LA Marathon 2013 Results: Notable Performances from Sunday's Race

Mike Shiekman@TheRealShiekFeatured ColumnistMarch 18, 2013

LOS ANGELES - MARCH 6:  Elite male runners run together in a pack during mile one of the Los Angeles Marathon XX on March 6, 2005 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
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When the Los Angeles Marathon drew to a close this Sunday, women rejoiced as they took back the gender championship. 

Female marathoner Aleksandra Duliba outlasted the entire field, taking home $75,000 purse in the process. In her first-ever marathon, the runner from Belarus took advantage of her head start and outlasted the top Kenyan male runners in the race.

The gender challenge was introduced in 2004, giving out prize money for the overall winner of the race. Dubila’s win gives the women a 5-4 edge since the award’s inception.

Let's take a closer look at Dubila's accomplishment and the top male finisher at this year's marathon.

Aleksandra Duliba - Minsk, Belarus

Duliba brought the race’s gender championship back to the female side with an outstanding race time of 2:26:08. Her finish qualifies for a Belarus national record (per L.A. Times), and in her first-ever official marathon, no less.

While Kenyan Erick Mose finished with a faster overall time, female runners are given an 18 minute, 35 second head start in front of the male runners. Therefore, she bested Mose’s time by over a minute and took home the $50,000 gender challenge prize.

In addition, Duliba’s time bested second-place female runner Zemzem Ahmed of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by over four minutes.

Erick Mose - Toluca, Kenya

Mose ran an impressive race to finish as the men’s winner, finishing with a 2:09:42 time. He bested fellow Kenyan Julius Keter by just over 45 seconds for the men’s crown.

Both Keter and Mose were in a deadlock around the 24th mile when the latter was able to distance himself from his opponent and held onto the lead for good.

The men’s official record still stands, though, as Mose’s time clocked at over a minute behind. Regardless, he is L.A.’s champion.

The top finishes and times can be found below:

Top 10 Male Finishers

Name Age City, State Time
1. Erick Mose 26 Toluca 2:09:42
2. Julius Keter 24 Kapsabet 2:10:29
3. Nicholas Chelimo 30 Ngong Hills 2:10:41
4. Weldon Kirui 24 Kericho 2:10:48
5. Vitaly Shafar 31 Kiev 2:13:29
6. Philemon Baa 31 Nairobi 2:14:38
7. Nick Arciniaga 29 Flagstaff, Ariz. 2:17:04
8. Chris Chavez 26 Menlo Park, Calif. 2:19:20
9. Benard Onsare 30 Calgary, Alberta 2:24:48
10. Jared Abuya 36 Colorado Springs, Colo. 2:25:16

Top 10 Female Finishers

Name Age City, State Time
1. Aleksandra Duliba 27 Minsk 2:26:05
2. Zemzem Ahmed 28 Addis Ababa 2:30:31
3. Deena Kastor 40 Mammoth Lakes, Calif. 2:32:38
4. Aberash Nesga 27 Addis Ababa 2:37:09
5. Colleen De Reuck 48 Boulder, Colo. 2:41:23
6. Joanna Zeiger 42 Boulder, Colo. 2:44:48
7. Ailsa MacDonald 32 St. Albert, Alberta 2:48:15
8. Julia Budniak 32 Los Angeles
9. Natalie Stein 30 North Hollywood, Calif. 2:57:53
10. Kate Freeman 31 Los Angeles

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