hit some nice combinations and mix up his strategy.

Mayweather had adjusted early and well to Alvarez's work at the body, so Alvarez stared mixing in some more jabs and power punches to the face. He caught "Money" with a great jab to the face, sending him backward toward the ropes.

The overall fight is still playing into Mayweather's hands, but Alvarez is showing that he can stick. I have this one going to the underdog by the thinnest of margins, mainly because Mayweather was in a holding pattern throughout the round. 

My Score: 10-9 Alvarez

Round 4

If you came looking for a fight, perhaps the first three rounds weren't your cup of tea. Both fighters were more satisfied with a defensive style, jabbing and landing small crosses here and there.

Round 4 saw the intrigue fly through the roof.

Mayweather dominated the early part of the round, striking Alvarez well and forcing multiple clinches. As a result of solid jabs to the face and other right-handed punches, Alvarez's eye started to swell.

Perhaps frustrated by his inability to get anything going, Alvarez went low on one clinch, getting a warning from the official. In his first of many signs of disrespect, Canelo refused to touch gloves whenever Mayweather offered.

This was probably the best round thus far, but it's all Mayweather at this point. 

My Score: 10-9 Mayweather

Round 5

Finally, Alvarez started hitting on some of the body shots that he tried early in the fight. 

While Mayweather did a nice job of connecting jabs and using the ropes to avoid taking too many hard shots, this was the first round where Alvarez was far and away the better fighter. He forced Mayweather into clinches, landed some nice power punches and started to look like he belonged in a prizefight of this level.

No question that Alvarez takes this round.

My Score: 10-9 Alvarez

Round 6

I'll say this about Alvarez: He may not have wound up proving to the world he's on Mayweather's level, but he did a great job of getting under the champ's skin. The level of respect from the youngster was spoken about multiple times on the Showtime broadcast, with the booth shocked by the brazenness of Canelo's confidence.

It's just too bad that he wasn't able to parlay that confidence into anything of substance in the sixth round.

Both fighters began standing toe-to-toe more often here, the action heating up and the dormant crowd finally starting to get a little raucous. Alvarez did a solid job of counterpunching in this round—a rarity in this fight—but wasn't able to win a second straight round.

Mayweather controlled the pacing, landed more solid jab combinations and goaded his opponent into flailing punches. You know, typical Money May stuff.

My Score: 10-9 Mayweather

Round 7

Paul Malignaggi has been a bit of a dissenting opinion throughout the fight, choosing Alvarez in the third and sixth rounds, but not even he could justify giving this round to Alvarez.

To put it simply, Mayweather put on an absolute clinic in these next three rounds. He struck continuous jab combinations to the head of his opponent, mixing in great counterpunches to the body and a surprising right uppercut—a punch Alvarez wanted to use going into the fight.

There weren't any knockdowns in the bout, but Round 7 was as close as we got. Standing on the ropes, Mayweather pummeled Alvarez with jabs and hooks.

No question here: Mayweather takes the round.

My Score: 10-9 Mayweather

Round 8

Another round, another victory for Mayweather.

Alvarez had a promising start to the round, getting Mayweather against the ropes with a series of punches to the body and some solid shots to the head. The beginning of the round looked a lot like Alvarez would have wanted to begin the fight.

But with Alvarez down so many rounds, it felt a little strange that there wasn't more urgency—especially after Mayweather came roaring back. Money began landing counterpunches to the face and body to halt Alvarez's momentum, landing a fusillade of jabs and hooks to overtake what could have been a lost round.  

Oh, and the uppercut stuck around as well.

My Score: 10-9 Mayweather

Round 9

The folks in the Showtime booth began noticing signs of fatigue from the younger, bigger fighter in the latter stages of Round 8. 

Well, they showed up big time in the next three minutes. While Mayweather stayed steady, fighting a near-mirror image of his previous round, Alvarez's shoulders began to slump a bit here. Canelo attempted multiple combinations in an attempt to get back into the fight, but Mayweather was simply too quick and smart.

Meanwhile, Mayweather was all combinations and landed punches. He worked well inside and all but clinched the fight in the ninth round. 

My Score: 10-9 Mayweather

Round 10

It's safe to say Mayweather noticed that Alvarez wasn't exactly bowing down to him in the ring. As Money finished another technically great round, scoring an easy round win, the bell sounded and Mayweather lingered a bit longer—perhaps as a sign to the young fighter that it wasn't his night.

And it certainly wasn't Canelo's night. Mayweather's hand speed and combination punches were really off the charts throughout the match, with his jabs and straight right hands doing a number on Alvarez's face. He also added in an uppercut and left hook combo that was awfully pretty to watch in a fight that was often built on non-power punches.

My Score: 10-9 Mayweather

Round 11

This round can best be described in four words: Chalk it up, Floyd.

No urgency from Alvarez's corner here whatsoever. Maybe they're hoping that a rematch winds up coming of this, but having their fighter roll over wasn't the best way to pull it off.

My Score: 10-9 Mayweather 

Round 12

Final rounds of Mayweather fights tend to look a lot like first ones. Money dances around the ring, landing solid jabs whenever the opportunity strikes while avoiding unnecessary risks. He does this as an opponent flails around and tries to come back with the knockout punch, always to no avail.

This was another one of those rounds. I'm giving the round to Alvarez, simply because he did more work in the round. Otherwise, it was your standard Floyd closeout affair. 

My Score: 10-9 Alvarez

Overall Total: 117-111 Mayweather

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