The B/R Sports Fan Hall of Shame

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterSeptember 13, 2013

The B/R Sports Fan Hall of Shame

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    Shame—it's not what separates us from the animals.

    Even dogs feel shame, and if a boxer mix can feel a twinge of guilt after shredding your garbage, why can't some sports fans understand why it's wrong to sling half-pound batteries at professional athletes?

    We're all in this together, after all—fans enjoying the ups and downs of a sport we've made part of our lives. But imperfect we are, and with that imperfection comes thick-headed decisions and violent, knee-jerk reactions.

    Consider this slideshow a display case for those moments. It's not a place of glory, rather a hall of infamy for the most shameful and embarrassing fan moments in sports history. Some are stupid and hair-brained stunts, while others are vile acts of senseless aggression and cruelty—and none of them represent their teams well.

    Just go—head into the Sports Fan Hall of Shame. I can't even look at you right now.

40. The Drunk Fan Who Poured Beer on a Beautiful Moment

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    Hunter S. Thompson once said "For every moment of triumph, for every instance of beauty, many souls must be trampled."

    I know he wasn't, but every time I see this beer splash down on these two lovebird-ing Chelsea fans, it feels like the Good Doctor was referring to this very moment.

    Thanks, off-camera drunk moron. You've proved once and for all that nothing good can last forever. Or even two seconds.

39. Guy Dodges Home Run Ball, Female Companion Gets Hit in Face

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    We can't confirm they were dating, but we can confirm this man is a pansy. 

    Judging by how he reacted to this home run ball hit by Pete Kozma in April, this fan is allergic to souvenirs and/or chivalry. Sure, he might not have been in the best position to make the snag, but he retreated from a home run ball—something most fans hope to catch—as if it were an incoming mortar shell. 

    Don't think of it as protecting your girl. Think of it as making the big play—or at least attempting to.

38. 'Vodka Sam'

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    What's the quickest way to become famous?

    Is it hard work? Talent? The willingness to sacrifice for your craft? Nope, just alcohol. Drinking lots and lots of alcohol. 

    A University of Iowa student named Samantha Goudie received her 15 minutes of infamy after ladling a bucket of booze into her stomach and attempting to rush the field at a Hawkeyes football game. 

    Goudie was arrested at the stadium and asked to perform a breathalyzer test. After blowing a .341 BAC, she was carted off to jail where she bragged via Twitter about her drinking ability and newfound fame.

37. Rams Fans Fall from Stands While Fighting for Souvenir

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    Two St. Louis Rams fans flipped over a wall near the home tunnel in 2010 while fighting for a player's shoe.

    As it turns out, a player had thrown his footwear up at the crowd, but the article was bobbled and landed on a tarp over the tunnel's entrance. Two particularly intrepid Rams fans decided the cleat was worth the possibility of bodily harm and tried to reach far over the wall to retrieve the shoe.

    As you can see, the tarp broke and both fans fell 10 feet to the ground. One fan was removed from the Edward Jones Dome on a gurney, although neither sustained serious injury.

36. Bo the Bailer

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    "Don't protect girls from foul balls because EQUAL RIGHTS!"

    Go ahead—cry about how it's unfair that men are expected to protect women, but "Bo the Bailer" completely wimped out. He didn't have to jump on her like a live grenade, but this guy could've at least made an honest stab at the ball. 

35. San Francisco Fan Nearly Loses Pants While Grabbing Fair Ball

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    Don't worry. No one saw it. 

    After stealing a fair ball from the field of play, a Giants fan at AT&T Park tossed his ill-won trophy back into play.

    Unfortunately for him, several thousand people noticed his less-than-stellar grab, and he was escorted from the premises by security, along with his saggy, saggy pants.

34. Miami Heat Fans Leave Game 6 Early

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    Where were you were when Ray Allen hit that corner three in the waning moments of Game 6 and saved the Miami Heat's season?

    If your answer is "walking away from AmericanAirlines Arena," you deserve to be stripped of your hipster-ish Ray Allen Bucks jersey and cast into the abyss.

    Real Miami Heat fans deal with enough hate on their own, and this shameful moment set their struggle back another decade.

