TNA Joker's Wild 2013 Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction and Analysis

Joseph Zucker@@JosephZuckerFeatured ColumnistMay 4, 2013

Photo courtesy of Impact Wrestling
Photo courtesy of Impact Wrestling

TNA aired the second event of its One Night Only series, Joker's Wild, on Friday night.

The show is a part of the company's new pay-per-view plan. TNA will only air four major live PPVs, while having seven pre-taped PPVs throughout the year. The One Night Only events would have a central theme and be independent of the storylines going on in the company at the time.

Joker's Wild was all about tag team wrestling. There would be a random drawing prior to the matches pitting wrestlers together. The winning teams of the six tag matches would go in a 12-man Battle Royal; the winner of which would earn $100,000.

As much as TNA tried to present this as some sort of novel concept, it's essentially the same thing WCW used to do with the Battlebowl. Still, Battlebowl was awesome, and it's a very smart idea.

Here are the results from Joker's Wild.

James Storm and Christian York defeats Crimson and Gunner

James Storm and Christian York make up one heck of a tag team considering their respective experience in the division. On the other side you've got Crimson and Gunner. It didn't take much to see who was going to win this one.

Storm hit the Last Call on Gunner to pick up the win. This was a good start to the show and easily equals the quality of anything WWE presently does with its tag matches.

Mr. Anderson and Jessie Godderz defeats Douglas Williams and Kid Kash

This match pretty much involved Jessie Godderz getting beat up, taunting and failing to tag in Mr. Anderson. It was an effective story for the match. You'd believe that Godderz would be getting beat up by more experienced wrestlers, and when he would get a chance to make the tag, he would fail to do so.

He and Anderson were having a hard time getting along. Finally Anderson was tagged in. He gave the Mic Check to Godderz. Anderson then rolled up Kid Kash in a small packed to pretty much singlehandedly win the match.

Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels defeats Chavo Guerrero and Rob Van Dam

It's always a pleasure to watch X Division stalwarts like Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe team up. As Taz and Mike Tenay pointed out, Daniels and Joe are a great combination of speed and power.

While they didn't work perfectly as a team, they had enough to get past Chavo Guerrero and Rob Van Dam. RVD was on the top rope preparing for the Five-Star Frog Splash, but Joe recovered quickly and hit the Muscle Buster for the win.

Joseph Park and Bobby Roode defeats Robbie E and Zema Ion

Give credit to Bobby Roode. His reaction to hearing Joseph Park was his partner was priceless. Then, during the match he implored Park on, albeit in a harsh way.

The match was mostly Park getting overmatched before he took one blow too many. He then flipped a switch and hit the Black Hole Slamโ€”a la his brother, Abyssโ€”on Zema Ion. Roode then made the blind, tag to pin Ion for the win.

Here's to hoping Law and Order catches on.

Devon and DOC defeats Alex Silva and Hernandez

Alex Silva? Who? That was pretty much how Taz and the crowd reacted when his name was announced.

Throw in two members of the Aces and Eights in Devon and DOC, and there was little chance Hernandez and Silva would make it to the Battle Royal. Super Mex did his best his best to try and overcome the odds, but he didn't have enough.

DOC delivered the Chokeslam to Silva for the win.

Robbie T and Matt Morgan defeats Joey Ryan and Al Snow

This match eliminated any belief the draw was actually spontaneous. What are the odds Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan are put against each other, while Ryan has to partner with Al Snow? It still made for some nice entertainment in the match.

Eventually, Ryan and Morgan got in the ring together. They tried to avoid fighting each other, but their partners gave them no choice by removing themselves from the match. Morgan hit Ryan with the Carbon Footprint for the win.

Easily the most entertaining part of this match was prior to Snow's name being announced. Christy Hemme was still turning the tumbler despite there being only one name left.

James Storm wins 12-man Battle Royal

Two wrestlers started the match, then new wrestlers would come in two-minute intervals. The winner of the match would be the last man standing.

It was fun to see Storm and Roode start the match off. Unlike WWEโ€”where anything that happened more than two months ago is forgottenโ€”the announcers were quick to point out the history the two guys have. It was also turning back the clock to see them teaming up to eliminate DOC.

In the end, it was the guys who started the match ending up as the last two standing. Roode looked to have eliminated Storm, but Storm skinned the cat and stayed in the match. As Roode was celebrating what he thought was a win, Storm went to eliminate him. Roode landed and stayed on the apron until Storm hit the Last Call to send Roode to the floor and win the $100,000.

In order to get across that Storm was $100,000 richer, he was even presented with a giant novelty check.

Order of Eliminations

No. Eliminated Eliminated By
1. DOC James Storm and Bobby Roode
2. Jessie Godderz
Joseph Park
3. Christian York Robbie T
4. Christopher Daniels Robbie T
5. Mr. Anderson Robbie T
6. Joseph Park Matt Morgan
7. Samoa Joe Matt Morgan
8. Robbie T Matt Morgan
9. Matt Morgan James Storm
10. Devon James Storm
11. Bobby Roode James Storm

Twitter Reaction

Heels 4 Life was complimentary of Storm and believes he should be regarded as a great tag wrestler. It's hard to argue too much:

Justin @WWENXTGuy

James Storm may be the greatest TNA tag team wrestler of all time #JokersWild

In what was one of the more high-profile matches of the night, The ARC of Wrestling was less than complimentary of one of the competitors:

The ARC of Wrestling @ARCofWrestling

3 talented guys....and Chavo Guerrero in this tag team match #TNA #OneNightOnly

Speaking of the winner, Seth Drakin has some sage advice for Storm regarding the money:

Seth Drakin @SethDrakin

Tip to James Storm, don't be quick to cash that check. TNA has an issue with late checks so it might bounce. #JokersWild

Overall, this was an entertaining show. It just illustrates how good an idea it was for the company to have one-off shows like this. It may not be everybody's cup of tea, but fans were treated to very good tag wrestling, which you can't really get much on television.


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