Images of New York City FC Pier 40 Stadium Are Too Good to Be True

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 5, 2013

Photo Credit: Imgur (via Reddit)
Photo Credit: Imgur (via Reddit)

Fans of soccer stadiums or just beautiful locales will absolutely love leaked renderings of the Pier 40 stadium supposedly made for the future New York City FC. 

Unfortunately, it seems the brilliant images of a possible stadium will have to remain fictional for the time being. 

Jake O'Donnell of Sports Grid spotted the following leaked renderings originally posted over at Reddit. Take just a moment and imagine the pure magnificence that would come with watching a fixture on Pier 40. 

Back in MayMajor League Soccer commissioner Don Garber announced New York would be getting a new team—a franchise born from the partnership between powerhouses Manchester City and MLB's New York Yankees. 

At the time, Garber stated the club would play in a temporary locale for its inaugural 2015 season, leaving fans to guess where a permanent home might present itself. 

It seems fairly obvious that any stadium sitting along the pier would be amazing for sports fans living in Manhattan. 

In fact, you might offer that such fanciful arenas would rest comfortably in the land of "too good to be true."

If you believe some of the things being offered in the Reddit comments section, it is. 

The following quotes come from Reddit user, RemyDWD, who writes, "I'm a soccer writer in NYC. Been on the beat for just about 2 years," when asked about his knowledge of the situation. RemyDWD is also listed as a moderator on the site. 

Here is what the reporter had to offer on these particular images: 

Official response from the league spokesperson when I asked for comment:

This rendering was a conceptual design that Major League Soccer produced when considering Pier 40 as a potential soccer stadium.

As noted by another commenter, there is a great deal of past tense in that comment. 

The moderator then breaks down the difficulty presented with building a stadium as wonderful as this right on the pier. 

Pier 40 was one of the stadium locations that was discussed when the league started their search for a home for NY2. No formal reason was given as to why it was dropped but I did attend a meeting where the Hudson River Park Trust acknowledged that MLS had been in touch about the location.

Now, these very well could be old and from that exploration, but unless I get a comment back from the league (and I just asked), there's no way of knowing.

What's interesting about Pier 40 is that the HRPT mentioned that they needed $200M of repair work just to get the Pier stable enough to build anything on, let alone the cost of additional work. While when the league was going it alone to get the stadium deal done, that seemed a bridge too far, I can't say NYC FC's ownership is truly lacking in money.

As noted, the new franchise does benefit from having owners who are seemingly flush with cash. Still, it seems this remarkable stadium will have to remain a fairy tale. 

Now that you are thoroughly depressed, go ahead and savor the images one last time before demanding MLS go back and reconsider what would be the best stadium in the league. 

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