Patience Not A Virtue For Tottenham in the Summer of 2013

Trent Scott@ IIIJune 11, 2013

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 19:   FA Chairman David Bernstein(L) and Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy share a joke during the Barclays Premier League match between Tottenham Hotspur and Sunderland at White Hart Lane on May 19, 2013 in London, England.  (Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images)
Jan Kruger/Getty Images

June has only just started, yet it feels somehow as though Tottenham are still stuck back on May 19.

As the Premier League worm has turned rather quickly—three of the top four squads have new managers—so too has the perceived amount of cash being splashed this summer.

Each manager is going to want players to suit his own needs and, in the process, one imagines that a lot of the perceived Financial Fair Play laws are going to be blown seven ways to Sunday.

Given the overtures laid out—Fernandinho here! Hulk there! Higuain everywhere!—should more of it come to pass than not, there’s going to be a great deal of money changing hands very quickly.

Spurs, however, seem to be slow putting the pedal to the metal, and falling behind the eight ball right now is not going to get them over the hump.

For one thing, if Tottenham are supposed to be impressing Gareth Bale with new faces to mount another challenge on the top four, they seem to be in no hurry to get them through the door.

Meanwhile, Marca and the like are showering the Welshman with the kind of praise that a certain Croat was getting about one year ago.

Seeing as the Spaniards are the masters of the charm offensive, letting their missiles of kindness and bombs of overarching awe go unanswered would seem to be a losing proposition.

New faces also might help to deter the possible moneybags offers than can be made by, say, Monaco.

It’s not like the recently promoted principality side have thrown a little cash around or anything, and keeping their clutches off of someone like Hugo Lloris (ESPNFC) might be a worthwhile endeavor.

A sign to the club's supporters that White Hart Lane will again be a place to watch top level football certainly would not hurt either.

Andre Villas-Boas, with a full year of Premier League football under his belt, would still likely want to tinker the Starting XI and gear it towards a full-fledged 4-3-3 system, and he will need to add and subtract some players to make that happen.

Getting those footballers in the door now allows for some cohesion to be built and reduces the chance of another opening three-match stretch like last term to occur.

Perhaps more pressing, however, is that those teams that sell players are going to have a wad of cash to burn and likely will be aiming and being in direct competition for the players Spurs are likely to be looking at themselves.

That means that players in the price range and level of play Tottenham can offer are likely to be wanted as replacements for teams that can either offer Champions League football, starting roles or bigger pay packets.

It is not a stretch to say that Tottenham are not going to be hitting the high level players or anyone used to CL football.

I mean, does anyone really believe Metro’s line that Spurs are going to ensnare Mario Gomez? Especially with two CL clubs (Leverkusen and Napoli) also interested?

A guy who just came off of a treble-winning season in front of 70,000 fans regularly is coming to the third best London team for trips to the cities Maribor, Funchal and Molde?

Cue the laugh track.

This is, of course, the handicap of not making the Champions League at all.

As such, Spurs are going to have to be active early to get some of the players in the door to make a difference in the league standings.

Stalling out towards the beginning of the new term may be far too late this term with the rest of the big guns already a step ahead and loading their chambers to take aim at the top.


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