The 25 Best Photobombs of 2013 (so far)

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterApril 4, 2013

The 25 Best Photobombs of 2013 (so far)

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    The "photobomb" is the perfect example of how social media can rebrand something that's been a well-established, often ignored nuisance for decades and turn it into something awesome.

    People and animals have ruined photos since camera technology moved beyond long film exposure. For decades, our photos were  sabotaged by interlopers—intentional or not—and left out of our albums and scrapbooks...unless there was something nostalgic or particularly hilarious about it. 

    But, they weren't photobombs, because they were buried in boxes, binders and anything else that can store old photos. Before social media, photobombs were like that proverbial tree falling in a forest when no one was around to hear it.

    There's a reason you never saw Michael Jordan getting bombed by Dennis Rodman in the '90s. Even if it happened, it wasn't likely to show up in USA Today or Sports Illustrated or anywhere else for that matter. Space was limited in print publications and they had to stick to the story.

    Now superstar athletes are constantly surrounded by cameras and any picture of them, good or bad, can make it around the world before they make it home from the game. Anyone can capture a great photobomb, and if it goes viral, it can be seen by millions of people within hours. 

    Which is great! Because photobombs are pretty great. They're like this hidden treasure that has not only been rediscovered since Facebook and Twitter took over our lives, but also embraced by some of the biggest names in sports.Things almost never work out that well in life!

    These are the 25 best photobombs of 2013 (so far).

25. Miami Madness

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    Miami didn't make it all the way to the championship in 2013, but they surprised a lot of people this year. And seems like they had a lot of fun doing it too. 

    The Hurricanes' Julian Gamble likes to celebrate success in all its forms with a good old fashioned photobomb. Is there any better way to celebrate anything? 

    Gamble photobombed head coach Jim Larranaga after winning the ACC Tournament and his teammate Shane Larkin after making their way to the Sweet 16. 

24. Aaron Rodgers' Trademark Tomfoolery

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    Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been doing his photobombing thing since back in the day when he was still holding a clipboard and being mostly ignored by Brett Favre.

    Rodgers shenanigans have become so popular that they've got their very own website. This photo is from the final regular season game of the 2012 season.  

    This doesn't represents A-Rodge's finest photobombing work, but he's never done a bad one. 

23. Hoosiers Get Hosed?

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    The Sports Illustrated March Madness cover featuring Indiana's Victor Oladipo and a boatload of Hoosiers fans actually looks like one big photobomb. But there is more than meets the eye.

    Those aren't just fans in that group, a couple of other athletes found their way into that photoshoot too!

    Kerel Bradford (giving the salute next to Oladipo) and Femi Hollinger-Janzen (front right with the dreadlocks) are both Indiana soccer players.

    Not only did they manage to get in on the shot, they stole the show with their enthusiasm. Way to go, fellas! 

22. King James Is the King of Getting Photobombed

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    It's a good thing that "King James" is only a ceremonial title for Heat superstar LeBron James. He may be the king of basketball right now, but he doesn't have any official kingly powers. 

    Which is for the best, because if you thought his ego was big right now, that thing would blow the hell up. Since he's more of a cool, talented guy than an angry ruler, James has a good sense of humor about being photobombed. 

    He's obviously used to it, playing on the same team with Chris Bosh, so it didn't even phase him when some lookie loo was gawking at him after the 2013 NBA All-Star Game. LeBron is even amused by faux nose-picking. 

    Can you even imagine if someone photobombed King Henry VIII or Roman Emperor Caligula? Since Americans seem to know jack about history, you probably can't. Let's just say it wouldn't have gone over well. 

    Now go read a history book, dummy. 

21. Oregon State Coach Upstages Obama

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    The 2013 Presidential Inauguration had a few high-profile photobombs—remember former President Bill Clinton eyeballing singer Kelly Clarkson? Talk about historic. 

    Well, Clinton wasn't the only one to get in on that sweet action. Oregon State basketball coach Craig Robinson, who happens to be President Obama's brother-in-law, was also captured being a bit of a goofball

    Although it doesn't seem that it was anything intentional on Robinson's part. When asked about the photo later, he said he was stunned about the whole incident and that his phone was blowing up with texts. 

    A photobomb that makes you a permanent part, albeit a very small part, of presidential history? That's freaking intense. 

20. Jay Bilas Has a Nose for the News During March Madness

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    This is already the second time you're seeing ESPN's Jay Bilas in this slideshow, but it won't be the last.

    He has been making his rounds at the NCAA Tournament for the network, presumably doing some kind of media coverage for them.

    The one thing he's definitely doing is creeping up on cheerleaders and photobombing them. 

19. Jerky Kid Steals Michigan's Big Moment

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    In case you haven't heard, March is the time for Madness and the NCAA tournament is a pretty big deal. Especially when a No. 1 seed is knocked off by…not a No. 1 seed. 

    Which is what happened when Michigan topped Kansas in this year's tourney. The Wolverines weren't exactly a serious underdog, but the Jayhawks are basically a less-hated Duke in terms of success. 