33. Mexico Fan Hits Costa Rican Player with Water Bottle

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    The Azteca will never be confused for the "Friendly Confines." No away team has ever felt marginally comfortable playing in Mexico's gigantic fortress of loosely-tethered soccer rage, and Mexican fans recently reminded us why when they drilled a Costa Rican player with a water bottle in June.

    With the match entering its 78th minute tied at zero, frustrated El Tri fans aired their displeasure by launching a volley of trash at Bryan Ruiz. One of the items thrown was a water bottle, which clipped the Costa Rican captain in the head.

    Ruiz had his revenge, however, using the incident to milk the clock. Costa Rica went on to hold off Mexico in extra time and force the draw. 

    It could've been worse for Ruiz, however. It could've been a cup of urine or excrement thrown in his direction, as both have been tossed by El Tri fans in the past. 

32. Celtics Fan Throws Beer on LeBron James

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    Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals featured a fine display for LeBron James. 

    James racked up 45 points, 15 rebounds and five assists on the night, much to the chagrin of Boston Celtics fan. One particularly classy Boston fan decided to shower James with his approval, dumping a beer on the Miami Heat star as he exited through the tunnel.

    James didn't seem to mind, considering it's hard to rain on a man's 45-point parade.

31. Argentine Soccer Fan Throws Dentures at Coach

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    Who throws teeth? Let me put that another way—who thinks to throw teeth?

    Fake teeth aren't cheap, but that didn't stop a fan from whipping their chompers at Argentinos Junior manager, Ricardo Caruso Lombardi.

30. Miami Heat's 'Middle Finger Lady'

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    Ah, there she is. Filomena Tobias—the Miami Heat's "Middle Finger Lady."

    Tobias arrived on the national media scene after launching a SCUD missile of a middle finger at Joakim Noah during Game 2 of the 2013 Eastern Conference Semifinals. The Bulls forward had been ejected from the game and was on his way to the locker room when the woman screamed and threw up the only finger that matters. 

    Game cameras missed the incident, but photographers captured the angry encounter with stunning clarity. As Dwyane Wade commented on the incident, "Let's stay first class around here, Miami."

29. Arena Football Fan Grabs Kick Returner

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    High five! Too slow! Also, you're a moron.

    This Jacksonville Sharks fan smugly slapped five with players after reaching down and grabbing the visiting team's kick returner as he fielded the ball in the end zone. The returner had barely caught the ball when the fan latched onto his face mask and preventing him from returning the ball. 

    The incident reportedly injured the player's neck and earned the Sharks a 15-yard penalty. The fan in question was reportedly moved from his seat, because in arena football you apparently have to draw blood before you're asked to leave the game.

28. Chiefs Fans Cheer Matt Cassel Injury

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    Things took an awful, gladiatorial turn at Arrowhead Stadium when Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel was knocked out during a 2012 game against the Baltimore Ravens. Cassel was hit by Ravens nose tackle/human vending machine Haloti Ngata and was lying prostrate on the field when the celebration in the stands began.

    No writer could've summed up the moment better than Chiefs tackle Eric Winston did, calling the fan's cheers "sickening" and bloodthirsty.

    "We are not gladiators," Winston said. "And this is not the Roman Coliseum. This is a game."

27. Phillies Fans Throw Batteries at J.D. Drew

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    After snubbing the Phillies over a contract dispute in 1997, would-be rookie outfielder J.D. Drew wound up spending a year with the St. Paul Saints in the independent Northern League.

    After a season with the Saints, Drew signed with the St. Louis Cardinals and returned to the MLB. Naturally, in his first game in Philadelphia, Phillies fans began throwing items at the Cardinals center fielder.

    "Large batteries" were among the debris slung his way, according to Drew, and the aerial onslaught from the stands delayed the game for 10 minutes.

26. Cubs Fan Steals Chad Kreuter's Hat

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    If you get drunk and attack ballplayers in the middle of the game, you're going to have a bad time.

    That's what happened to several Cubs fans at a game in 2000, when one particularly inebriated moron stole the hat off Dodgers catcher Chad Kreuter's head and threw a punch. The fan retreated into the presumed safety of the crowd, but unfortunately for him, the Dodgers followed.

    The incident ended with a fight in the stands in which several fans were arrested. No word on whether or not Kreuter got his hat back. I like to think he took a rumpled Cubs hat from the stands as a token.

