Kevin Garnett Proves He's Not Just "The Big Ticket"—He's a Big Jerk

Michael InglisAnalyst IApril 30, 2009

When you hear the name Kevin Garnett, what comes to mind?

You're probably thinking of a great NBA center, an amazing defensive player, and a leader who elevated the Boston Celtics to a Championship last year.  You probably even felt happy for him last year when he beat the Lakers in the Finals, because if anyone deserved a title, it was him.

However, if you've been watching the Celtics and Bulls' first-round matchup, you've probably formed a new opinion of the Big Ticket. Words like jerk, dim-witted, and moron come to mind.

Anyone who has watched this series has seen an injured, well-dressed Garnett doing one of two things: 1) screaming obscenities, usually at Bulls' players or 2) pumping his chest with his chin stuck out like he's actually done something.

Maybe he should've gone to college for a few years, just to learn how to express himself without a slur of obscenities with every sentence. I feel bad for the mom sitting behind the bench with her young child.

After Brad Miller was assaulted by Rajon Rondo, Garnett started screaming "choke" as Miller missed his foul shots that would've tied the game up. Pretty big talk coming from a guy who got eliminated in the first round seven straight years. It only took the addition of two other Hall of Famers to get him over the hump. Yeah, you're bad, you're real bad.

Also, should he really be this excited that the defending champions are struggling to beat a team that finished .500 and is led by a rookie point guard? You would think that a veteran player like himself would be humbled by this series. But you scream and holler all you want, Garnett.

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Perhaps all of his antics are just his way of justifying his inability to play hurt. Michael Jordan wouldn't be sitting on the bench in the playoffs. That's because great players suck it up and play no matter what. Not exactly Willis Reed-like, are you Garnett?

The sad part is everyone knows that the Celtics can't win another NBA title without Garnett. Admit it, Boston fans, you know it too. So make sure you tune in throughout the playoffs so you can catch Garnett's antics when the Celtics get eliminated.

I wonder what his choice of words will be then.