Ranking College Football's 15 Best New Uniforms

Alex Callos@@alexcallosCorrespondent IAugust 11, 2013

Ranking College Football's 15 Best New Uniforms

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    From Oregon to Baylor, college football has some unique new uniform looks this season. But what uniform is the best of them all?

    While some teams just made changes to their helmets, the names on this list either have completely new uniforms or made significant alterations to their uniforms.

    It seems like some schools have a new uniform look every season, while others make minor changes here and there.

    Either way, some are much better than others. Here are the 15 best new uniforms as the 2013 college football season quickly approaches.

Honorable Mentions

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    These five schools have new uniforms, but did not quite make the list for one reason or another.

    Houston Cougars: The Cougars are entering a brand new conference with some sharp new digs. There are a few different red and white color combinations, but none of them are really impressive.

    San Diego State Aztecs: There is a slight change in the color combination of the San Diego State uniforms. The Aztecs helmets are also slightly different. Either way, this moderation is not quite worthy of cracking the top 15.

    Connecticut Huskies: UConn made a minor alteration to the color scheme of the uniforms. There is now a red accent color around the the lettering on the jersey.

    North Carolina Tar Heels: North Carolina got rid of the navy blue and has changed the new uniforms into the Carolina blue with black to go along with it. Still, not quite enough to make the top 15.

    Arkansas Razorbacks: Arkansas made a few subtle changes to its uniforms, specifically making the numbers a little more legible on the front of the jersey. The Razorbacks will be looking extra sharp this season.

No. 15 Ole Miss Rebels

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    Ole Miss is one of many SEC teams who will be featuring a new look this season.

    The Rebels are going to introduce a few small changes, including a shoulder stripe. They do not wrap completely around the arms, but instead are just on the top and sides of the jersey.

    This is a very interesting look, and while there are others that have made more significant changes, Ole Miss appears headed in the right direction with this new look.

No. 14 UCLA Bruins

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    The change UCLA is making is nothing significant, but it could have a huge impact on the look and feel of these jerseys.

    This season, the Bruins are going with the vents up near the shoulder pads of their jerseys. These vent holes are meant to help the jersey breath, but they also add a completely different look to the jersey. No question that spectator's eyes will be drawn directly to these vent holes. They look like little slits but will make these uniforms stand out for the Bruins. 

No. 13 Memphis Tigers

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    Memphis is another team who will be joining a new league and have a sharp look to go along with it. This is one of the most significant changes of any uniform on the list. Memphis had been playing with some subpar uniforms over the years, but that will not be the case in 2013.

    The Tigers will now feature a very modern look. One of the jerseys will have a chrome silver helmet. It is one of the more interesting looks in the entire country. There is also a helmet with numbers instead of a logo on it.

    The numbers and name on the jersey have black outlining. This is a nice added touch. The Tigers appear to be doing it right this season.

No. 12 Central Florida Knights

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    Central Florida is the third new American Athletic Conference squad on the list. The Knights have had success on the field in recent years and now will look very good doing it.

    The main change here is a switch to a new design as far as the number on the front of the jersey goes. There are also changes to the stripes on the jerseys. 

    New pants are going to bring about some nice-looking changes as well. 

No. 11 Oregon State Beavers

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    There is a lot going on with these jerseys, and it all starts up top with brand new helmets. Fans will get an eye-full no matter what jerseys the Beavers are wearing.

    There are a few different options on these new uniforms, including an all-orange look that almost looks like the jerseys Syracuse wears every once in a while.

    The shoulder area also has a new swoop pattern that will help the jerseys stand out from the other teams in the Pac-12. The pants are excellent as well.

No. 10 Tennessee Volunteers

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    There are a few significant changes made here by Tennessee, and the one that stands out the most might be the checkered logo on the sleeves. No matter what jersey the Vols are wearing, there is going to either be an orange or white checkered pattern down the sleeves. That is something that is very unique. That checkered design will also be featured in the road uniforms down the numbers on the jersey.

    Also new, is a patch of the state of Tennessee on the back of the jersey right above the name. This is yet another significant change that will allow the Vols to look good in 2013.

