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Johnny GriswoldContributor IMay 7, 2009

Bring back the purple and gold!

I make no secret about my love for purple and gold, so I was happy to see that the Los Angeles Kings have featured these 80's jerseys—as well as their entire jersey history in graphic form—on their website.

Los Angeles Kings Uniform History - kings.nhl.com

I have no sources, but I'm saying that the Kings will be going back to purple and gold in the near future since black jerseys are now passé...Okay, maybe that's just wishful thinking considering that they just released new black jerseys.

I know Paul Lukas from UniWatchBlog.com is anti-purple, but it's all in how you use it. And of course the shade purple.

The Kings jersey below is easily the most eye-catching (not in a bad way) jersey and logo design out of the bunch displayed on the jersey history page. If I was not such a giant Flyers fan, the 80-88 Kings jersey would be my all-time favorite.

The first 12 water color paintings on the history page were beautifully done by Nola McCannona. LAKings.com staffer Melody Huskey artfully completed the remaining jerseys illustrations.

There's something special and amazing looking about hand illustrated hockey jerseys, eh?

80-81-jersey 82-83-jersey



CHL's Newest Team:
The Allen Americans

I like the logo—even though it has more of a soccer logo feel to it than minor league hockey. This is not a bad thing, considering most minor league hockey logos seem to be campy characters with an angry face, wielding a hockey stick and a swooshing puck. At least they covered one base here with the swooshing puck.

SOURCE: OurSportsCentral
The Central Hockey League's (CHL) newest franchise announced today their team name and introduced their team logo and colors. They will now be known as the Allen Americans and their team colors will be red, blue and white.

The addition of the team and the introduction of their ownership group was announced on April 15th, 2009. The principal owners and operators of the Americans are Douglas H. Miller and former NHL star Steve Duchesne (Top Shelf, LLC). The team will begin play this October and will call the Allen Event Center (capacity - 6,275) home with the opening of the building scheduled for early November.

"The logo and name represent our ties with the City of Allen and Collin County who incorporate the same theme and colors in their identity, and ties in with the Lone Star State," said Steve Duchesne, Allen Americans president. "And not to be overlooked, the star also represents our relationship as the CHL affiliate of the Dallas Stars."

The logo features the letter "A" entrenched in a silver and white star, all featured in front of a red and blue shield with the name Allen Americans located at the top of the shield.

"We are very impressed with the choice of the name and logo of the Americans," said Duane Lewis, CHL Commissioner. "It fits very well with the patriotism of this area, and the logo and colors are representative of this pride and of the state of Texas."

The Americans are planning other team announcements for the very near future including the team's head coach and the announcement of other staff members. More information about the Americans can be found on www.allenamericans.com.



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