What New Sports Should Be in the Olympics?

SuperMe fieldContributor IMay 14, 2009

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA - SEPTEMBER 22:  Pakistan celebrates the wicket of Jacob Oram during the Twenty20 Cup Semi Final match between New Zealand and Pakistan at Newlands Cricket Ground on September 22, 2007 in Cape Town, South Africa.  (Photo by Gallo Images/Getty Images)

The Olympics are deciding which sports they should allow into the 2016 Olympic games. Here is my run through.

20/20 Cricket


An exciting version of cricket that has proven popular in various areas of the world.Β 

Would get huge audiences from India and Pakistan.

No steroid culture as far as we know.


Building new stadiums would costs millions.

Although India has big population cricket has lost popularity in England, Australia and the Caribbean and the rest of the world have little interest in watching it.



All major countries have golf courses so it would save millions.

No steroid culture and a global sport.


Low viewing figures on TV outside the USA.

Olympic Golf may not have the importance of the Ryder Cup, The Masters or The Open.

Rugby Union 7's


A more exciting code of Rugby and a tough sport.

Possible steroid culture in the future, but not at present.

Football stadiums can be used for matches, again no extra expense.


Has pro players in four continents but unpopular in China, India, and the USA.

Not taken as seriously as Rugby Union 15's.



A women's sport and thus helps equal rights in world sport.

The women, unlike the men, appear to have no steroid culture.


A slow boring sport with Little excitement.

No global interest, Cuba and the USA only.

Building new stadiums will cost millions.



Popular in the USA and Cuba, and still to some extent Japan.


The worst steroid culture in world sport with more or less every pro player openly doping.

A slow boring sport with little global interest.

New stadiums would cost millions and be mainly empty not just during but also after the Olympics event.

Roller sports


Exciting action packed roller blade racing.

Cheap loop track that has to be built won't cost much.

No steroid culture.

A new sport and something fresh.


Not taken seriously as a major sport. Little global attention.

Personally I would allow Roller sports and Rugby Union 7's.Β 

We will see if 20/20 cricket keeps growing first, and maybe allow softball in for the women.

But baseball had its chance and bored everyone to death, no one seemed to miss it when it was tossed.

I enjoyed the BMX racing at the last Olympics so I am always open to new exciting sports.

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