WWE NXT Results and Review of 8/29/13

Jon Fisher@@Jonfisher21Correspondent IIAugust 29, 2013

Courtesy of WWE.com
Courtesy of WWE.com

Welcome back to the weekly NXT review. This time, I'm actually able to post on a Thursday morning. Isn't it great to be prompt and practical? I usually think so. 

You can watch this week's episode on Hulu. Since it is free now, there should be no excuses to not watch it. It is free, people! 

NXT began this week with Corey Graves was in the middle of an interview with Renee Young. Out of nowhere (not Randy Orton), Rick Victor made an appearance. He said that we are tired of waiting and that The Ascension will rise.

Just at that moment, Conor O'Brian joined the party and began to beat down Graves. This may lead to a tag team title match later down the road. In a rather vicious way, he took the silver steel braces you see during an interview to hold up the set and smashed them on the body of Graves.

Tony Dawson and William Regal were on commentary this week.

CJ Parker vs. Tyler Breeze 

I'm beginning to be a sucker for Breeze. His entrance music is addictive and he plays the gimmick to perfection. Not to mention, his mic skills are fantastic. Parker has only wrestled once in the past few months, so his skills are still fresh and not able to analyzed just yet. 

"Breeze is gorgeous!" chants began, and it was gorgeous. Breeze remained in control to start the match until Parker got him up in a fireman’s carry and then dropped him on his face. Parker then hit a senton, followed by knees to the body in the corner. 

While in the corner, Breeze found his phone and used it to hit Parker in the face, thus pinning the psychedelic wonder. 

Tyler Breeze defeated CJ Parker by pinfall.

Backstage, Emma returned and was interviewed by Renee Young. She said that her destiny with the NXT Women's title would have to wait. Her match with Paige will have to wait because Summer Rae is in the way and she was on her way out to the ring to kick her rear and play "dance dance Emmalution." 

Emma vs. Summer Rae

Along with her entrance theme, who just doesn't love Emma? Maybe it is all about the bubbles, but she is quite entertaining. This match was pretty entertaining but not as technical as usual. Emma and Rae showed their best stuff last night but didn't seem to go all out. This storyline will not be ending soon, so it may have been done for storyline purposes. 

The best part came after the match when Emma hit her patented Emmalock. She was celebrating and dancing in the face of Rae until Emma was pushed to the outside. In pain, she tried to get up but before she could, Rae poured the bottle of bubbles right into to the eyes of Emma. 

If you've ever had soap in your eye, it hurts...a lot. So, this feud is far from over. I would expect Paige to battle Emma for the title in the future. It will be about the time Paige gets called up to the main roster. 

Emma defeated Summer Rae by submission.

Scott Dawson, Sylvester Lefort, Colin Cassady and Enzo Amore were all discussing future plans backstage. Lefort inquired about Amore and Big Cass joining forces so they would make all the money in the world. 

Amore and Cass immediately said no and Lefort and Dawson were told to "Get to steppin' and kick rocks." The segment was pure gold and everyone should watch it.  

After the commercial break, Rae and Sasha Banks were talking on Rae's way out of the building. It was about Banks stepping her game up and finding a backbone. I won't spoil her promo because it was excellent. It must be watched.

Enzo Amore vs. Scott Dawson

Regal had the phrase of the night. "Amore is like an electrified ferret," said Regal with disdain. And I should stop writing now because it couldn’t get better than that.

This match was very intriguing. Dawson was dominant the entire fight from beginning to end. It only lasted a few minutes, but it still became a pretty impressive feat. As soon as Amore hit a pretty nice hurricanrana, Alexander Rusev took out Big Cass on the outside and Amore became distracted. 

Dawson then hit a Greco-Roman suplex for the victory. I'm not sure why Rusev took out Cass, but it may lead to a storyline there. 

Scott Dawson defeated Enzo Amore by pinfall.

Following the commercial break, NXT aired a recap of the Sami Zayn-Antonio Cesaro thriller that took place one week ago. Just like the match, the video was excellent.

Young called out Zayn to the ring for an interview. "Match of the year" chants broke out before he even took the mic. He talked about how the match was very good, but all he could remember was the end result. Now that he and Cesaro are done feuding, Zayn said his mission is to become the next NXT champion.

Immediately following that statement, NXT champion Bo Dallas comes out to a crowd of boos and hatred. "No more Bo" chants filled the arena. Dallas then came up with the fact that Zayn still isn't championship material. He then told Zayn that he injured him at SummerSlam Axxess and is still too "green." 

The funny part was when he said everyone loves Bo, to which the crowd responded by chanting "NO!" I also hate to say it, but he is a good heel on the mic. It feels that Dallas knows when the crowd hates him or not. 

As soon as Zayn asked for a title shot, Zeb Colter entered the building! Colter was a master on the mic, as usual. I don't need to repeat his words, but just watch and learn. Swagger entered the ring out of nowhere and hit Zayn to end the segment. 

Adrian Neville vs. Conor O'Brian 

First of all, they took away Neville's entrance theme. I hope that it was a mistake or a glitch in the mp3, but to hear that generic stuff just hurt my ears. 

I should be getting back to the match. It was pretty good for two completely different styles. O'Brian utilized his power game on the smaller Neville. We were witnessed to Neville's high-flying spectacle once again. Even John Cena said in the SummerSlam Axxess promo, "This Neville kid is going to be good."

Also, Jack Swagger will take on Sami Zayn in singles competition next week. 

After dominating most of the match, Neville finally found steam and went on a rampage. He got O'Brian down but when he went for the flying cross-body, the dark one reversed it. A few exchanges went back and forth until Neville got O'Brian up with a back suplex. 

Instead of the Red Arrow, Neville hit a 540 splash for the victory.

Adrian Neville defeated Conor O'Brian by pinfall.

After the match, Victor and O'Brian started beating down Neville. A battered-down Corey Graves came out to the ring to help Neville but to no avail. The Ascension quickly reversed that and beat down both opponents to end the show.

Thanks for being reading the review my friends. Until next Thursday, my friends, au revoir. 


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