TNA: Bully Ray Uses Homophobic Slurs; Dixie Carter Responds

Christopher Olmstead@@whooyouknowitSenior Analyst IIIMarch 19, 2013


For those of you that do not follow TNA on the regular, Bully Ray is the current TNA World Heavyweight champion. For those of you that are not aware who Bully Ray is, he is Bubba Ray Dudley from WWE and ECW fame.

Ray is currently in hot water for some disparaging remarks he made towards a fan at an TNA event.

According to a recent article on Wrestling Inc.com, Ray made some homophobic comments to a fan after last Thursday's Impact Wrestling taping.

The article states the TNA World Heavyweight champion referred to the spectator as a "f-ggot," and a "frickin' q-eer."

In case there was any dispute as to what happened, it appears the whole thing was caught on video. Aren't video recording devices not permitted at wrestling events?

This is a trend that we see far too much in wrestling and sports in general. Wrestlers and athletes sometimes seem to forget that cameras and microphones are always around and they make poor choices. Following his choice words, Ray took to his Twitter account to address the situation.

Made an inappropriate comment to a fan in Chicago.If anyone was offended by this...I do apologize.No harm was meant.

— Bully Ray (@REALBully5150) March 18, 2013

Take his apology for whatever you feel it's worth. Whether he truly is sorry or not, you would have to imagine that there would be an apology regardless. Ray wasn't the only one that decided to address this situation via Twitter. Dixie Carter also decided to make mention of Ray's comments.

Heard @realbully5150 made inappropriate comments to a fan in Chicago. This will not be tolerated. Sincere apologies on behalf of TNA.

— Dixie Carter (@TNADixie) March 18, 2013

Props should be given to Carter for handling this in the matter that she did. If this were a WWE situation, we most likely would have received one of those generic "WWE statements." It's not too often that Vince McMahon himself directly comments on a situation regarding any of his performers.

Moving forward, it will be interesting to see what comes from this. Ray having just recently won the TNA Championship probably didn't want to be involved in any such controversy. Carter's statement of "This will not be tolerated" is a strong stance that leads one to believe a punishment is coming. I don't feel a suspension is in order, but TNA should toss some sort of a fine his way.

If Ray is smart, he will do his best to keep himself out of the negative light for the time being. Although some believe that any press is good press, TNA may not believe that in this situation.