The 50 Worst Sports Movies

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistApril 5, 2013

The 50 Worst Sports Movies

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    While we've seen a number of solid sports movies over the years like RudyField of Dreams and even the first couple Mighty Ducks flicks, there's been a variety of other ones that just straight dropped the ball.

    That's why we're ranking the worst sports movies ever.

    It's tough to believe a company actually wasted film on recording these, because they're just absolutely miserable, and if you've ever seen them all the way through, we feel your pain.

50. BASEketball

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    Positives: It scores points for creativity, since so many of us loved playing some sort of made-up game while we were younger.

    One would think that the creators of South Park—teamed with Jenny McCarthy when she was still hot—would be a good thing. 

    It wasn't.

    Negatives: It was so predictable with D-level acting that it made us wonder if we could have just filmed the damn thing in our own backyard.

49. Ladybugs

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    Positives: With Rodney Dangerfield in it, the movie was pretty entertaining—though the former comedic actor did get stale after awhile.

    Negatives: A cross-dressing kid who helps his future Stepdad cheat in order to impress his boss and win a soccer league? Not exactly the greatest message here guys.

48. Leatherheads

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    Positives: It came from the adaptation of the Rick Reilly book, so for the longtime sports writer, it must have been good to know that Hollywood wanted to make a movie from his words. 

    Yes, that's about the only "positive" thing from this movie.

    Negatives: We really wanted to like this movie since it seems everything Clooney touches turns to gold, but the plot was dull and a little bit snotty.

47. The Waterboy

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    Positives: The one-liners.

    Sandler is the king of creating memorable movie moments, so at least we can yell, "You can do it," and you'll know exactly what we're referencing.

    Negatives: Umm... everything else.

    It's almost impossible to understand anything Sandler's character Bobby Boucher is even saying, and it doesn't help when the Fonz is wearing a bucket hat the entire film.

    Come on, dude used to be cool.

46. The Winning Season

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    Positives: Emma Roberts.

    This was right when she was old enough that you didn't feel creepy admitting she was hot.

    Negatives: A depressing plot about a deadbeat dad who uses his players as a way to build a relationship with his estranged daughter.

    Is that a spoiler alert? Technically. But trust us, we're doing you a favor by not sitting through this entire thing.

45. Radio

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    Positives: It did star an Academy Award-winning actor in Cuba Gooding Jr. as the main character, so that's high praise, right?

    It also somehow grossed almost $53 million at the box office—but we think that's just because people got duped by Gooding's name.

    Negatives: It was boring as hell and way too sentimental.

    For trying way too hard to be the Forrest Gump of sports movies, we can't stand it.

44. The Babe

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    Positives: It was a story about arguably the greatest baseball player who ever lived, so that was pretty cool to see how the Bambino lived large back in the day.

    Negatives: The portrayal of Ruth is so extreme, that it made him appear as the biggest jackass ever.

    Though that may be true, sports movies are supposed to be entertaining, not documentaries—especially ones with John Goodman in them.

43. The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon

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    Positives: It gave all average Joe's hope that they too could go from obscurity to a NFL field, so that was somewhat uplifting.

    Plus, Tony Danza just cracks us up because, well, he's Tony Danza.

    Negatives: It was a made-for-TV movie, and often shown on ABC Family. There's absolutely nothing about that sentence that should warrant excitement over watching this.

42. The Ringer

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    Positives: It did have some kind of funny Johnny Knoxville parts, and it had a decent message in that trying to take advantage of mentally handicapped people isn't funny.

    Negatives: We're all for feel good stories, but when you walked into the theatre and bought a ticket for this movie, you were basically admitting there was nothing better to do that night, because the plot was so obvious.

41. Fever Pitch

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    Positives: At last! Red Sox fans can silence the "Curse of the Bambino!"

    Negatives: Actors Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore were actually part of the organic celebration on the field as players rushed the field.

    You'd think the Farrelly brothers—who gave us comedies like Dumb and Dumber and There's Something About Mary could do better.

40. Crossover

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    Positives: With a movie this bad, it must be said that it at least gained money since the budget was so small, so that's a good thing, right?

    Negatives: Though it earned money at the theaters, that doesn't mean people actually sat all the way through it.