    So you can imagine Michigan's coach John Beilein was pretty freaking jazzed after a momentous win while doing that whole traditional cutting down the net thing. Thanks to this photo, he'll always remember that moment! 

    And he'll also always remember the dillweed with the cellphone camera and googly eyes. 

18. Chris Bosh Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine

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    If you're not much of a basketball fan, you probably only know three things about the Heat's Chris Bosh—not counting the fact that he's very tall because…duh. 

    1. He's not LeBron James 
    2. He's not Dwyane Wade 
    3. He's serial photobomber. 

    Well in April 2013, April Fools' Day to be exact, Bosh found himself on the opposite end of a bombing when a teammate turned the tables. Score one for the kid whose name most of us don't know. 

    Actually…it's Norris Cole. Look! We all learned something! 

17. Alex Morgan's Not-so-Secret Admirer

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    At the FIFA Ballon d'Or Gala in January 2013, American soccer star Alex Morgan was looking as lovely as ever.

    Talk about the least surprising news ever. 

    And apparently that was the consensus, because she attracted a little unwanted attention. Check out the creeper creepin' at her from behind the backdrop on the right. 

    Come on dude—can't you just play it cool?

16. Robert Griffin III Remains as Elusive as Ever

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    The Redskins' quarterback Robert Griffin III seems to be recovering from knee surgery, and in rapid fashion too. No thanks to jerkface Mike Shanahan. 

    In March 2013 the former Baylor superstar visited the Texas Capitol building—no surprise there, considering RG3 is the best thing that ever came out of that state. 

    Cue the Lonestar State hate mail! 

    Apparently while at the Capitol, RG3 had a chance run-in with the infamous Ken Starr and one of his beady-eyed cronies. And he photobombed the impeachment proceedings out of them. 

15. The Referee in the Stands Is Definitely NSFW

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    So apparently the Red Wings and the Blue Jackets played a hockey game back in January 2013. The details of which are so not relevant here. 

    What is relevant is the guy in the stands who is behind the glass at the upper right hand corner of the net. He's easily spotted because he's dressed as a referee. 

    Why anyone would attend a sporting event dressed as a referee is beyond me. Seems like a recipe for getting a beer poured on your head by someone if you ask me. 

    He's also recognizable by the action he's miming, utilizing his hand, mouth, and tongue. That's all I can say because there are rules here and I have been asked not to break them. 

    So let's just say: Well played, sir. Well played, indeed. 

14. Normally a Colt Would Be Afraid of a Lion

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    Mascots are always good for a photobomb. They're large, always wandering around and almost always look out of place. But in the best possible way. 

    Such is the case with the Colts mascot "Blue," when he happily stumbled into a photo with the Lions Ndamukong Suh and Detroit's mascot "Roary." 

    I'm impressed with the photobomb. I'm far less impressed with the creativity of those mascot names. The Colts colors are blue (and white) and Lions roar. Good job. 

13. Jacoby Jones Finally Makes DWTS Not Suck, Briefly

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    I've never actually seen a full episode of Dancing with the Stars because I'm not a terrible person and I have somewhat better things to do with my evenings. 

    So the chance of me watching that televised plague on humanity were already minuscule, but now that I've seen this pic of the Ravens Jacoby Jones, the chances are zero. 

    That's because Jones' photobomb was unquestionably the highlight of the entire series, which I'm pretty sure has been airing for 300 years. 

12. Bosh Steals the Spotlight from CP3

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    The Clippers superstar point guard Chris Paul was the standout star of the 2013 NBA All-Star game. CP3 delivered with 30 points and 15 assists and walked away with MVP honors for his trouble. 

    We all know the All-Star game isn't the biggest deal in the world, but it was a pretty big moment for Paul, right? Especially as he enters free agency at the end of the 2012-13 season and is about to get PAID

    Surprise…surprise…surprise. Heat big man Chris Bosh managed to make the moment, at least in part, about Chris Bosh. Every time a superstar is in the spotlight, Boshie seems to be right behind him giving the camera his bedroom eyes. 

    Ew. I actually really hope those aren't his bedroom eyes. 

11. Tyler Seguin Is Stayin' Alive

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    In March 2013 the Bruins young gun Tyler Seguin the unstoppable moves of another young gun. Or at least a gun which was once young, but now is old, creepy and prone to sexual harassment

    Naturally, I'm referring to actor John Travolta and the moves he displayed in his breakout performance in the '70s classic Saturday Night Fever.

    Seguin's dancing was a little less formal, but at least the girl is hotter than Travolta's girl in that movie. His dancing gets a 6, but the photobomb gets an 8. 

10. Can You Ever Have Too Much Bill Walton? Yes.

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    What the heck is up with this? In March 2013 Bill Walton was covering the NIT for ESPN and for some reason he was doing it in front of a giant cardboard cutout of Bill Walton.

    Who knows if this was just a happy accident or something in his contract. You never know what these television media divas have going on in their heads.