25. Fan Swings Vuvuzela at Referee

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    Vuvuzelas—load them all into a trebuchet and throw them into the sun.

    They're loud, annoying and have been used as weapons, as evidenced by this South African fan who swung one at a referee during the 2010 World Cup.

    Forget using them to attack a game official, just owning one of these sonorous fail-horns should be punishable by law. Fans don't kill soccer games—fans with vuvuzelas kill soccer games.

24. John Green and the 'Malice at the Palace'

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    You may not know his name, but you'll never forget the throwdown he started. 

    Yes—John Green is the fan who started the "Malice at the Palace" rumble in 2002. Hostilities at The Palace of Auburn Hills began with Ben Wallace shoving Ron Artest, but it was Green's drink that tipped things into a Motor City meltdown.

    Artest was laying on the scorer's table attempting to cool down from his confrontation with Wallace when Green threw a cup and hit the Pacers forward in the head. It was one small cup that caused multiple suspensions and over $11 million in lost players' wages.

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23. Southern Miss Band Chants Racist Slurs at Players

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    With a tuba in their hands and prejudice in their hearts, several members of the Southern Miss spirit band chanted racist slurs at Hispanic Kansas State point guard Angel Rodriguez during the 2013 NCAA tournament. It's low and in the background, but if you listen closely to this video, at the 16-second mark you can hear the morons chanting "Where's your green card?" as Rodriguez steps to the line. 

    Great joke, cheese-sticks—except Rodriguez was born in Puerto Rico, a commonwealth of the United States. So even if he hadn't grown up in Miami and been a star high school basketball player in Florida (he did), he'd still be a U.S. citizen. So now you're racist and dumb—the combo guard of ignorance.

22. Fan Attacks Junior Hockey Player

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    A game between the Eugene Generals and Seattle Totems took a turn for the ridiculous when a fan attacked a player as he attempted to leave the ice.

    Generals player Matt Vasile had been ejected from the game and was heading for the showers when a dark figure jumped him outside the boards.

    I can't find more information on this random attack (junior hockey problems), but can say that whoever attacked this young man came at him like a spider monkey.

21. Inter Milan Fans Hit Goalkeeper with Flare

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    We could've had so many nice things, Inter Milan. 

    But no, your fans had to go and hit Dida in the head with a flare. This potentially crippling attack took place at the 2005 Milan Derby, which was abandoned shortly after the fiery projectile stuck the AC Milan goalkeeper.

    AC was awarded the victory, which prompted Inter fans to rain even more flares onto the pitch. The situation became so dangerous that firemen were rushed onto the field to snuff it out, only to be subjected to more volleys of flares from the stands.

20. Eagles Fans Booing/Throwing Snowballs at Santa

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    Deny it all you want, Philadelphia. It happened.

    Eagles fans booed Santa.

19. Dumb Child (Or Strange Woman) Attacks Goalkeeper

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    When drunk children attack.

    While I cannot confirm if this boy was intoxicated, it would certainly explain much about the attack he launched on Wycombe Wanderers keeper Jordan Archer.

    Archer had just been booked for taking his time setting up a goal kick when the brat ran onto the field and leapt at the keeper like he was hopping into a bean bag chair.

18. Drunk Ex-Priest Ruins Race for Olympic Marathoner

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    Brazilian marathoner Vanderlei de Lima was three miles away from Olympic gold in Athens in 2004 when a defrocked and intoxicated former priest ran onto the course and shoved the runner into the crowd.

    The kilted man was adorned with signs predicting the coming Rapture and reportedly interrupted a Grand Prix race in 2003.

    De Lima (the race leader at the time of the attack) never fully recovered and wound up winning bronze.

17. Fan Punches Randy Orton in the Huevos

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    In what first appeared to be a storyline stunt, a fan at a WWE event in South Africa this July jumped into the ring and punched Randy Orton repeatedly in the blintzes. 

    As it turned out, the incident was not part of the show's script.

    Orton's attacker was actually socking the wrestler in the biscuits, and it wasn't a stunt when security escorted him from the ring. The South African man was arrested by police and is facing criminal charges.

