Florida Gators WR Coach Joker Phillips Asks Recruits to Join His Rock Band

Randy ChambersAnalyst IMay 16, 2013

Credit: Twitter.com/jokerphillips
Credit: Twitter.com/jokerphillips

The Florida Gators coaching staff continues to try to sharpen those Photoshop skills.

In other words, Gators wide receiver coach Joker Phillips is at it again. He still wants recruits to come play for the Joker, but he has decided to make his latest design in the form of a rock band.

Joker Phillips @jokerphillips

Come Join The Jokers. #comeplaywrforthejoker http://t.co/OcbyOhgdFn

If you have been following along, this is nothing new for these guys. A couple of months ago, Phillips wanted recruits to come play for the Joker—literally. He then decided to take an Air Force theme with his next tweet to kind of tone things down.

Offensive coordinator Brent Pease also decided to get in on the action with a cheesy Harry Potter picture to try to motivate his quarterbacks. No word on if this is working or not, but after finishing 118th in passing yards, anything is worth a shot to get things off the ground.

As for a rock band of wide receivers, it would seem to be too much.

A band usually consists of a lead vocalist, guitar player, somebody in the back playing the drums and then anything else you want to throw in there. You could add a bass player, someone on the keyboard and so on and so on. That is asking for a lot.

With the lack of offensive weapons the Gators had last season, this team would just take one or two good wide receivers at this point. An entire rock band isn't necessary. Just give Florida a couple of playmakers capable of spreading the field, making life easier on the quarterback and call it a day.

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Once the offense improves, then this program can start getting picky and asking for a plethora of star receivers. Heck, you could even call it a rock band.

At this point, Phillips should be looking for an OutKast at the receiver position. Just two great guys capable of putting in work. It would likely go over a little better with this generation of players than a rock band would anyway.

Spending a little more time working on these things may eventually pay off for Florida. Guys such as 5-star Ermon Lane and 4-star Artavis Scott are some of the Gators top targets, according to 247Sports.

You can't help but wonder what those guys are thinking.


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