    Anyone know what actually happens at the end here?

39. Mr. Baseball

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    Positives: Besides Tom Selleck's mustache? We'd say it was good to see the cultural differences between the U.S. and Japan's baseball scene.

    The film also did debut at No. 3 during its release back in '92—showing everyone that it must have been a really slow year for movies.

    Negatives: This might be nit-picky, but if you miss the first 10 minutes of the film, you might just think the whole thing is about a stubborn American in Japan.

38. Celtic Pride

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    Positives: Every sports fan can relate with the premise of the film.

    How many times has kidnapping the opposing team's best player cross your mind...? Oh, are we the only ones who have actually thought about it?

    Negatives: It's just a little too real for fans to watch, and relies on comedic actors Dan Aykroyd, Daniel Stern and Damon Wayans for laughs—which are lacking throughout.

37. The Replacements

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    Positives: It gave us one stinkin' solid line—and even that wasn't all that memorable.

    "Pain heals, chicks dig scars, and glory lives forever."

    Negatives: If viewers thought they were going to see an epic performance from Gene Hackman's fictional coaching days from Hoosiers, they were sorely disappointed.

    Unfortunately, having the "killer" QB-WR duo of Keanu Reeves and Orlando Jones was just too much to overlook.

36. Days of Thunder

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    Positives: Tom Cruise was still sane and able to carry a film.

    If you liked Top Gun, this was pretty much identical—but with wheels.

    Negatives: When the most prominence a film receives is an Academy Award nomination for "Best Sound," it's really lacking in the visual department and plot.

35. The Game Plan

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    Positives: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was able to parlay his "stunning performance" as a football player in this film, into an action star—which turned out to be the best move in the history of his career.

    Negatives: The movie Big Daddy had the exact same plot, but starred an actual comedian in Adam Sandler, not a wrestler.

34. Angels in the Endzone

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    Positives: At least the directors brought back the main angel from Angels in the Outfield, "Al" (Christopher Lloyd), but other than that move, what else was solid about this flick?

    Negatives: Just because a film used the same plot in a different sport, doesn't mean it will be as successful the second time around. 

33. Forget Paris

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    Positives: If you need relationship advice, it's your go-to movie.

    Negatives: Technically it wasn't really a sports movie, but for even teasing us by making Billy Crystal's character an NBA ref—and featuring pro basketball players in cameo roles—we have to hate on this rom-com.

32. Playing for Keeps

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    Positives: If you have a crush on Jessica Biel, you get to see her.

    Negatives: It's exactly what you think it is—the most predictable and boring romantic comedy for the most generic audience possible.

    Considering Jessica Biel's role earned a nomination for the "Worst Supporting Actress," that should tell you all you need to know.

31. Stroker Ace

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    Positives: It's a great movie to watch on a Saturday afternoon when nothing else is on, and you're just planning on falling asleep within 15 minutes of it starting.

    Negatives: Burt Reynolds is a guy's guy, so it's surprising he fails to impress in this NASCAR "comedy"—used very lightly.

    Adding insult to injury for Reynolds personally, the actor actually accepted this role over Terms of Endearment, in which Jack Nicholson collected an Oscar for.

30. Air Bud

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    Positives: When most people think about a film starring an animal playing sports, this is the first that comes to mind. 

    So it clearly left a mark on the American public.

    Negatives: This movie sucked, but whether it was pure ego by studios to try and make-up for the flop—or just the thought that a dog playing sports was a good concept—it went on to have multiple spin-offs like Air Bud: Golden Receiver and Air Bud: World Pup.

29. The Fan

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    Positives: They were able to convince legendary badass Robert DeNiro to play a role that he could absolutely kill, acting as obsessive fan Gil Renard.

    Negatives: Throwing DeNiro and Wesley Snipes together in a baseball movie?

    Worst idea since having DeNiro play Stan Harris in New Year's Eve.

28. The Legend of Bagger Vance

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    Positives: People are willing to admit that they actually enjoyed this movie thanks to the historical value and superstar actors Matt Damon and Will Smith in it.

    Negatives: All those supporters must be smoking something funny, because the entire thing is slow as molasses, with Smith trying to avoid playing the cliche caddy role—though he's absolutely miserable at avoiding it.