16. Sidney Crosby Has Jaw Shattered by Puck, Islanders Fans Cheer

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    There's hate, and there's "Sidney Crosby hate."

    Hating Sidney Crosby is past time and rite of passage if you're not from Pittsburgh, and I get it. I get the guy is soft, shiny and you hate him.

    That being said, no one deserves to be hit in the mouth with a hockey puck, and no one should cheer when a projectile—a vulcanized rubber bullet—hits someone in the face, as New York Islanders fans did in February. 

    Crosby laid on the ground dripping blood as Islanders fans cheered and broke into a "Crosby sucks" chant. 

15. New York Giants Fans Throw Ice at Equipment Manager

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    A snowball fight at a Giants-Chargers game turned into a dangerous barrage in 1995 when San Diego equipment manager Sid Brooks was knocked out by a heavy chunk of ice thrown from the stands.

    16 Giants fans faced criminal charges after the snow-chucking incident, which was more like a public stoning incident when you consider fans were slinging ice.

14. Soccer Fan Attacks Goalkeeper, Gets Beaten

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    If you're going to come at the keeper, you better not miss.

    This Ajax hooligan got near his target but failed to land any punches on Esteban Alvarado.

    The fan ran onto the field intending to dish out some pain but ended up being flipped over and kicked silly by the Alkmaar goalkeeper. Attacking the goalkeeper was a criminal act, but perhaps not half as criminal as the referee's decision to book Esteban with a red card after the confrontation.

    Alkmaar manager Gertjan Verbeek told his players to leave the field after the card and refused to play the rest of the game.

13. Rangers Fan Slaps Mike Milbury, Steals Stick

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    Mike Milbury don't take no mess.

    After a game against the New York Rangers in 1979, the Boston Bruins defender was standing near the boards when a Rangers fan reach over, smacked him in the face with a rolled up program and stole his stick.

    This was a severe miscalculation.

    "Mad Mike" Milbury and other Bruins players climbed over the boards to retrieve the lost stick and deal out some justice. Somehow, the fan's shoe was removed in the melee, and Milbury proceeded to wallop him with his own footwear.


12. Eagles Fans Cheer Michael Irvin's Injury

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    In retrospect, I probably should've just made a separate slide show for shameful Philadelphia fan moments, because the list of awfulness propagated by Philadelphia area fans is nigh inexhaustible. 

    With that said, this Philly fan moment of shame is brought to you by Eagles fans, who cheered bawdily when Michael Irvin went down with a scary neck injury during a 1999 game. Irvin lay motionless on the turf and was eventually carted off the field on a stretcher as a large number of Eagles fans voiced their approval. 

    I'd make a "City of Brotherly Love" joke, but this is just abominable.

11. Fat Rugby Fan Tackles Referee

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    The fat man cometh.

    It's still unclear how he managed to waddle that far, but this heap of poor life choices named Piet Van Zyl somehow managed to truffle shuffle his way onto the pitch and body slam referee Dave McHugh.

    McHugh's shoulder was dislocated by the incident, but it would appear that Van Zyl didn't make it off the grass in top shape, either.

10. Another Soccer Fan Attacks Goalkeeper and Gets Beaten

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    Attacking the opposing team's goalkeeper is becoming an increasingly low percentage bet, and attacking him while his team is losing is an even worse idea.

    If you need proof, just watch this video of this Kasimpasa fan who had an entire childhood of daddy issues worked out on his face when he decided to charge at Bursapor keeper Harun Tekin. 

    Down 2-0, Tekin was in no mood for company on the pitch when his attacker arrived on the scene. And while momentarily surprised, the keeper quickly overpowered his attacker with a flurry of fists to the face. 

9. Yankee Fan Throws Knife at Wally Joyner

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    A young Wally Joyner was walking off the field after a win at Yankee Stadium in 1986 when something large and metallic glanced off his right forearm.

    At first glance, the Angels' first basemen thought it was a big comb. He looked down to inspect it and saw it was a large folding knife—a large open folding knife.

    Thankfully for Joyner, only the handle of the blade had struck him, and he left the field unhurt.

8. Indians Fans Attack Players, Destroy Stadium at 10 Cent Beer Night

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    10-cent beers! IN CLEVELAND! What could go wrong??

    Everything. Everything could go wrong.

