Seahawks' Richard Sherman Slays Jets' Darrelle Revis in Twitter Feud

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 20, 2013

It might be the NFL offseason, but shutdown cornerbacks Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis are getting after it.

While there is certainly a heated debate about who is the better corner, there is no question the Seahawks star talked a better game in Wednesday's impromptu Twitter feud. 

If you want to know how amazing the latest Twitter kerfuffle was, consider this tweet from ESPN's Michael Smith

Michael Smith @michaelsmith

*Pulls up chair and grabs popcorn for this @rsherman_25 and @revis24 twitter beef*

NFL fans probably huddled around their smart phones and computers with the type of giddiness relegated to the first game of the season. 

Richard Sherman @RSherman_25

@rpchudgar @revis24 he didn't play this year so when he does then he will be in it

It all started with a seemingly innocuous question from Raj Chudgar during a Twitter Q&A session. From there, it was on. Revis quickly fired back, and the two kept trying to one-up each other. 

Darrelle Revis @Revis24

I never seen a man before run his mouth so much like girl. This dude just steady putting my name in his mouth to get notoriety @rsherman_25

Richard Sherman @RSherman_25

@Revis24 don't need ya name... Ur name will be irrelevant once u step back on the field bruh. Get ya picks up!

Darrelle Revis @Revis24

@rsherman_25 I ain't your competition bro, @roddywhiteTV is!!!

Richard Sherman @RSherman_25

@Revis24 one season u will get 8 picks.... But it won't happen anytime soon... I did it in my 2nd season... So u have something to chase


Darrelle Revis @Revis24

That's like you saying your better then Deion Sanders & since he's not playing no more he's irrelevant for what he's done. @rsherman_25

Darrelle Revis @Revis24

@rsherman_25 child please, lol!!! Your still taking baby steps son. Don't get to a head of yourself.

Darrelle Revis @Revis24

Hey everyone @rsherman_25 wants to be a lockdown corner. He wants to be in the talks of a lockdown corner. So follow him so he can become 1!

Darrelle Revis @Revis24

This dude just interrupted my NBA 2k game cause he has draSms to be a lockdown corner!!! HAHA #keepdreaming

Richard Sherman @RSherman_25

Got off my flight to this hilarious convo. So I have 8 picks 3 ff and a sack. My season stats looking like Revis career stats

Richard Sherman @RSherman_25

For the QB not throwing his way argument. In his 2nd year they were throwing his way. I still doubled his picks

If you're scoring at home, Sherman came away as the victor with his cutting barbs, while Revis lost the battle with his dismissiveness.

This is not the first time Sherman has compared himself to the star corner otherwise known as "Revis Island." Back in January, he tweeted this out. 

Richard Sherman @RSherman_25

"Women lie, men lie, numbers don't lie" http://t.co/nAOVwQsP

Of course, there was this Bleacher Report video that proves Sherman, above all else, has an amazing sense of humor. 

If smack talk isn't your thing, you football fanatics can dive into wonderful comparative piece from Pro Football Focus over who the truly better corner is. 

There are some athletes who delight with their amazing talent and others who entertain with vibrant personalities. Sherman is both, and he may just talk the best game in the NFL. 


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