Top 10 Craziest Holes-in-One

Phil Oscarson@philoscarsonContributor IIIJuly 3, 2013

FOX CHAPEL, PA - JUNE 27: A flag waves in the wind during the first round of the 2013 Constellation Senior Players Championship at Fox Chapel Golf Club on June 27, 2012 in Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
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One of the most coveted moments for anybody who’s ever held a golf club is the hole-in-one. There are annual competitions and fundraisers to see who can accomplish the feat. If you’ve shot one, it’s an experience you’ll never forget. If you haven’t, well, keep practicing. After review, here are the 10 craziest holes-in-one we've witnessed (in no particular order):

10. Martin Kaymer

I showed this video to my friend, and he astutely said, “No way! That is incredible!” He said it better than I could. At the Monday practice round of the Masters, Martin Kaymer skipped his golf ball across the drink, onto the green and into the cup. It’s fun seeing the crowd's reaction to this hole-in-one. Imagine how Mr. Kaymer felt.

9. Mark Eaton Celebrity Classic

Golf is known as a gentleman’s sport. When this golfer makes his hole in one, it seems like everyone forgets that. Once he realizes his shot goes in, everyone runs all over the course, their hands raised victoriously. And rightfully so. Not only did he get a hole-in-one, but he also won a million bucks.

8. Price Is Right

I realize he’s putting on a flat green, but there’s a lot of pressure on this guy. He’s putting for a $20,000 car on national TV. Another part of what makes this hole-in-one special is the way it messed with his emotions. He missed the original putt and thought his chance was over. Then he realized there was a rebound, and the ball fell in the cup. What a great moment for this guy. Fast forward to 5:30

7. John Peterson

The 180-yard 13th hole at the 2012 U.S. Open wasn’t intimidating at all for young golfer John Peterson. Peterson isn’t one of the more followed golfers on the tour, so he didn’t have a huge gallery with him. When he hit his shot, it looked like he wasn’t sure whether it was a good one. Once the ball hit the green, the buzz in the audience grew until it erupted with applause as the ball found the cup.

6. Phil Mickelson

At the 2008 Scottish Open, fan favorite and No. 2 golfer Phil Mickelson tees off, hoping to get his ball in a good position for a putt. His tee shot was great, bouncing up once then slowly rolling closer and closer to the hole until finally falling in.

5. Vijay Singh

Similar to the hole-in-one listed at No. 10, Vijay skips his ball across the water, bounces it up and onto the green, and walks away. He didn’t expect it to go in, nor did anyone else. The ball kept rolling and finally went in for Vijay’s hole-in-one.

4. British Columbia

Coming to you from the Great White North, this amateur golfer sends his tee shot close to the cup. He and his buddies can tell it’s a great shot and has potential. His friend zoomed in on the cup just in time to catch the ball falling into the hole. The celebration is the best part of this video.

3. The Dunk

This is amazing. Not only does he get a hole-in-one, but his hit is the equivalent of a “swish” in basketball. His ball landed in the cup. Absolutely unreal.

2. Tiger Woods

First off, look at how young Tiger looks. Get a good look. OK, now listen to the crowd. From the moment he hits the shot until the ball gets in the hole, the crowd is yelling and screaming. This is for sure one of the most raucous moments a golf crowd has ever had.

1. Lucky
Every hole-in-one involves some luck, of course. This one, however, involves more luck than most. It bounces off the tree, onto the green and into the hole. James Kingston, well done.

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