The Undertaker's 7 Best Entrances of All Time

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 1, 2013

The Undertaker's 7 Best Entrances of All Time

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    Few WWE experiences are as haunting as Undertaker's entrances.

    Smoke, fire, chilling music and a slow, menacing gait have all been his trademarks for years. Before his biggest matches, before he faced his own brother or any number of other monsters, Undertaker has delivered phenomenal entertainment before the opening bell even rang. His standard entrance is thrilling on its own, but these are bigger, creepier and more moving.

    Ranked based on the effectiveness of the story and spectacle surrounding his pre-match arrivals, here are Undertaker's most unforgettable entrances.

Honorable Mention: SmackDown 2007

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    Usually this kind of grandeur is reserved for pay-per-views, specifically WrestleMania, but an April 2007 episode of WWE SmackDown saw Undertaker come down to the ring in all his creepy glory.

    Purple-tinted smoke rose between a row of druids holding torches. Undertaker had just defeated Batista for the world title at WrestleMania 23 and now brought his newly-won championship to the ring to bask in his victory.

    The scale of this entrance and the usual mood-creating elements paired with the unexpectedness of seeing this on SmackDown makes this one of his most memorable entrances.

7. WrestleMania IX

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    While the Roman theme of the WrestleMania from Caesars Palace didn't do much for most of the WWE stars, it led to The Undertaker producing a stunning entrance.

    Musclebound men dragged Undertaker to the ring in a chariot. A vulture hung on a post next to Undertaker, adding to the ominous feel. Green smoke billowing out before his arrival, Paul Bearer clinging to the urn and Undertaker's stillness made for a spooky, unsettling moment.

    A lack of pyrotechnics and a lack of darkness took away some from the mood that the entrance created.

6. WrestleMania XIX

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    Regardless of any negative feelings one may have about Limp Bizkit, WWE fans have to admit that the band helped deliver one of the greatest entrances in wrestling history.

    Undertaker, in his American Badass phase, followed the hyped live performance of "Rollin'" by barreling down the entrance ramp on his motorcycle. Pyrotechnics exploded behind him. His American flag flapped in the wind.

    This remains the grandest and most thrilling non-spooky of Undertaker's entrances. The Seattle crowd roared through most of it, in a moment that was more entertaining than the match that followed.

5. SummerSlam 1994

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    A touch cheesy, but Undertaker's entrance at SummerSlam 1994 remains one of his best because of the story surrounding it and the anticipation leading up to it.

    Ted DiBiase's so-called Undertaker stood in the ring awaiting his opponent. Paul Bearer promised to bring out the real deal. He motioned for a pair of hooded men to wheel out a casket to ringside.

    Only the urn and a cloud smoke were inside. Bearer brought the urn into the ring and when he opened it, a light beamed out of it. The crowd buzzed. They were about to see the real Undertaker make his way to the ring.

    Bathed in blue light, yet obscured by darkness, Undertaker stood in the entryway. He walked slowly down the aisle to battle his doppelganger and rid the world of the imposter.

4. WrestleMania 28

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    Cue the smoke. Cue the flames. At WrestleMania 28, Undertaker yet again mesmerized fans with his entrance.

    Smoke whipped around the WrestleMania sign. Lightning streaked behind him on large screens. Undertaker sauntered down to face Triple H as blue light glowed on his spiked garb. The Deadman looked especially menacing that night.

    The massive height of the flames made this stand out from his standard entrances as did the uncertainty about whether we'd ever see it again. Luckily for 'Taker fans, the "End of an Era" match was not the end of the Undertaker's WWE career.

    See the entrance in full here.

3. WrestleMania 29

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    Just when fans thought they’d seen every variation of Undertaker's haunting entrance, The Deadman impressed yet again.

    Before defending his undefeated WrestleMania streak against CM Punk, Undertaker walked out amidst bulging flames, sharp blue light and clouds of smoke. Lightning flashed throughout.

    What makes this entrance stand out, though, is the image of Undertaker's silhouette gliding through a field of ghostly figures, a host of flailing limbs which appeared to be reaching out of a graveyard.

    Watch the full entrance here.

2. WrestleMania XIV

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    The buzz leading into Undertaker’s first battle with his brother Kane was phenomenal. It remains one of WWE's finest told stories. The energy from that swelling buildup helped make his entrance at WrestleMania XIV an awesome spectacle.

    Druids stepped through the WrestleMania tunnel with torches high above their heads. Rising and pulsating classic music preceded Undertaker's entrance music. The crowd throbbed with excitement.

    Waves of blue light passed over Undertaker as he made his way to the ring, wearing elaborate, movie-worthy attire.

    Only one entrance tops this and Kane was there for that one too.

1. WrestleMania XX

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    The most chilling and most emotional entrance in Undertaker's career saw him survive Kane burying him alive to make a triumphant WrestleMania return.

    The images that this entrance created are haunting enough on their own, but seeing Paul Bearer and Undertaker reunite added to the emotional charge. Bearer said his trademark, "Oh yes!" and stunned the crowd. Fans hadn't seen those two together in years.

    With smoke hovering above the floor, with torch-bearing druids lighting his way, Undertaker headed to the ring for another battle with his brother. Kane couldn't believe what he was seeing. He screamed "You're not real!"

    The power of this storyline, the macabre majesty of the scenery and fantastic usage of the video screen under Undertaker's feet combined to create his greatest entrance ever.