Midwest Masscre: A Look at The Chicago/Detroit Rivalry

Ernest WilkinsCorrespondent IMay 16, 2009

At a casual glance, The NHL Western Conference Finals look like a promising series. The young Blackhawks taking on the experienced Red Wings should make for some good hockey, right?

Listen, champ; you don't understand how big this series is going to be.

Hawks—Red Wings. Chris Chelios, Ted Lindsay and Scotty Bowman. The Original Six. It's Chicago Stadium vs. The Olympia and Gordy Howe vs. Stan Mikita. Does 1961 ring a bell to anyone?

For most of you, these words won't mean anything. For fans of either team, they either make you smile, or want to punch a wall.

It doesn't end on the ice, either.

Do I even dare bring up the 2006 White Sox-Tigers games and that bastard Magglio Ordonez?

These rivalries haven't been as important in the last couple of years due to abysmal play by either cities' teams, and unless you were around to see Bobby Layne-I know I wasn't-the Bears have basically handed the Lions their butts every year, Barry Sanders years notwithstanding.

I wasn't really sure if the rivalry was around that much anymore until that amazing Winter Classic game in January.

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Then the Hawks won against Vancouver.

I know you heard it. "We want Detroit! We want Detroit!"

It was then I knew, this isn't just sports.

For the two biggest cities in the Midwest, there has been bad blood for generations.This is Motown vs. The Second City, Hockeytown USA vs. The Madhouse on Madison, "It's so cold in the D" vs. "Toby Jones BBQ and Foot Massage."

You might want to tune in tomorrow. This could get ugly.

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