Papiss Cisse's Boots and 26 Top Typos in Football

Charles Lawley@@charleslawleyContributor IJuly 31, 2013

Papiss Cisse's Boots and 26 Top Typos in Football

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    Newcastle United's Sammy Ameobi tweeted a picture of the boots sent to his teammate Papiss Cissé by Nike this week, as one does. There was just one problem: whoever was in charge of personalizing the boots had made a mistake when spelling Cissé's name! Or rather "Sisse's" name.

    No news yet on whether Newcastle's new Director Of Football, Joe Kinnear, had ordered the boots. 

    But we've been going through the history books and we've been unearthing the 26 best (or worst) spelling errors ever made in football.

    Before we start, we'd like to apologize for the late publishing of this article. We would have posted it last week, but as we're getting on our high horse about spelling, we had to proof read it 19,304 times. Any spelling mistakes you do notice were put there on purpose as a meta-joke. Honest. 

    WARNING: There are a few instances of people (accidentally) using offensive language in this slideshow. 

David Beckham

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    In 2013, 'brand Beckham' is one of the most recognizable on the planet. Like a McDonalds (©) burger or a can of Coca-Cola (©) or a Charlie Sheen (©) public meltdown. 

    But in 1997, this wasn't the case. So much so that a shirt printer at Manchester United misspelled David Beckham's surname (sans the 'h') for his shirt in the 1997 Charity Shield. 


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    At least, with the last slide, it was just the player that had his name spelled wrong at Wembley. Not the entire stadium and area of London that the stadium is named after. Everton Club Shop (get used to that name) made an error when printing this shirt to commemorate the club's achievement of getting to the 2012 FA Cup Semi-Final at Wembley. Not Wembely. 

    After losing to local rivals, Liverpool, in the semi-final at Wembley/Wembely, the typo error is probably the most memorable part of that match for the Toffees. 

Javier Mascherano

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    Everton aren't the only club on Merseyside prone to making a spelling mistake. 

    Liverpool must have poached the same shirt-printer and hater of the letter 'h', who made the Beckham/Beckam mistake, from rivals Manchester United when printing the shirt for Javier Mascherano. 

Crystal Palace

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    So that's where all those Hs have gone! 

    They may be making their triumphant return to the Premier League this season, but back in 2004, Crystal Palace couldn't even spell their own name. 

    This club crest calamity inspired a chant from the Selhurt Park faithful: "There's only one h in Palace!"

Danny Gabbidon

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    Current Crystal/Chrystal Palace defender Danny Gabbidon caused Twitter controversy (which he shouldn't have done, because that's Joey Barton's job) by making a grammar error during his time at West Ham UnitedGabbidon tweeted after the Hammers had suffered a loss:

    Sorry you had to witness that last night West Ham fans need to start showing the dedication that you have & things might start to improve!x

    Whilst that may read like Gabbidon thought it was the fans that were to blame for the loss (which, as you can imagine, didn't go down too well) if he had put a comma where had had meant to, it would have read like this:

    Sorry you had to witness that last night West Ham fans, need to start showing the dedication that you have & things might start to improve!x

    Gabbidon took measures to make sure such confusion didn't happen again. Not by making an effort to improve his grammar, but by just shutting down his Twitter account. 

James McClean

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    Another player who has had his share of Twitter turbulence is Sunderland and Republic Of Ireland winger, James McClean.

    Or as one shirt printer decided to rename him, James McLean. In fairness to the shirt printer, that mistake was the only exciting thing to happen in this bore draw against Arsenal in August 2012. 

Jack Wilshere

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    One player who didn't play in that opening day 0-0 between Arsenal and Sunderland was Jack Wilshere, who was injured for a change. 

    Wilshere had probably ruptured a blood vessel in rage when he saw that his club, Arsenal, couldn't even spell his name right. 


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    There's a famous Morecambe and Wise sketch, where Eric Morecambe is playing the piano. And it sounds dreadful. When famous pianist Andre Previn tells him "you're playing all the wrong notes," Eric replies: "I'm playing all the right notes—but not necessarily in the right order."

    Which is what the shirt printer who made this error when trying to spell the name of Galatasaray and Turkey's Sabri could protest. 

    But when a name is five letters long, you don't really have an excuse. 

Victoria Beckham

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    From getting the letters in the wrong order, to just adding an entire extra letter into a name.

    According to the BBCthis Hindi-script tattoo David Beckham had done on his arm should say "Victoria" (after his wife, not his favorite monarch, Queen Victoria.)

    It actually says "Vhictoria." 

    At least a spelling error on a shirt can be taken off and replaced. A spelling error in a tattoo is tattooed (funnily enough) onto you. It's a little bit more painful to correct. 

    We'll be a bit more forgiving with this as Beckham doesn't speak Hindi and, when writing a tattoo, a little red squiggly line doesn't appear under misspelled words like it does on a computer.  


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    From one Manchester United legend who will forever be in the Old Trafford history books to another.

    Or maybe not.

