The Best and Worst Baltimore Media Personalities

Marco RomanellCorrespondent IMay 7, 2009

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Baltimore is a passionate sports town and they love their sports talk. There are many different types of media personalities that do everything from write, cover the Orioles, Ravens and Terps and talk sports on the radio and television.

Here is my list of the best and worst media personalities in the Baltimore market:

Worst: Anita Marks

Co-host, Scott and Anita Show (105.7 The Fan)

Anita Marks came to Baltimore by way of Miami and is one of the many reasons Baltimore sports fans are not fans of her. Baltimore fans like people who are their own, and Marks is not that.

Anita cannot carry her own show and she has to have segments written for when it comes to talking about and booking guests that are non-football related.

I have no problem with women in the work field, but I feel that she mentions that too much and she believes that is what makes her so good.

Marks is famous for posing in Playboy which has contributed a lot to her popularity. She does not mesh well with her co-host and she cannot carry a show by herself.

It is only a matter of time before 105.7 the Fan gets Baltimore fans' message and gets rid of Anita Marks.

Jim Palmer - Broadcaster for Orioles Baseball on MASN

Palmer is an Oriole legend and one of my favorite players of all time, but he is by no means a Hall of Fame broadcaster.

If you watch a game broadcast by Palmer, you will hear stories about when he used to pitch, as well as stories that have nothing to do with the game action on the field.

A color commentator is supposed to give analysis of the game but Palmer, does not do this.

There a few "Palmerisms" that make Jim great and here they are:

"The problem with walks is that they increase the pitch count"

"The key to hitting is getting the barrel of the bat on the ball"

"He is not a speed guy but he can go from first to third and score from second on a single."

These statements are just flat-out idiotic and he says them on a regular basis. I love Jim Palmer but not when it comes to commentating baseball.

Bruce Cunningham

Host, Bruce Cunningham show (105.7 The Fan and Sports Unlimited on Fox 45)

Cunningham just started doing radio when 105.7 The Fan was formed and his radio show leaves a lot to be desired.

Cunningham only has a two-hour show but he does not book any guests and only takes calls. Every time someone calls in, Cunningham always talks about how sweet his "gig" is and I do not think he relates well with the callers.

In addition to this Cunningham calls at least one emailer or caller an "idiot" for not agreeing with his opinion. I have no problem with him not agreeing with the callers, but do not belittle them for not having the same opinion has you.

Mike Preston:  Sports Writer, Baltimore Sun

Preston is the most controversial sports writer for the Sun. He is a Ravens insider and often writes his columns to create some controversy and get people to focus on his work.

When it comes to Preston, you either love him or hate him; there is no in between, and I hate him.

I do not believe writers should write to create controversy but they should give their honest opinion and back them up with facts. Preston often fails to back up anything he says with facts, which is the main problem fans have with him.

Despite all of this, I still read his column, so I guess he is doing a good job in that respect.

Mark Viviano and The Bulldog-

Hosts, Mark Viviano Show on 105.7 The Fan (Viviano also reports on Channel 11)

This used to be my favorite show to listen to, but I have soured on it for many reasons.

First, I do not think the Bulldog contributes anything to the show. He basically just repeats the same thing in different ways.

He knows his X’s and O’s when it comes to the game of football, but he thinks he knows everything.

Second, I became sour on Viviano during the Ravens playoff run. Viviano often scolded media members for wearing purple or wearing jerseys on the air to support the Ravens. He called this un-professional and said that he would never do this.

I understand you want to look professional but the Ravens made a run to the AFC Championship and Viviano seemed to be the only one not to embrace this. He even picked the Steelers on the Ravens pre game show prior the AFC Championship game.

I have not listened to this show much since then but the few times I did listen it was the same thing. The Bulldog would just spout off comments of no relevance and Viviano would just try to be professional



Ken Weinman and Jeremy Conn

Hosts, Playmakers 105.7 The Fan


These two are the best radio personalities on any station in the Baltimore market.

They combine great knowledge and passion of Baltimore sports with humor and can relate with the older and younger fans.

Their biggest strength is their knowledge of all sports both past and present especially when it comes to Baltimore sports.

Sometimes they veer off course and talk movies or entertainment or just banter with their producer, but that stuff is always light-hearted and humorous and is a good change of pace from just taking calls and talking about the same sports.

Their show airs at night but is only when the Orioles are not playing. They are the best hosts on the station and they should have a daily show.

They interview guests well, are knowledgeable and funny and are very well-rounded. Either one of them can step in and host the show by themselves if the other is out for any reason and the show would still be just as good.


Johnny Holliday

Broadcaster for University of Maryland Football and Basketball, Host of Washington Nationals pre and post game show on MASN.


There are good broadcasters then there is Johnny Holliday. The man "is" Maryland sports his voice is most definable to every sports fan in the state.

When the Terps are playing and I am watching the game on tv, I turn the sound down on my television and turn the radio on to listen to Johnny call the game.

Johnny Holliday is a broadcasting legend but he is the most down to earth person you will ever meet. I went to the Gary Williams radio show (hosted by Holliday) and my friend and I talked to him after the show and he could not of been any nicer.

My friend was trying to get into the broadcasting field and Holliday not only gave him advice, he gave him his phone number and email and kept in touch with him.

If you have not had the pleasure to listen to Holliday call a game, do yourself a favor and listen to Terps basketball or football game.


Nestor Aparicio

Host, Limited Access WNST1570, Owner of


"Nasty" Nestor might be the most controversial radio hosts in the state but I like him. He not only is a host on WNST but he is the owner of the station and the website

Many people think he brags too much about himself and his accomplishments and many people do not agree with his opinions.

I personally think he is one the most passionate and knowledgeable Baltimore sports fans who wants the Orioles to be good despite what the Orioles think that he thinks about them.

He has built WSNT into not just a radio station but a web entity that provides the best coverage of Baltimore sports on the web.

He has a strong opinion but he can back his opinion up with facts and personal experiences which is something other hosts do not do.

When it comes to the "Nasty one" you either love him or hate him, and I am one who loves him. I think his show is entertaining I listen to it everyday.


Scott Garceau

Host, Scott and Anita show on 105.7 The Fan


Garceau is a legend in the Baltimore sports media landscape. You name, he has done and covered it. He has been there through the Colts leaving, the Ravens arriving and everything in between.

Garceau used to be the voice of the Ravens but now he primarily just hosts his afternoon show on 105.7 the fan. Unfortunately he is paired with Anita Marks, but Garceau’s knowledge, professionalism and love of Baltimore sports overrides all of Marks’ shortcomings.

If I closed my eyes and had Scott Garceau commentate a game, I would know exactly what is going on and I would feel as if I was at the game. His voice and face are probably the most recognizable of any media personality in Baltimore and he is a living legend.

Garceau is right up there with the like of Cal Ripken, Johnny Unitas and Brooks Robinson when it comes to Baltimore sports legends.


Tom Davis - Host of the Tom Davis show on 105.7

Nobody knows more about the Baltimore Orioles then Tom Davis, however, Davis is a jack of all trades that can also cover the Ravens and any other sport.

He has been covering Baltimore sports since the 60's and is a legend just like Scott Garceau. Davis runs the gamut of talent, he can do radio, television, commentate games, be a sideline reporter and write.

He has a tremendous sense of history but he is not of the guys that always refers to "the good old days."