27. The Air Up There

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    Positives: It gives us all another movie to reference when playing that "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" game with friends.

    Negatives: It gives us all another movie to reference when playing that "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" game with friends.

    Just a miserable and worn-out movie idea.

26. Eddie

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    Positives: Umm... it had some cameos from NBA players, and the soundtrack got as high No. 44 on the Top R&B/Hip Hop charts in 1996.

    Negatives: Sorry Whoopi, but this was definitely no Sister Act.

    The entire film seems like it's just trying to stir-up some sort of hipness with the whole, "I'm a woman hanging out around men" all day thing.

25. D3: The Mighty Ducks

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    Positives: It reminded us that sports movies shouldn't be done in trilogies.

    Negatives: Seriously. No "Minnesota Miracle Man" besides him helping change the prep school's nickname from the Warriors to the Ducks or this "inspiring" speech to Charlie?

    That's in poor taste Disney.

24. The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh

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    Positives: It's probably a great movie to watch when you're "in a funny mood" or want to dance your ass off.

    Negatives: What in the hell is this movie about?

    Besides recognizing Dr. J, there's nothing of substance here besides a lot plot that was clearly written when someone was tripping on something.

23. Side out

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    Positives: Honestly, the only thing good about this movie is seeing Kathy Ireland play her usual, early 90's sexy self.

    Negatives: Well we could start with the fact it grossed a total of $450,000, or that it's about professional beach volleyball.

    Which one would you want us to use?

22. Like Mike

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    Positives: Well Bow Wow does prove he can trash talk with the best of them—and that with the help of a trampoline can dunk anytime he wants.

    Negatives: We really hope the production company was forced to pay Gatorade for using the term "Like Mike" for this film.

    It'd just give us some solace in knowing they were motivated enough to at least do something in order to make this movie work.

21. Wimbledon

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    Positives: We get a Sam Neill sighting—unfortunately it's not because we decided to turn this movie off to watch Jurassic Park instead.

    Negatives: The tennis scenes are about as bad as you'd expect.

    Remember in the movie Rookie of the Year when you thought, "Could that really happen?" after a kid could throw over 100-mph? Yeah, that's about how convinced we were with the tennis playing ability here.

20. Ready to Rumble

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    Positives: For some absolutely bizarre reason, this movie has garnered quite the cult following—proving there are a ton of wrestling fans living in their parents' basements than originally thought.

    Negatives: In a terrible gimmick to help promote the film, David Arquette actually earned the WCW title belt at one point.

    That's shameless stuff right there.

19. MVP: Most Valuable Primate

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    Positives: It's a hockey movie that's not named The Mighty Ducks.

    Negatives: It's a hockey movie that has a damn monkey skating around with a stick and helmet.

    We know NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is terrible, but we're not sure he'd even try and pull this stunt for ratings, right?

18. Roll Bounce

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    Positives: For all you diehard roller skating fans out there, you finally got a movie that focuses on the favorite sport of fifth grade field trippers everywhere.

    Negatives: There's actually talk of a sequel. 

    Please spare everyone the pain and just scratch the idea now.

17. Blades of Glory

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    Positives: Casting directors actually got the two guys who could theoretically pull off wearing spandex outfits and star in a figure skating movie.

    Negatives: No one actually wants to watch two guys in a figure skating movie—regardless of how funny they might be.

16. Who's Your Caddy

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    Positives: There are a lot of fart jokes.

    Let's just call a spade a spade—farts are funny.

    Negatives: We'll say this as politically correct as possible—all this was was an attempt at an African-American Caddyshack.

    Did it work?

    Hell no it didn't.

15. The Benchwarmers

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    Positives: It's less than 90 minutes long.

    Negatives: A movie that stars castoff Rob Schneider and David Spade is clearly never going to be funny—unless Spade's paired with Chris Farley and Schneider is in anything but a starring role.

14. Rollerball

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    Positives: It has some scenes that are exciting to watch—we think?

    Negatives: When someone tries to do a remake of an original film—which was actually pretty good—it needs to be a better effort than this piss-poor showing.

13. Ed

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    Positives: It gave Matt LeBlanc of Friends' fame a chance to break into feature films.