    Two days after James McClean had his name spelled wrong on his shirt, the rogue shirt printing bug spread to Goodison Park for Everton's first game of the season against Manchester United, with United's Anderson being renamed "Andesron."

Roque Santa Cruz

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    Before his spells for Malaga and Manchester City's substitute bench, Roque Santa Cruz was getting his name spelled wrong for Blackburn Rovers.

    Or at least we hope it was a spelling error; perhaps the shirt printer was momentarily possessed by the devil, who tried his best to spell "Satan Cruz."

    Or perhaps it was just a spelling error. 

Manuel Pellegrini

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    Roque Santa Cruz was brought to Malaga from Manchester City by Manuel Pellegrini... who then subsequently did the opposite and left Malaga to go to Manchester City.

    And what did Manchester City do to welcome "The Engineer" to the Etihad stadium?

    Spell his name "Pelligrini" on their official website. 

    Way to get in the good books of the new boss, web editor. 

Steve Claridge

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    There isn't a seamless link between Manuel Pellegrini and Steve Claridge, so we're not going to even bother trying.

    The journeyman (as in he played for a lot of different clubs, not that he is a big fan of the band Journey) striker did also have to put up with his name (a little easier to spell to native English speakers than Pellegrini, we'll admit) being spelled wrong.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

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    Another name that is a little more difficult to native English speakers than Claridge is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. 

    Unfortunately, shirt printers do not have the ability to copy and paste a tricky name from a Wikipedia page, like we just did, and every now and again an "s" gets misplaced. 

André Santos

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    We're not sure what website former Arsenal fullback André Santos was copy and pasting from to make this Twitter typo.

    Doesn't he know there's only one 'r' in 'very?'

Peter Løvenkrands

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    In another round of Scandinavian Striker Versus English Shirt Printer, the shirt printer scored a decisive victory by deciding the name of Peter Løvenkrands (formerly of Newcastle United, now of Birmingham City) would look better if two of his many consonants could just switch places for the day.

    The 'd' and the 'n', if you hadn't/hand't spotted. 


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    The story of Liedson's typo is quite a unique one. The "s" in his name was printed the wrong way round (so it looked more like a "z") on his debut in 2003.

    But in Liedson's debut, he scored. So, footballers being a superstitious type, he insisted on playing the rest of the season with the s printed the wrong way round. 

John Carew

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    One Scandinavian striker who cannot blame a shirt printer for a completely ridiculous typo is John Carew.

    According to The Metro the tattoo on his neck "Ma Vie, Mes Régles" was meant to translate to "My Life, My Rules."

    However, by incorporating an acute accent (é) instead of a grave accent (è), Carew’s tattoo actually translates as "My Life, My Menstruation."

David Bentley

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    No matter what you do with the letters of forgotten Tottenham winger David Bentley's name, you cannot rearrange them into any word that means "menstruation."

    Trust us, we tried for 12 minutes.  The best we could do was "Ye Bent L".

    The best the Blackburn Rovers shirt printer could do was "Betnley". 

David Luiz

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    From one David to another.

    Or rather, from one David to a Davis.

    It's not the $132.44 price tag that's the mistake, it's the official Chelsea USA website trying to get you to pay it to have some guy named "Davis Luiz" printed on the back of your shirt. 

Tomasz Kuszczak

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    Manchester United might be the most successful British team of the past two decades. The people who do their shirt printing, on the other hand, are some of the worst in the game's history.

    Someone at the club decided their former goalkeeper, Tomasz Kuszczak didn't have enough Zs in his name (just three), so they stuck one on the front, instead of the K. 

    It's a difficult name to spell, we'll admit that, but if you're hitting hurdles at the first letter of the last name, the shirt-printing game isn't the life for you. 

Gerard Deulofeu

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    Whereas Tomasz Kuszczak, of Brighton & Hove Albion and Copy & Paste fame, might have too many hard consonants, like Zs and Ks, in his name, Everton's loan signing from Barcelona, Gerard Deulofeu, has too many vowels in his name.

    Earlier this month, Everton club shop (remember them?) decided to take justice on Deulofeu, by putting his infinite resource of vowels in any way they pleased. 

    We hate to think what the club shop did when Diniyar Bilyaletdinov signed for Everton in 2009. 


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    Despite the claims they have been around 125 years, we've never heard of "Arsneal," who are featured in this sign at The Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal football club. 

Jean-Alain Boumsong

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    French defender Jean-Alain Boumsong was given the Scandinavian striker treatment during his time at Newcastle United. 

    Boumsong spent just one season at St. James Park before moving to Juventus. It must have been weird for him to play in a black and white striped kit with his name spelled correctly on the back. 

Manchester United

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    Bored of butchering their individual player's names, Manchester United went for a wholesale mistake when their official website allowed you to download the full Manchester United 2012-13 team poster as a desktop wallpaper. 

    Or rather the "Manchster United" desktop wallpaper. 

Swansea City

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    Swansea City have made a name for themselves in the Premier League for playing football the right way.

    However, the Welsh club haven't gained a similar reputation for spelling words the right way.

    The club got one letter wrong in this tweet. And, my word, what a crucial letter it was to get wrong. 

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