Funniest WWE Memes on the Internet Pt. 3

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 18, 2013

Funniest WWE Memes on the Internet Pt. 3

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    WWE fans are among the most creative meme makers around as these hilarious offerings prove.

    As usual, John Cena gets a few jokes aimed at him. Jack Swagger, 3MB and WrestleMania XXX are featured here as well.

    Take a break from what you're supposed to be doing and dive into this continued collection of amusing WWE memes.

    Check out part one and part two, if you haven't already.


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    Things aren't going great when the memes about a group are more entertaining than the group itself.

    Heath Slater's energy and catchphrase are captured perfectly here. This meme template begs for fans to insert funny one-liners.

    Here, a corny, but amusing play on the term "3MB" provides a few chuckles. Slater's trio of jobbers is called 3MB, but 3MB is, of course, also a measurement of computer memory.

    Take a look at some other versions of this meme and possible compose your own here.

Mom Made Pizza Rolls

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    Slapping the words "mom made pizza rolls" on a photo of overly excited athletes was most famously used with Kevin Durant and James Harden (before he was traded to the Rockets) of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

    It's since been used several times over, including this hilarious meme of John Cena.

    After getting a big win on Raw, Cena celebrates to the point that he looks like his veins might burst. Imagining him instead celebrating his mom's snack choice is one of the funnier WWE-related things floating around the Web.

Diva Airtime

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    Divas, we feel your pain.

    Even with Raw going to a three-hour format, the WWE Divas have been shafted for TV time. It's no wonder Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres left.

    This meme makes light of the fact that though the Divas are given little to no airtime, WWE has no trouble packing its programming with video packages and recaps.

    An inconsolable Eve appears to be distraught over another truncated segment. It's something Kaitlyn is going to have to get used to as Divas champ.

WrestleMania XXX

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    WWE's usage of Roman numerals has led to WrestleMania 30 being given a trio of letters often associated with porn.

    Who then better to serve as Social Media Ambassador then porn's most famous male star, Ron Jeremy?

    A creepy-looking Jeremy stares at the camera awaiting word on whether WWE will appoint him for the coveted position. As unlikely as it seems, it's not all that worse than WWE's choice of Charlie Sheen for the same gig for Raw 1000.

Jack Swagger

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    It's unfortunate that a man as powerful and talented as Jack Swagger has such an obvious lisp. It makes making fun of him like this meme does way too easy.

    This is no brilliantly composed meme, but it's funny nonetheless.

    When Swagger returned to SmackDown earlier this year, he didn't sound nearly as bad as this meme makes it out to be, but it's fun to exaggerate for the sake of humor, unless of course, you're Swagger.

Good Guy John

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    Good Guy Greg is one of the more famous memes around. It features a smirking young man with a cigarette in his mouth. His uncanny niceness is celebrated.

    It makes perfect sense that someone would eventually transfer the concept to WWE's resident good guy, John Cena.

    Apparently, before he smashes his opponent through the announce table, Cena is careful to minimize equipment damage. He likely than warns the announcers and makes sure they are a safe distance away before delivering a high-impact move through the wood.