    The "10-cent Beer Night" promotion the Cleveland Indians put on in 1974 ended up being one of the ugliest, sloppiest sporting events in American history.

    Women flashed the crowd, a streaker slid into second base and the field was eventually overrun by drunken fans, who threw chairs, rocks and batteries at Rangers and Indians players alike.

    A good time was not had by all.

7. Shirtless White Sox Fans Attack First Base Coach

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    There was a time in this world where the fans who attacked Tom Gamboa would've been tarred, feathered and pilloried in public. Unfortunately, nowadays we'll have to settle for a brief jail sentence.

    The men I refer to are William Ligue Jr. and William Ligue III, a father and son duo who brutally attacked the Kansas City Royals first base coach during a 2002 game at U.S. Cellular Field.

    The two shirtless fans jumped down from the stands and blindsided Gamboa, knocking him to the ground and punching him in the head. Royals players intervened and Gamboa was able to walk off the field without serious injuries, although he has suffered permanent hearing loss from the incident. 

6. Liverpool 'Fans' Unfurl Poster Mocking Munich Air Disaster

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    It doesn't matter how deep the rivalry goes, you don't mock tragedies. 

    Several Liverpool "fans" at a match in Thailand, however, had no reservations with unfurling a banner mocking the tragic Munich Air Disaster of 1958, in which eight members of the Manchester United soccer team and three staff members perished in a plane crash. 

    It's unclear whether or not the sign was taken down, but Liverpool players and genuine team supporters took to Twitter to condemn the display when news of it spread across the Internet.

    General rule: Death isn't a joke. It's going to happen to us all one day, so remember that should you ever consider making an awkwardly worded sign about innocent people dying.

5. Romanian Soccer Attacker

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    Rushing the field is dumb and illegal, but potentially beautiful. Rushing the field the way Dragos Petrut Enache did, however, is downright criminal.

    Upset with a referee's decision, Enache ran onto the pitch during a 2011 match between Steaua Bucharest and Petrolul Ploiesti and punched Steaua defender George Galamaz in the side of the head. 

    The punch broke Galamaz's jaw, and Enache was arrested for disturbing public order and "committing violence." The match was called off shortly after play resumed, as Ploiesti fans began throwing flares onto the field.

4. Vancouver Canucks Fans Destroy Their City

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    Warning: Video contains profanity and violence.

    Remember that time Canucks fans lost the Stanley Cup in 1994 but solved everything by treating their city like a giant metropolitan ash tray?

    Me neither.

    I do remember Vancouver Riots: Part Deux, where the same thing happened after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup in 2011. In total, rioting after Stanley Cup losses has cost the city of Vancouver somewhere in the area of $5 to $6 million.

3. Turkish Soccer Fans Taunt Player over the Death of His Mother

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    Insults from his team's own fans were the reason Turkish soccer player Volkan Sen left the field during a match in August.

    Frustrated fans of the Turkish club Trabzonspor began heckling the midfielder, causing Sen to leave the pitch in tears. There are different reports regarding the nature of the fan's remarks, but the one gaining the most traction alleges that several men were taunting Sen about the recent death of his mother.

    If true, the word "vile" doesn't even begin to skim the surface of this one.

2. Basketball Dad Bites off Coach's Ear

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    The father of a Massachusetts youth basketball player turned himself into police after attacking the coach of an opposing team and biting part of his ear off.

    The attack took place after a 2012 youth basketball game, when the assailant—a man named David Foster—pushed through his son's handshake line and attacked the opponent's coach.

    Foster bit down and tore a chunk out of the coach's ear before fleeing the scene. He later turned himself into the police and pleaded not guilty to a list of crimes, including assault and battery.

    Role-modeling—pass it on!

1. Phillies Fan Vomits on Girl and Her Father

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    This Phillies fan forced his fingers down his throat and projectile vomited onto a young girl and her father. 

    Process that. Try to conjure in your mind the thought process it would require for you to convince yourself that this course of action is not only a possibility, but the best option at hand.

    You can't do it. Why? Because your level of empathy is at or above that of a canine, while this individual is a creature that congealed in a retention pond and is deserving of all the worst things.

    Join me on Twitter—one of the more shameful, beautiful places in the world.