Power Ranking the 25 Best-Dressed Coaches in College Football

Alex Callos@@alexcallosCorrespondent IJune 20, 2013

Power Ranking the 25 Best-Dressed Coaches in College Football

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    The days of coaches dressing up for football games are virtually over. Names like Jim Tressel and Howard Schnellenberger are no longer around. Nowadays, coaches are more concentrated on winning football games than looking good while doing it.

    There are, however, still some coaches who are not afraid to dress up a little bit.

    While there are only a few coaches who still do this, it is nice to see every once in a while.

    These rankings will prove that dressing the part does not necessarily lead to success on the field.

    Here are the top 25 best-dressed coaches in college football today.

    *Rankings apply only while coaches are on the field coaching a game.

25. Gary Pinkel, Missouri

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    The first 15 or so names on the list are hard to differentiate, as the same look seems to resonate around the country.

    Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel looks slick every game. He has a matching visor and a nice-looking shirt that is tucked in to his khakis.

    Throw in a watch to top off the outfit, and he is the first name on the list.

24. P.J. Fleck, Western Michigan

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    New Western Michigan head coach P.J. Fleck has never been a head coach, but judging by the way he dressed as the wide receivers coach at Tampa Bay, he makes the list.

    Fleck is another of the many head coaches who is not afraid to sport the polo tucked right into the khakis.

    He is still young compared to a lot of other coaches, so style comes a little easier to him than others.

    This guy might be the best-dressed coach in the MAC this coming season.

23. Larry Blakeney, Troy

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    What sets Larry Blakeney apart from a lot of other coaches is the nice gym shoes he sports with the polo tucked into the khakis.

    He looks a little more laid-back than a lot of the other coaches on the list. That is not necessarily a bad thing.

    Similarly to a lot of others, he wears a watch on his wrist and instead of a visor goes with a hat.

22. Mark Helfrich, Oregon

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    Mark Helfrich is another name on the list who has not coached a college football game in a head coaching capacity.

    Judging by the way he dressed in the spring game, he makes the list at No. 22.

    Helfrich decked out in all black for the Ducks spring game and had a nice hat to go along with it.

    He will likely be very well dressed all season long for Oregon.

21. Mark Richt, Georgia

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    The standard head coaching attire can be found here with Mark Richt. The Georgia coach differs from some of the other names on the list because he does not have a hat. 

    That actually gives him a more distinguished look and makes him look a little more grown-up than some other college football head coaches.

    He sports a watch and a nice Nike polo tucked in.

20. Todd Graham, Arizona State

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    Todd Graham is a fan of the gym shoes as well. He can also sometimes be seen wearing wristbands, similar to Dusty Baker of the Cincinnati Reds.

    Graham has nicely ironed khakis and an Arizona State Nike polo tucked in.

    He will not likely be seen with a visor or hat because that could severely mess up his spiked-up hair.

19. Gary Andersen, Wisconsin

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    Gary Andersen takes over at Wisconsin, and the Badgers instantly improve in the category of head coach attire.

    Andersen does not always wear a polo, but sometimes puts on a pullover that is zipped up to make it seem more grown-up.

    He is also a fan of the watch and visor like a lot of other coaches on the list.

18. Justin Fuente, Memphis

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    Justin Fuente has only been a head coach at Memphis for one season. While the Tigers have not made much of an impact on the field, going 4-8, he has looked pretty good in the process.

    He is a man who will wear a hat when the time is right and always wears khaki pants with a polo.

    Fuente makes sure his hair looks good, and his watch is on the opposite hand of his wristband.

17. Tony Levine, Houston

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    Tony Levine took over for Kevin Sumlin at Houston in 2012 and learned a thing or two from Sumlin about looking good while on the job.

    Levine does not try to cover up his bald head with a hat, but he loves the khakis and tucked-in polo.

    The Nike gym shoes are a nice added touch.

16. Rich Ellerson, Army

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    Rich Ellerson is the first name on the list that actually stands out a little bit from the rest.

    He is not just the polo-and-khaki combination that the first nine names have been.

    Ellerson will almost always wear something a little different, but one consistency is his camouflage Army hat.

    That hat has become a staple, and the jacket over the polo is something that Ellerson has perfected over the years.

15. Dabo Swinney, Clemson

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    Dabo Swinney will always be seen wearing khakis on game day, but his top is something that is always interesting.

    During the warmer months, Swinney will wear a polo tucked into his khakis.

    During the cooler games, an old-school sweater seems to be the selection for Swinney. He wears it quite well, as sweaters have seemingly gone out of style for everybody but him.

