Randy Orton: 7 Fun Facts About the WWE's Apex Predator

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIFebruary 26, 2013

Randy Orton: 7 Fun Facts About the WWE's Apex Predator

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    Randy Orton is one of the most dangerous men in the WWE. He's taken the business by storm since his debut in 2002, becoming a legend killer and a member of one of the greatest factions of all time, Evolution. 

    Yes, Orton has done so much that it's really no surprise that he finds himself in big matches and big feuds over and over. 

    The WWE's Apex Predator is so successful and dominant that some think his act in the WWE is becoming a bit stale. 

    If you're one of those people, then this is for you.

    Here are seven fun facts about Mr. RKO, Randy Orton.  

1. He Was a Referee

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    The early years in most professional wrestlers' careers are usually pretty amusing. You often see the youngsters paying their dues in some form, whether that means carrying another wrestler's equipment, driving for a majority of the long car rides from venue to venue or even being a part of the ring crew. 

    Instead, Randy Orton found himself in a white and black striped shirt. 

    It's no secret that Orton comes from a wrestling family, which helped him sneak into different organizations to hone his craft. As he was polishing his skills in Mid-Missouri Wrestling Association-Southern Illinois Conference Wrestling (MMWA-SICW), his uncle Barry Orton (known as Barry O) got him a referee gig on the side with World Organized Wrestling. 

    Randy Orton as a ref...thank goodness he didn't use the RKO back then.

2. He's the Youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE History

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    Randy Orton has been enormously successful in the WWE. He's worked with some of the best past, current and future Superstars in the business and has rarely looked weak. 

    Orton's lineage and huge WWE opportunities paid off in 2005 when Orton, as a part of Evolution, defeated Chris Benoit in a World Heavyweight Championship match at SummerSlam. 

    With the win Orton became the WWE's youngest Superstar to ever hold the World Heavyweight Championship at the age of 24. 

    Orton's title victory continued paying off, as it lead to him being kicked out of Evolution and starting his solo career in the WWE. 

3. He Doesn't Have a Great Track Record Backstage

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    "Ribbing" is a popular practice in the world of professional wrestling. It can essentially be boiled down into a series of hazing practices and practical jokes played on Superstars by other members of the roster. 

    Randy Orton, allegedly, took it a little too far. 

    According to an interview with former WWE Diva Rochelle Loewen, if Orton didn't like you, he didn't hide it. 

    During her first day in the WWE, she was meeting some of the roster backstage. She, like many Divas at the time, wasn't a huge WWE fan and didn't know who Randy was, and her guess of some "Canadian" didn't sit well with Orton. 

    Orton, allegedly, went into the empty Divas locker room and destroyed a majority of Loewen's "nice" items. It is even alleged that he defecated in her luggage. 

    Talk about being a heel. 

4. He Actually Served Time

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    Randy Orton's miscues during his time as a member of the United States Marine Corps has become common knowledge to dedicated wrestling fans. It cost him a spot in the WWE's "Marine" movie sequels and has given him a bad rap among some of the WWE Universe. 

    Little do most WWE fans know, his issues were a little more serious than most stories told. 

    After Orton enlisted he received a bad conduct discharge after going AWOL twice and disobeying an order from a commanding officer. Orton was eventually tried and convicted. 

    The punishment is what most people don't know. Orton was required to serve 38 days in a military prison. 

    Probably a good call pulling him from the "Marine" movies.  

5. Father and Son Greatness

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    There are a ton of families in the world of professional wrestling. Orton is one of the few third-generation Superstars in the WWE, following in the footsteps of his grandfather Bob Orton Sr. and his father Bob Orton Jr. 

    Orton's family ties have been a major part of his professional career, even taking time to bring his dad back to the WWE as his manager. 

    While Orton's personal achievements are impressive, Orton and his father share an impressive accomplishment. They were both Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rookie of the Year. 

    Cowboy Bob Orton was the ROY in 1973, while Randy took the title in 2001. 

    While Randy would eventually eclipse his father in terms of success by winning the PWI Wrestler of the Year twice, including a ton of other awards, it's the first time that a father and son have both won Rookie of the Year honors. 

    The closest we've come to seeing it again is Richie Steamboat's second-runner up spot in 2008. 

6. He Tried out CM Punk's Old Theme Song

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    A professional wrestler's entrance music is a huge part of his character. Just look at Superstars like The Rock, Stone Cold, Edge, Triple H, Brock Lesnar and John Cena. When you hear their music, you know that, in the words of Good ol' JR, business is about to pick up. 

    Randy Orton has been rolling with Rev Theory's "Voices" since 2008 and has had four other entrance songs in his career, which is pretty normal for professional wrestlers. What isn't normal however, is that one of his songs was used for just one night and became the entrance music for another huge WWE Superstar. 

    During one SmackDown show in May of 2006, Randy Orton didn't come out to his (at the time)usual theme song "Burn in My Light." Instead he came out to "This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engage. Sound familiar? 

    That's because it is. 

    A few months later WWE's CM Punk would adopt the song for his entrance, which he would use until picking up "Cult of Personality" in 2011. 

7. He's Dangerous to Interview

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    Randy Orton is one of the most dangerous Superstars in the WWE. His RKO finisher is one of the best in the WWE and can strike out of nowhere at any place and any time. 

    The Viper's finishing maneuver is dangerous, but he may be even more terrifying out of the ring. Orton has given a number of interviews that leave future broadcasters shaking in their boots. 

    One of the infamous interviews came on a Mexican news program, seen here, where Orton verbally attacks the broadcaster and even throws his glasses. 

    The next scary Viper moment came at the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards when he "slimed" some smart-alecky host who didn't think Orton deserved the "Best Baddie" award. 

    Heck, even cakes aren't safe with Randy Orton around! 

In Conclusion...

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    There you have it. Seven fun facts about WWE's Apex Predator Randy Orton. 

    Orton's list of accomplishments has grown greatly in his young career and he's had some interesting moments along the way. He started out with a little reffing on the side, he became the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history, he's a backstage monster, he spent time in military prison, he and his father have done it all in wrestling, he used CM Punk's theme song for a night and he's not only dangerous in the ring, but also out of the ring. 

    Randy Orton's character may be getting a bit stale, but he's got enough excitement going on outside of the ring to keep fans entertained. With WrestleMania 29 just around the corner, expect Randy to find a feud in the next few weeks. 

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