    Negatives: LeBlanc's character—a baseball-playing monkey—actually outperforms him in the film.

12. Summer Catch

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    Positives: It reminded us about why summer baseball was so much fun by combining the sport with hot girls.

    Negatives: The whole movie just seems more about a relationship than anything that has to do with baseball.

    That's the point—we guess—but than why even add the baseball element at all?

11. Johnny Be Good

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    Positives: Former Bears quarterback Jim McMahon's cameo is one that's definitely memorable.

    Negatives: Wait just a second here.

    The same guy who has played a nerd in every other movie he's been in is going to play the top recruit in the country in football?

    With apologies to Anthony Michael Hall, we've already called your B.S. on this one Hollywood.

10. Matilda

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    Positives: Another movie in which we're shown just how many drugs people truly did back in the '70s—or in other words, why drugs are bad kids.

    Negatives: The actual kangaroo costume is honestly scarier than that clown in the movie It, which is saying something considering we're absolutely terrified of clowns.

9. Gridiron Gang

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    Positives: At least it was an original screenplay as it was based off of a true story.

    Too bad it let the real-life characters down by fumbling with its portrayal.

    Negatives: Yet another sports movie that features "The Rock" in it?

    Sorry, we've been there before, so we'll pass.

8. Driven

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    Positives: Sylvester Stallone actually delivers his best performance in a film since Rocky, carrying the plot—unfortunately, that means the rest of the cast is just miserable.

    Negatives: Sly Stallone was meant to be cast in a movie using guns and bad guys from a different country, not zipped-up in a suit driving a damn car against the kid from Remember the Titans (Kip Pardue).

7. The Bad News Bears Go to Japan

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    Positives: At least the group of kids who played in the movie got a free trip to Japan to film it.

    Negatives: Fans of the original movie wasted money expecting the same comedic value as the original, but in that sense, the movie was left looking at strike three... and six... and nine.

6. Rocky V

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    Positives: The legendary boxing series lasted long enough to actually make five movies worth—six when you include the last effort back in 2006.

    Negatives: While the first movie was was shot in 28 days at a cost of $950,000—while actually grossing $225 million—this final attempt was piss-poor.

    Adding a real boxer into the mix—Tommy Morrison—and trying to have Rocky train him to be great was an absolute low blow.

5. Juwanna Mann

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    Positives: We struggled mightily with finding anything positive about this movie except that Vivica A. Fox is in it.

    Negatives: Very few people even watch the WNBA Finals, so what were producers thinking when they gave the thumbs up to a movie that is about a guy who disguises himself as a woman to play basketball with them?

4. Caddyshack II

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    Positives: At least the original cast is brought back, otherwise this movie could have been a total dud.

    Negatives: Even with the entire original cast back, the movie slices and triple-bogeys its way towards crappiness.

    The entire plot of the movie is to keep these new blue-blood millionaires from being let into the exclusive club.

    By the end of it, it happens anyway.

    Was that a spoiler alert? You're welcome.

3. The Next Karate Kid

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    Positives: Filmmakers were able to get Academy Award-winner Hilary Swank to play Mr. Miyagi's newest pupil before she got big.

    Negatives: There's absolutely no "Sweep the leg Johnny" moments that make you want to ever watch this movie more than once—assuming you ever wanted to watch it in the first place.

2. Major League: Back to the Minors

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    Positives: After all of the hard work the first two Major League movies did in proving that, even with different actors playing the same guy in the film, things could still be funny.

    Then this one buries the credibility of it all.

    Negatives: Where to start?

    Corbin Bernsen's character Roger Dorn becoming the owner of the Minnesota Twins?

    Scott Bakula acting in anything not named Quantum Leap?

    It's all so terrible, we just need to stop talking about it.

1. Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice

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    Positives: It's No. 1 on our list, did you really think we'd have anything good to say about it?

    Negatives: Stephen Baldwin is your lead actor.

    Gary Busey is the supporting actor.

    All Baldwin's character did is what all Stephen Baldwin does is movies—look goofy for the camera.

    For waiting 25 years to make a sequel—then completely missing on it—earns this trip a five-minute major for the crappiest sports movie out there.


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