14. Tommy Tuberville, Cincinnati

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    Tommy Tuberville mixes and matches a variety of different combinations. He has continued to evolve over the years, changing with the times.

    He is always up to date and is often seen wearing sunglasses.

    Sunglasses are something that is not very common with head coaches today, but they seem to be a bit of a fashion trend.

    The long-sleeved polo is something unique as well.

13. Chris Petersen, Boise State

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    Not many people can dress in nearly all blue and pull it off quite like Chris Petersen of Boise State does.

    No other coach wears as much of one color as Petersen.

    He even has a blue hat he wears every game. Not only is he fashionable, but he's also very successful as a head coach.

12. Charlie Strong, Louisville

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    Louisville head coach Charlie Strong is a big dude. He wears clothes baggy enough to fit two people in, but he pulls it off quite well.

    The black pants are something not a lot of other coaches are willing to try, and the long-sleeved shirt he wears is something between a sweater and Under Armour.

    It's certainly one of the more distinct wardrobes on the list.

11. Norm Chow, Hawaii

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    Norm Chow and the rest of the previous Hawaii coaches are always sharply dressed. Chow may be the most conservative of the bunch.

    For home games, he can often times be seen wearing a lei. That has long been a staple in Hawaii.

    The glasses hanging down from his neck put Chow up near the top 10.

10. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina

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    Steve Spurrier has always dressed very well, and since arriving at South Carolina that has not changed.

    The man almost always has some form of a hat on, whether or not it is a visor. A watch can always be found on his left wrist as well.

    His hair may be a little outdated, but his clothes certainly are not.

9. Brian Kelly, Notre Dame

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    Similarly to Steve Spurrier and the next few names on the list, Brian Kelly has basic but well-thought-out attire.

    He is a big fan of visors when the sun is out, but wears them for a practical reason and not just looks.

    Kelly likes polos, but seems more comfortable in a pullover jacket when the weather gets a little cooler.

8. Bob Stoops: Oklahoma

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    The look of Bob Stoops is textbook for a lot of college football coaches, but he pulls it off a little better than the others.

    He has all of the amenities, with a visor, a polo, khakis, a watch and gym shoes.

    No doubt he is one of the best-dressed coaches in all of college football.

7. Mark Dantonio, Michigan State

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    No coach in the country has khakis that are better pressed than Mark Dantonio of Michigan State.

    When the coach originally takes the field, those khakis are a thing of perfection.

    The white gym shoes go very well with the white pullover, and he wears a watch as well.

6. Kyle Whittingham, Utah

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    Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham wears a number of different outfits depending on the weather and the time of year. All of those outfits, however, are put together rather nicely.

    He can pull off anything from the all black to the red top and everything in between.

    Whether it is long-sleeved or short-sleeved, Whittingham wears it very well.

5. Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State

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    Mike Gundy wears a number of different outfits, but the one consistency is his khakis.

    He has been seen wearing a polo, a pullover and even a long-sleeved shirt with a turtleneck underneath.

    Gundy keeps his hair looking in tip-top shape, and sunglasses are one of his priorities when the weather calls for it.

4. Dave Christensen, Wyoming

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    The top four coaches on this list stand out from the rest.

    Starting it off is Dave Christensen. He is the head coach at Wyoming, so not a lot is known about him or his attire for that matter.

    He is bringing back the sweater vest, and I am sure Jim Tressel is very proud. Sometimes he can be seen wearing a cowboy hat to represent the university.

    No doubt he has some of the most unique clothing in college football today.

3. Joey Jones, South Alabama

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    Joey Jones is in a similar boat as Dave Christensen. The South Alabama head coach does not get a lot of notoriety due to the fact that he coaches the Jaguars.

    He sports a sweater vest just like Christensen on most occasions. The long sleeves underneath are a little more stylish than the short sleeves Christensen seems to prefer.

    Throw in the visor, and he is one of the best-dressed coaches in all of college football.

2. Terry Bowden, Akron

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    Akron head coach Terry Bowden has changed a lot since he was the head coach at Auburn.

    Back in those days, he was one of the best-dressed coaches in college football history. Bowden would consistently wear a tie with a nice Auburn cap.

    While that is not the case anymore, he makes the list because of what he showed during his days at Akron.

    Bowden can still dress with the best of them.

1. Al Golden, Miami

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    Topping the list is Miami head coach Al Golden.

    There is no question that he is the best-dressed coach in the game today. He is the only head coach who consistently wears a tie. He goes against the grain by not wearing a hat.

    Very few coaches have pants ironed as perfectly as Golden.

    No matter what team he is coaching, he always wears a tie to match the color of his team.


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