WWE's Newest Backstage Interviewer Renee Young Is a Welcome Addition

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterFebruary 6, 2013

Photo Credit: Franco DeLeo/Toro Magazine
Photo Credit: Franco DeLeo/Toro Magazine

Renee Young, a WWE on-air personality, should bring vivacious energy and endearing goofiness to the world of sports entertainment.

Young (real name: Renee Paquette) is now officially a member of the WWE Active interviewing team. Matt Striker and Zack Ryder officially introduced her on a taped segment that WWE uploaded on Monday.

WWE hired Young in October and has slowly introduced her to the WWE Universe.

Young has mostly appeared on pay-per-view pre-shows and WWE Experience with Matt Striker. Here's hoping her role grows.

She has the potential to be WWE's version of Michelle Beadlefun, engaging and easy on the eyes. WWE fans haven't seen much of her goofball personality yet, but should Young be let loose she's sure to be a valuable addition to the product.

Here she is with Striker on WWE Experience.

She comes off a bit reserved here, not the charming, funny woman seen in this Toro Magazine video.

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To get a sense of her true personality, one only need browse her Twitter account.

Young's profile reads, "I talk on the tele for WWE. It's pretty freaking cool! They keep me in the tv studio until I perfect my fisherman's suplex."

Her profile also features a Stormtrooper reading a magazine on a toilet and a photo of her in hipster-approved black frame glasses. She's already been active in tweeting about WWE-related subjects as well as her thoughts on the Super Bowl.

She recently tweeted a unique perspective on WWE newcomer, Bo Dallas.

Before joining the WWE team, Young worked for The Score Television Network in Canada and before that she was on the show Gotta Grudge? as herself.

If the whole being an effervescent TV personality thing doesn't work, Young apparently has a Plan B. When DurhamRegion.com asked her if she wanted to be in acting and TV all her life Young said, "Except when I was four years old and I wanted to be a dolphin trainer. Yes, that's my fall-back plan."

WWE can always use new faces, especially ones that spout out jokes like that.

Young has the potential to be the most interesting and entertaining WWE employee waving a microphone backstage. Given some freedom to stray off the script, WWE could get a welcome dose of fun.

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