    But what we do know is that it's a rare occasion when one has the opportunity to photobomb oneself. So a big congratulations to Walton on accomplishing the one thing that Chris Bosh probably dreams about every night of his life. 

9. Samantha Ponder Gets Photobombed by Sparty

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    With high-profile defections from ESPN of Erin Andrews, Michelle Beadle and Rachel Nichols, the role of the inexplicably adorable Samantha Ponder has been increasing. 

    Impossibly wholesome, Ponder is the all-American girl with her long blonde hair and trademark dimples—which not everyone can pull off like that. 

    That stalker-esque love fest I just dished out was my way of making the point that it's not an easy task to steal the spotlight from Mrs. Samantha Ponder. 

    Most wouldn't even bother. But Michigan State's mascot "Sparty" wasn't afraid to step up to the plate in February. And he managed to do the impossible and upstage Ponder.

    Probably because he's got an oversized novelty head and a skirt like Marvin the Martian. 

8. Cam Hams for the Cam

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    Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has got a smile that the camera just loves, so is it any wonder he wants to show it off whenever possible? 

    Even if he's not exactly the focus of the shot. Newton had a bit of a sophomore slump in 2012, but at least he ended the season on a high note. 

    Newton got a little unexpected face time on Panthers Gameday when he popped up in the middle of an interview in early January 2013.

    Well, at least that's when the photo was posted—which means it totally counts, so I don't want to hear about it. 

7. LeBron James Channels Chris Bosh

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    The Heat's Chris Bosh may have started the photobombing obsession down in Miami, but his teammates have followed his lead and are constantly bombing each other through various means. 

    You know superstar LeBron James has never met a camera he didn't like and took advantage of the one in his vicinity to photobomb Ray Allen after a game in March 2013. 

    Man, can't LeBron let Boshie have anything?

6. Wait! Wait! Wait! Is That Beyonce???

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    Holy crap! 2013 really couldn't have gone any better for the Ravens—at least up until free agency.

    They were underdogs in the playoffs, completely written off early on. They bulldozed through the Broncos and the Patriots before taking down the 49ers in the Super Bowl.

    It's like everything those dirty birds touched turned to gold. How else can you explain Ravens defensive end Haloti Ngata getting photobombed by BEYONCE. Freaking jeeping Beyonce. 

    Good gravy. After that run of luck, they definitely deserved to lose Ed Reed, Ray Lewis and Anquan Boldin for various reasons. The universe usually evens things out in the end. 

5. Photobomber Gets Canned...Literally

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    Many Reddit readers, myself included, were initially a little confused by this pic of a dummy photobombing a group of UConn fans.

    It looks like your run-of-the-mill bomb, except that the bomber seems to be wearing a hat or headband with a beer can on it. 

    But that doesn't sound right, does it? Because it's not. What's happening here may actually be proof that God exists. 

    The camera not only captured the photobomb, but the millisecond before the bomber gets pegged in the dome by a can of beer from an obviously annoyed Huskies fan. 

    And, yes, good on you if you immediately recognized what was going down. You'll get your trophy in the mail, never. 

4. Nobody Is Madder for March Than Jay Bilas

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    In a year with no superstar, dominant teams in the NCAA Tournament, ESPN's Jay Bilas may be getting more attention than any single athlete.

    He's been on a one-man photobomb tour of March Madness and can be seen slack jawed, making a goofy face in the background of countless photos.

    You already know Bilas has gotten up close and personal with some cheerleaders, but it doesn't stop there. Mascots, fans, Bill Raftery and entire basketball teams have all had their photos taken recently with a Bilas surprise in the background. 

    It seems he's taken it upon himself to spice up an otherwise below-average tournament. And for that, we thank him. 

3. Watt Swats Miller with Epic Photobomb

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    Texans defensive end J.J. Watt can do a lot more than swat down footballs and level the opposition.

    He's also a well-known good guy who, along with the Broncos Von Miller, were among a number of athletes on a USO tour in March.

    Can't imagine too much fun is had anywhere in Afghanistan, but Watt definitely managed to lighten the mood with an epic photobomb.

    The serious faces by Miller and the solider in the foreground really accentuate Watt's ridiculousness in the background. 

2. Well That Escalated Quickly

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    This photobomb broke the rules of this list by just two weeks—it was posted in late December. But it was just too good to exclude and we all know rules are meant to be broken. 

    This friendly couple of Vikings fans were taking in a game against the rival Packers when they took this happy selfie of themselves in the Green Bay stands. 

    Well, either the Vikes were winning or that Packer supporter flipping the finger fan has some serious rage issues. Or perhaps it was a healthy combination of the two. 

1. The Big Three's Big Bomb

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    In late January the Heat's "Big Three" took their photobombing show on the road when they were invited to the White House, having won the NBA Championship in June 2012. 

    The Heat's owner Micky Arison (the old fella) posted this photo to Instagram after the visit. Naturally, everyone was all smiles except Chris Bosh, who was creeping in the background. 

    If he wasn't with LeBron and D-Wade, there's no way Bosh would get past the Secret Service. He just doesn't look right—does he?

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