No. 9 Florida Atlantic Owls

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    Florida Atlantic might not have had a lot of success on the field in recent years, but the Owls certainly know how to dress for a game.

    The Owls are featuring a few new alternate jerseys. The main difference here can be found on the shoulder pads. There are now owl wings on each shoulder. This design is certainly something a little different, but it works.

    The pants are also a little different as the stripes do not go all the way down the pants, but maybe one-third of the way. There are also new helmets to go along with it.

No. 8 Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks

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    This is another non-BCS school that will have some interesting uniforms this season. These new uniforms are a huge upgrade over what the Warhawks were wearing in recent years.

    From the helmets all the way down to the pants, these uniforms have a little bit of everything.

    One of the unique aspects of the uniform is the Warhawks logo near the top on the left side of the pants. The name Warhawks across the jersey right above the numbers is also a nice added touch.

No. 7 Kentucky Wildcats

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    The Kentucky Wildcats are adding a new color to the mix. That color is grey. This is just an alternate jersey, as the regular blue, white and black jerseys will still be in the fold.

    There are similarities with these jerseys to those of Tennessee. The checker pattern is the main similarity.

    The blue Nike check above the name on the front of the jersey, as well as the blue color on the edge of each shoulder with grey underneath, are the perfect touch to these excellent new jerseys.

No. 6 West Virginia Mountaineers

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    West Virginia will feature some slick new uniforms this coming season. The Mountaineers' three jerseys have the same color pants and tops.

    Whether it is all yellow, white or dark blue, West Virginia is going to feature a nice, new look in 2013.

    The numbers on the front are very different but definitely work for West Virginia. The color underneath the armpits is also an added touch that seems to benefit the look of the jersey.

No. 5 Western Kentucky Hilltoppers

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    These are certainly some slick new uniforms. Western Kentucky and new head coach Bobby Petrino will be one of the best dressed teams in the country this season.

    The Hilltoppers' new uniforms have a little bit of everything going on. It all starts with the chrome helmets up top.

    There are also unique color combinations on the shoulder pads. The school logo is on the side of the pants legs and right underneath it on the red jerseys is the word "Hilltoppers." No question that this is one of the best features of this jersey.

No. 4 Oregon Ducks

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    When it comes to uniforms, Oregon is always near the top of the list. That will not be any different in 2013, as the Ducks will have some bright jerseys this coming season.

    There is a chrome helmet that starts everything off. The all yellow look with green slits around the shoulder pads, give Oregon one of the most unique looks in all of college football.

    This is just the latest in a long line of excellent Oregon jerseys.

No. 3 California Golden Bears

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    The first thing that stands out on the new Cal jerseys can be found right in the numbers. It might be a little difficult to see at first, but there is a bear logo inside the numbers on the front of the jersey. It can also be found on the blue sleeves near the shoulder pads. That is certainly something fans have not seen before.

    The new matte helmets are a nice touch as well.

    The combination of blue and yellow works perfectly for the Cal Bears. Now if the team can just put together some wins on the field this season.

No. 2 Georgia State Panthers

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    The newest team to the FBS level will also feature one of the best jerseys in the entire country.

    Georgia State features three different jerseys to choose from. Perhaps the best is the all-blue. It is extra sharp. There is also the white jersey with black pants. The other combination is blue jersey and white pants.

    All three jerseys feature the team logo on the top of the left side of the pants. This seems to be a trend across the country, but few look better than the Panthers.

    The visible belt buckle is also very unique.

No. 1 Baylor Bears

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    Topping the list are the Baylor Bears. These brand new uniforms have one of the most unique letter fonts in the entire country.

    The all black alternate might be the best of them all. One of the features on that uniform that stands out is the bear claw on the sleeves. There is also a gold-chrome helmet that has not been seen before either.

    There are also some excellent new features with the road jerseys as well, including a nice color combination on the shoulder pads.

    While the Bears might not be as talented as they have been in previous seasons, they are going to be one of the teams that stands out from the rest as far as looks are concerned.

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