49ers' New Stadium Sports Amazing Technology, Will Save You Time Getting Beer

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 30, 2013

Photo Credit: NewSantaClaraStadium.com
Photo Credit: NewSantaClaraStadium.com

There are two things wrong with buying beer at the stadium: the price and the long lines. Thankfully, the San Francisco 49ers are trying to solve one of those headaches with technology. 

Yahoo! Sports' Rand Getlin, via SI.com, reports that the new Levi's Stadium will sport some amazing technology that will make impatient beer drinkers rather happy. 

The worst part of watching a live game—aside from the rude fans, overpriced food, beach balls and the wave—has to be the long lines. 

No matter the sport, fans are forced to queue up for beer, food or to relieve themselves of both. Thanks to the technological age we live in, the 49ers seem capable and willing to do something about it. 

Sports Illustrated's Tim Newcomb previously reported on some of the added benefits of a stadium built with social media, smartphones and Wi-Fi in mind. 

What the team hopes will really differentiate the park—and what could serve as a model for new stadiums in every sport— is the embedded tech: stadium-wide WiFi capability, mobile connectivity, IPTV, 13,000 square feet of video board and connection speeds that won’t disappoint Silicon Valley’s technology elite.

Sure, a great deal of this is just hype, but you have to love it.

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Watching a game from home has come to be far more enjoyable than taking the family out to the stadium on Sunday. Fans are able to watch various angles, replay the action and make sure their fantasy teams are doing well along the way. 

The 49ers understand the live experience has lost its luster, and they are delivering services they hope will close that gap. 

But really, the most important factor in all this is the fact that a fan will not have to miss a snap because of a sudden hankering for a domestic brew or need to hit the restroom. 

Back in the old days, like 2012, such a realization meant missing a huge portion of the game. Well, the future is a bright one, my friends. 

Consider that certain arenas like Dodger Stadium are now offering frozen beer foam to keep your suds cool for 30 minutes, and you begin to realize you picked a great century to be alive. 

Soon, we will all be taking hoverboards to the stadium as we have our personal robots go to the concession stand to pick up our food. 

Until then, we will make do with apps telling us when it's time to go get our beer and what line we need to hit. 

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