Michael J. Fox Masters Art of Delicious Trolling with Stanley Cup Cupcakes

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMay 27, 2013

The Stanley Cup playoffs have been delicious for Michael J. Fox.

Busted Coverage spotted the actor's clever manner of trolling each and every NHL team that has fallen in the postseason: He eats its cupcake.

Apparently, the actor, who is set to premiere his new show on NBC in the fall, received a box of NHL-themed cupcakes from Crumbs Bake Shop in New York City.

Here is the awesome set, via his tweet

Michael J. Fox @realmikefox

NHL sent me some edible swag...a giant box of playoff team @Crumbsbakeshop cupcakes. #StanleyCup. Thanks! http://t.co/0Yh4FIqwnD

Sure, we may refer to another team's demise as a tasty treat, but we never thought to take that to the next delicious level.

Not only does Fox enjoy teams' losses one decadent treat at a time, but he also provides his own hilarious quip for each one.

Here are just a few tweets from his feed.

Michael J. Fox @realmikefox

Bust out the Hoisin sauce... http://t.co/sjvhfYA9ay

Michael J. Fox @realmikefox

There's always next year.Always. http://t.co/95Ag7q6WXo

Michael J. Fox @realmikefox

Now, make like a tree... http://t.co/OBgtYLX9yd

Busted Coverage reminds us Fox is a huge Boston Bruins fan, so we assume he has already tossed that one in the garbage. Any self-respecting sports fan wouldn't want to anger the hockey gods by actually having that edible jinx in the house.

They also note that the actor may have snapped these pics before the playoffs, or it's possible he thaws them from the freezer after each round. We are a few weeks into the postseason, so otherwise, some of those would be getting quite gnarly by now.

Fox has mastered this trolling guff, because there is nothing worse than knowing your team lost and that someone is out there enjoying the moment by chowing down on a sweet dessert because of it.

This is also a pretty gutsy move, because a Boston loss will mean a flood of tweets featuring NHL fans stuffing their faces with Bruins-themed desserts.

Crumbs better prepare a massive order of cupcakes just in case.

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